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Webcast with Rob Humphrey and Cecile Arsan

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  • Folks, Here's (still a bit rough) the outline for pitching the Student Recruiting Solution – based on response to "competitive pitching" this morning. Forward or share as you'd like. Thanks, ChristinaThe pitch should be about all benefits and features of the complete Student Recruiting Solution, not just "Checkin." The consumer story – and University story – are important (and exciting) to establish credibility about how we will continue to attract and engage students.  Prove we have the students now, and will get the rest of them Hint at our consumer roadmap that leverages out…(a) unique insights about career outcomes, COMBINED WITH… (b) access to real professionals – alumni, mentors, friends of your dad – etc. IN ORDER TO…(c) get students engaged early, and keep them through their whole careerShow how universitiesare going to help us sign up and engage students Both because it's really good for the students ANDUniversities also (desperately) need the career outcomes insights and member access for…Career services (best placement of graduates)Alumni relations and developmentAdmissions (success of graduates drives rankings, reputation and admissions)Because we will engage students EARLY, and keep them through their whole career, Linkedin is the best place to build your employment brand – long before students start thinking about their first internship or job after school. LinkedIn can help COMPANIES ADDRESS THEIR CURRENT PAIN POINTS:Find the right studentsEDU facets allow you to target (ads) , source (recruiter) and filter/manage (talent pipeline) students by (a) school, (b) degree, (c) field of study, (d) datesBeyond your 20 golden schools, you can learn about other schools you should recruit from, and find INTERNATIONAL students (for the first time) Communicate more effectively and get better responses when they reach out to studentsWe have current profile data on students (not a stale resume)Profiles are richer than resumes – vertical sections, portfolioYou can track candidate activities and interests so when you reach out, you can personalize your communications. Fix pain points of recruiting on campusCheckin paperless recruiting adds candidates directly to Talent Pipeline, maps candidates to profiles on Linkedin, and lets you MANAGE candidates using all of Linkedin's powerful education and career facets. Ability to immediately reach out to the rock stars you met in the recruiting booth – competitive edge in responsiveness compared to other companies on campusThe ability to pre-register the most desirable candidates before you even reach campus – competitive edge in getting to the best students – many of whom don't need to attend the career fair. LinkedIn can help COMPANIES GO ABOVE AND BEYOND THEIR CURRENT PAIN POINTSBecause students will be on Linkedin for a long time – starting even before college — you can build your brand early, so you are top of mind when they enter the job hunt.  Here are some things you can do now…GROUPS:  Describe how Intel is using a managed group to build relationships with prospective student candidatesJOBS:  Your jobs are part of your brand.  Because of JYMBII – students will see your jobs across the site – giving you longer-term opportunities to build awareness of your company and job opportunities. CAREER PAGES:  Build a follower network targeted to the student you want – and communicate with them frequently. MARKETING CAMPAIGNS: Highly targeted to the precise students you want and need. The point is that while an HR executive MAY care about whether they reduce the paperwork pain of campus recruiting with Checkin, they will DEFINITELY care that they get competitive advantages hiring the best students. 
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