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Evolving Customer Experience Management through Social


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OpenKnowledge Social Business 2013 Keynote

Published in: Technology
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Evolving Customer Experience Management through Social

  1. 1. Customer ExperienceManagementEvolvingthrough social
  2. 2. @robhoward
  3. 3. What is CustomerExperienceManagement?
  4. 4. A business strategyto capitalize on your biggest asset:^Your Customers
  5. 5. 70%research beforesale startsexpect betteronline customerservice70%
  6. 6. Impact of Customer ExperienceLaggards LeadersWillingness tobuy more -7.7% +6.7%Reluctance toswitch -7.6% +8.2%Likelihood torecommend -8.2% +8.4%Customer Experience Boosts RevenuePercentages are relative to industry averages
  7. 7. Support SalesMarketingSocialAcquireEngageInformConnectRetainWhere Does Social Fit?
  8. 8. “Engaging in honest, direct conversations withcustomers and stakeholders is a part of who we are,who we’ve always been. The social web amplifies ouropportunity to listen and learn and invest ourselves intwo-way dialogue, enabling us to become a bettercompany with more to offer the people who depend onus.”--- Michael Dell
  9. 9. Social is the new normal
  10. 10. Marketing RaDaR is not a destination
  11. 11. Relationships Problem to SolveShared Interests RelationshipsWhy we goSocial Networks Social CommunitiesWhy we stayCopyright Telligent 2011How much do you me?
  12. 12. 4% Post on Twitter11% Blogs19% Post a query on question site25% Video (YouTube or company website)33% Forums48% None of the aboveWhere do you start?
  13. 13. DigitalMarketingSupportReputationNetworking3. Strategy2. Goals and ObjectivesCustomers to interact and shareexperience. Creatingauthenticity and trust.• Authenticity• AwarenessCustomers and prospects askand answer questions; typicallysupported by organization.Provide a location wherediscussions about your productand services can take place.Facilitate groups of like-mindedpeople to get together andshare common experiences.• Understanding• Participation• Connecting• Community• Information• Answers1. AudienceProspectsNew and existingcustomersCustomersSupport currentcustomersMarketPerceptions andcoverageCommunityFans, Followers, andFriendsCommunity Planning Framework
  14. 14. 5. Results• Support• Customers• Perception• Coverage• Sales• Coverage• Sales• Customers4. Solutions• Engagement• Content• Moderation• Q&A• Defer Calls• Reuse• Sentiment• Influence• Moderation• Profiles• Engagement• IdentityAnalyticsWhere did theactivity takeplace?What wasdiscussed?Popular?How arepeoplecollaborating?Who are theusers andtypes?Why are theyusing thesystem?3. StrategyDigitalMarketingSupportReputationNetworkingPlatformForums, Blogs,Wikis, Email,Profiles, etc.Search, SingleSign-on, andintegrationModeration,filters, SPAMtoolsWorkflow, Rules& Policy,Security,PrivacyWidgets, APIs,Extensibility,3rd PartiesCommunity Planning Framework
  15. 15. Five Ways toMeasure
  16. 16. Number of Questionsanswered by community#1
  17. 17. Number of Questionsanswered by employees#2
  18. 18. Views on answeredquestions#3
  19. 19. Top communityanswerers#4
  20. 20. Unanswered questionsto answered ratio#5
  21. 21. Quick Index for Support Community ValueAnswer Value = Support Ticket Cost * (N% * Views of Answer)Bonus Metric
  22. 22. @robhoward