Venturing - Scouting's Next Step


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Presentation about Venturing

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Venturing - Scouting's Next Step

  1. 1. Scouting‘s Next Step
  2. 3. Leadership & Organization
  3. 7. Crew Committee Advisor Associate Advisor Administration Associate Advisor Program Sponsoring Organization President VP Administration VP Program Treasurer Treasurer Committee Chair Secretary Quartermaster Crew Guide Historian Secretary Equipment Chair Activity Chairs
  4. 9. Previous Boy Scout or Varsity Scout Join Venturing Outdoor Religious Arts & Sports Sea Bronze Life Hobbies Bronze Scout Bronze Bronze Bronze Ranger TRUST Quest Award Award Award Silver Quartermaster Award Award Gold Award
  5. 22. Boy Scout Troops Venturing Crews Working Together
  6. 24. Boy Scout Venture Varsity Venturing Troop Patrol Team Crew Stand-alone Optional Stand-alone Stand-alone 11-17 13-17 14-17 14-20 (coed) Boy Scout Oath, Law, Motto, Slogan Venturing Oath & Code SPL, ASPL, Venture PL Captain, President,VP, PL, APL, Venture APL Squad leader, Secy,Treas, Scr., QM, etc. Program Mgrs. Activity Chairs Scout, Tenderfoot, 2nd, 1st, + Letter & Bronze,Gold, Star, Life, Eagle Denali Award Silver, Ranger
  7. 29. Total Venturers: 244,266
  8. 42. Questions?