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Portfolio fall 2011


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Portfolio fall 2011

  1. 1. PortfolioRob HeinrichsFall 2011
  2. 2. Formative AssessmentI am learning to use formative assessmentpractices in ways that can have powerfulimplications for learning.
  3. 3. Engage in a critical cycle of action–reflectionto understand and develop your practice.  Thisterm my focus is really more about developing myteaching practice and the critically understandingwhat I believe about assessment and putting thosebeliefs into practice.
  4. 4. ISTE NETS Standard 2dproviding students with multiple and varied formativeand summative assessments.  My hope is to be muchmore intentional with formative assessment practices inmy classroom, in every facet, but with particular focus onwriting.
  5. 5. From the student’s point of view, the formativeassessment “script” reads like this: “Whatknowledge or skills I am to develop? How closeam I now? What do I need to do next?”It’s not fair to students to present them withfeedback and no opportunities to use it. It’s notfair to students to present them with whatseems like constructive criticism and then use itagainst them in a grade or final evaluation.
  6. 6. Qualities of Good Feedback
  7. 7. Qualities of Good Feedback focus
  8. 8. Qualities of Good Feedbackcomparison
  9. 9. Qualities of Good Feedbackspecificity
  10. 10. Qualities of Good Feedback function
  11. 11. Qualities of Good Feedback valence
  12. 12. Qualities of Good Feedback clarity
  13. 13. Qualities of Good Feedback tone
  14. 14. Developing Personal Learning GoalsMy goal was to make sure that I had no spelling mistakes and to make sure  mysentence’s made sence!My goal for this piece of writing was to have  striking words and phrases that areused accurately and effectively.  My goal today is Conventions, spelling every word right. My goal is to use expressive and bold words in my blogging.My goal was to use descriptive language to help my readers, see, hear, and feelwhat I’ve experienced.
  15. 15. Examples of Student Feedback
  16. 16. Examples of Student Feedback
  17. 17. Starting with Learning Intentions
  18. 18. Where To Now?I want to continue developing my use offormative assessment practices in myclassroom. Specifically I would like to workon developing my questioning techniques(Bloom’s Taxonomy), and increasing thevariety of formative assessments that I useconsistently.
  19. 19. Personal LearningNetwork/CommunityI am learning to grow my Personal Learning Networkand Personal Learning Community in deeper wayswhich are impacting me as a person and as a resultimpacting my teaching practice.
  20. 20. Big Idea:My PLN is a critical part of myteaching practice. I am hugelyinfluence by the people I include inmy PLN.
  21. 21. Big Idea:Twitter and my PLN are dynamic,friendly places, which allow me toconnect with people in ways Ipreviously could not.
  22. 22. Big Idea:My PLN is becoming a “networkedcommunity.” I am participating morerelational ways within my PLN. It isgrowing in deeper ways, not just innumbers.
  23. 23. Changing Conversations on Twitter
  24. 24. Changing Conversations on Twitter
  25. 25. Twitter Stats
  26. 26. Where To Next?I have just begun to unleash the power of my PLN onmy practice. I want to continue to develop my use oftools like twitter in ways that will impact mepersonally and professionally. As well, I would liketo develop my students use of their PLN(Collaborative Learning).
  27. 27. Integrating TechnologyI am learning how to better integrate technologyinto my practice in meaningful and powerfulways.
  28. 28. Integrate existing and emergingtechnologies in your practice to support studentlearning.  I want to use technologies that I am familiarwith in a more integrated way in my practice.  I wantto use google docs so that students can providefeedback for each other, but also so that they cancollaborate on writing.  I want to use our classroomblog to extend what we did last year, with a focus onformative assessment and self/peer evaluation.
  29. 29. Skype Session withProfessor Evenden from UBC
  30. 30. Where To Next?I want to continue to develop how I integratetechnologies into my practice. I want the integrationto always be purposeful, powerful and movingtowards ubiquitous. Specifically, I would like tocontinue to develop my use of blogs in writing andconnecting my students with the larger community.