Sport for Business Membership 2014-2015


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Sport for Business Membership 2014-2015

  2. 2. Sport for Business has become the single largest network connecting the passion of sport with the power of Irish business SPORT REACHES TO THE HEART OF WHO WE ARE
  3. 3. We are rapidly expanding our membership and members’ power to connect through digital and face to face networking WE BUILD CONNECTIONS AMONG MEMBERS THROUGH A PASSION FOR SPORT
  4. 4. Developing business to business connections against a shared interest in sport WE BRING INFLUENTIAL MEMBERS TOGETHER IN POWERFUL NEW CIRCLES
  5. 5. •  Daily insight through our morning News Digest distributed to 2,500 Sport and Business Leaders •  Monthly Round Tables connecting Business, Sport and Government •  Quarterly Keynote Events with Sponsorship granted to Patron Members. •  A network of influence that can help you to get things done. •  Help and advice on all aspects of the relationship between sport and business. •  Shared learnings to help business gain across all disciplines through association with sport •  Membership of the fastest growing and most influential network linking sport and business in Ireland. WHAT SPORT FOR BUSINESS DELIVERS
  6. 6. •  The Business of Sports Science Conference at the BT Young Scientist and Technology Exhibition •  The Business of Women’s Sport Conference at UCD Smurfit Business School •  Sports Tourism Seminar at Croke Park •  Round Table meetings at Google Docks, the Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport, on the stage of the Abbey Theatre and at the European Data Analytics HQ of Accenture •  The Irish Sponsorship Summit •  The Arthur Guinness Projects •  Digital Sport Showcase at Croke Park •  Networking Events in Dublin, Cork, Belfast and Limerick •  New Club Hub and Research Services available for members. CONNECTING LEADERS
  7. 7. “Sport for Business is the first place I look in the morning. It sets me up for the day” Paraic Duffy, Director General, Gaelic Athletic Association “A simple but brilliant idea that has changed the way we think about sport, business and leadership” Director of global professional services company “Sport for Business goes from strength to strength. It is great to be part of such a positive group.” Orla Strumble, Irish Greyhound Board “This is how a networking event should be run. Imaginative, innovative and really got the room working.” Attendee at Sport for Business Network Night, March 26th IN THE WORDS OF THOSE WE WORK WITH
  8. 8. Creating the right environment for you to show what difference you can make WE BRING SPORT AND BUSINESS CLOSER TOGETHER
  9. 9. •  Credited as Patron in all member communication •  Interview and speaking opportunities for you as a business leader to highlight your involvement and ability to make a difference in sport and for business.. •  Credited Partner on agreed initiatives linking sport and business, Including our campaign on Women’s Sport •  Bi-monthly meeting with core team to explore new ideas on collaboration across business and within sport •  Ignition Programme of four sessions with internal stakeholders or business customers to connect through the medium of sport •  Creation of specific networking event within Irish sports and business community around a core challenge you face in 2014/2015 •  Your support of Sport for Business can become a key element of your Corporate Responsibility, Staff retention and attraction, and business development programmes. •  Full service level agreement on what Sport for Business can deliver as a partner •  Seat on High Level Advisory Group bringing together leaders in sport, business and Government •  All benefits of Corporate and Silver Membership included. •  Cost on application MEMBERSHIP OPTIONS: 1.PATRON MEMBER
  10. 10. •  Full access to all website content for up to 10 members of staff •  Daily News Digest as a platform for your initiatives, and a source of inspiration. •  Bi annual meeting with core team to explore how sport and your business can connect. •  Participation in monthly Round Table programme •  Networking opportunities to meet fellow business professionals against a background of a shared passion for sport. •  Participation on one of six sector groups being established in Technology, Media, Women’s Sport, Disability Sport, Sports Tourism and one other •  Ignition programme introduction – 2 Hour meeting with your core team of managers to explore ways in which you can connect with audiences through sport. •  Cost €1,000 per annum MEMBERSHIP OPTIONS: 2.CORPORATE MEMBER
  11. 11. •  Full access to all website content for up to 5 members of staff •  Daily News Digest as a platform for your initiatives, and a source of inspiration. •  Participation by invitation in monthly Round Table programme •  Networking opportunities to meet fellow sports and business leaders against a background of a shared passion for sport. •  Membership Offers and Promotion of Events you may be involved with. •  Cost €500 per annum MEMBERSHIP OPTIONS: - SILVER MEMBERSHIP
  12. 12. BECAUSE SPORT IS OUR UNIVERSAL LANGUAGE Rob Hartnett, Founder of Sport for Business 086 3851955