Transforming the customer experience crb


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Transforming the customer experience crb

  1. 1. A collaboration of: Rex Pietzyk Puget Sound Energy Brett Eberlein Deloitte Consulting LLP Transforming the customer experience seamlessly with CR&B
  2. 2. • Overview of PSE • Overview of PSE Customer Program • Scope of CR&B Project • Timeline and Technology Landscape • CR&B Project Key Focus Areas - Project Governance - Managing Data - Testing / Cutover - Business Processes / OCM • CR&B Project Outcome • Lessons Learned • Questions In this session, we will cover
  3. 3. 3 We serve an innovative region Puget Sound Energy 1,000,000 Electric and 750,000 Gas customers
  4. 4. It is all about our customer! Customer Experience • Visibility to and Communications of outages • Helps pave the way for customer self service • Speed to market for new functionalities and features Building a foundation to grow on • Common view of customers • Customer analytics • Standard technology platform • Lower TCO Why did PSE do the Customer Program?
  5. 5. • Software — CRM 7.0, ECC 6.0, OpenText, BOBJ 4.0, PI 7.3, BW 7.1, Web, IVR, Redwood, DQM Address Validation, HP QC/PC, ARIS • 33 high level business processes • 600+ users now on CR&B • 250,000+ PSE labor hours • 44,693,573 Data records loaded into SAP for go live • 1,826,286 Master data records processed • 455 custom FRICE-W objects • 491 Total number of integration test scripts • 100+ servers built • Two data centers, four call centers Scope of the CR&B Project
  6. 6. CR&B Project Timeline
  7. 7. CR&B Technology Landscape Other PSE SystemsBWA Open Text Streamserve BW BOBJ BI CISCO CTI CRMECC Address validation BOBJ DS Redwood Batch scheduler External parties OMS GIS PCAD MDMS … SAPPIIntegrationMiddlewarelayer Tools ARIS HPQC HPPC Cache Data warehouse Printing USPS validation Data conversion Batch jobs CTI SAP
  8. 8. • Project Governance • Managing Data - Data is Everything • Testing / Cutover • Business Processes / OCM CR&B Project Key Focus Areas
  9. 9. IT SAP COE • Leadership structure — sponsorship and involvement across the organization • Executive engagement • Clear project structure and escalation path • Ownership by the business and IT starts on day one • Sweat the small stuff – Clear process around risks, issues, defects, documentation, and knowledge transfer • Measure and report on clear metrics, deliverables, and milestones • Use 3rd party to review design, development, and performance – e.g. SAP MaxAttention Project Governance
  10. 10. • Profile early • Cleanse early • Monitor data quality • Data governance • Set deadlines — Integration Cycle 2 Managing Data - Data is Everything
  11. 11. Early testing using a full load of converted data allowed us to have multiple iterations of testing for a large breadth of data and business scenarios: Test Relentlessly and Prepare for Cutover • Functional unit test • Integration test • Performance • Parallel bill test • Mock Go-Live x3 • Regression testing for legacy ECC
  12. 12. Do not underestimate the effort for Process Reengineering and Organizational Change Management! • Focus on business process reengineering to drive efficiencies - Vet processes / no assumptions - Ensure they understand how it will work • Engage all areas of the business to support early adoption • Commitment for whole organization this is the top priority • OCM must be more than “public relations”, and must manage work practices and changes • Users need to feel included and listen to Business Processes / OCM
  13. 13. • All Bills have when out starting with day one • Positions PSE to better analyze customer’s needs • A common base for customer self service, common view of customers and analytics • Fully automate the billing for large customers • Provide an integrated solution across our Outage Management, Geospatial Maps, Customer Information and ERP to provide better information to our customers • Moved the customer records and system in house • Quick adoption rate by PSE IT and Business teams Project Outcome
  14. 14. • Do not under estimate the effort needed • Identify scope early, defer new scope where possible & proactively manage scope • One team (common culture) – Business/PSE IT/System Integrator – do not underestimate the power of team building! • Focus on business processes and ensure all business partners are at the table • Involve IT support staff starting in Blue Print phase: Constant knowledge transfer = Ownership • Low TCO is only achieved by Vanilla Technology • Concentrate on what’s important • Importance of testing – Multiple mock conversions, Parallel Bill testing, Dress Rehearsals/ECC shutdown….. Lessons Learned
  15. 15. Questions?
  16. 16. A collaboration of: Rex Pietzyk Puget Sound Energy Brett Eberlein Deloitte Consulting