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Is this your pen

  1. 1. Go for it Unit 3This is my sister.
  2. 2. 单元课时分配Section A: 1a, 1b, 1c. 2a, 2b, 2c, 2d. 3a, 3b, 3c, 4.Section B: 1, 2a, 2b, 2c. 3a, 3b. 4a, 4b.Self check: 1, 2, 3本单元用 4 课时教学• Period 1 ----- Section A:1a, 1b, 1c, 2a, 2b• Period 2 ----- Section A:2c, 2d, 3a, 3b, 3c, 4• Period 3 ----- Section B:1, 2a, 2b, 2c. 3a, 3b,• Period 4 ----- Section B: 4a, 4b Self check
  3. 3. Period 1 SectionA 1a-2b 1.GreetingHello!Hi!Good morning (afternoon / evening)!Nice to meet you!My name is Alice. What’s your name? What’s your first/ last name?
  4. 4. 2. Revision A: What’s this/that? B: It’s a …… . A: How do you spell it? B: …….. . A: What colour is it? B: It’s ……..
  5. 5. This is his These are his pens.pen .
  6. 6. This is her These are her
  7. 7. That is her orange. Those are her oranges.
  8. 8. That is his jacket. Those are his jackets.
  9. 9. chant Is this your pencil? Yes, it is. Is that my pen? No, it isn’t. Is this his book? Yes, it is. Is that her bag? No, it isn’t.
  10. 10. 3.PresentationPresent new words to the Ss. My name is Dave. This is my father/Dad/Daddy. father/Dad/Daddy
  11. 11. This is my mother/ Mum/Mummy. Mother/Mum/Mummy
  12. 12. These are my parents. parents
  13. 13. That is my grandfather/Grandpa. Grandfather/Grandpa
  14. 14. That is my grandmother/grandma. grandmother/Grandma
  15. 15. Those are my grandparents. grandparents
  16. 16. That’s my sister. And those are sister my brothers . brothers
  17. 17. These are my friends. friends
  18. 18. This is my aunt, my father’s sister.That is my uncle, my father’s brother. aunt uncle
  19. 19. father/mother This/that is my grandfather/grandmother brother/sister uncle/auntThese/those are my parents/grandparents.
  20. 20. 4.Work on 1a Match the words with the peoplein the picture1.mother _c___2.father_____ i3.parents____h4.brothers___b5.grandmother__ g6.grandfather__e7.friend_____ a8.grandparents__ d f9.sister_____
  21. 21. Do a train drilleg. Student A says “c”. Student B says “mother”. Student C says “This is my mother.” Student D....
  22. 22. 5. Work on 1b1. Listen carefully and circle the people the boy talks about in the picture2. Listen to it again and try to repeat it.
  23. 23. 6. Work on 1cTake turns to talk about Dave’s family.This is…….. . These are…… .That is…….. . Those are…… .
  24. 24. 7. Work on 2a1. Dave has a big family. They are happy. Listen, what are they talking? (listen to it and finish 2a.)4. Ask one student to read the answers aloud. Other students say “right” or “wrong”.
  25. 25. 8. Work on 2b1. Read the names after the teacher.2. Listen to the tape again and match the names with the people in the picture.3. Check the answers together.• Dave __a__• Lin Hai_____ b• g Mary ______• Jim _______ e
  26. 26. 9. Say who they areThis is Jane’s family photo.Jane
  27. 27. Family Day is celebrated on the fourth Monday inSeptember, the 26th in 2005. Family Day – A Day toEat Dinner with Your Children
  28. 28. Follow upWe are Ss now, but one day we will grow up. Wewill have our own family. Can you imagine whatyour family will be like 30 years later? Please draw thefuture family on a piece of paper about your familyon a “Family Day”. Then show the drawing to yourgroup mate. Ask each other about the family members.
  29. 29. Exercise  1. grandmother My father’s mother is my ________.  2. My father’s father is my ________. grandfather  3. aunts My father’s sisters are my ________.  4. uncles My father’s brothers are my ________.  5. cousins My uncle’s children are my ________.  6. daughter My parents’ ________ is my sister.  7. I am a boy. I’m my parents’ ________. son  8. family This is my ________ photo. These are my parents and this is me.  
  30. 30. Period 2 SectionA 3a-41. Warming upT: How are you today?/ How is your father/mother/ grandfather/grandmother/brother/sister/uncle/aunt?S: I am fine/great/OK/very well.
  31. 31. 2. RevisionTake out a family photo and let Ss go over the wordsof family members.
  32. 32. 1. Look at this picture and say Sth about this picture. Four Ss a group. Each group choose one student
  33. 33. 3. Presentation A: Is this Yao Ming? B: Yes, he is.
  34. 34. A: Is that Yao Ming?B: No, he isn’t. He is Liu Xiang.
  35. 35. A: Is this Cai Yiling?B: Yes, she is.
  36. 36. A: Is that Cai Yiling?B: No, she isn’t. She is Li Jiaxing.
  37. 37. Practise “he” and “she”1. Point at each student and ask “Is this/that…….?” Let Ss answer “Yes, he/she is. No, he/she isn’t.” quickly.2. Let Ss use their own photos and ask and answer
  38. 38. A: Are these SHE?B: Yes, they are.
  39. 39. A: Are those SHE?B: No, they aren’t. They are F4.
  40. 40. A: Is this/that ….. .?B: Yes, he/she is./ No, he/she isn’t.A: Are these/those Dave’s….. ?B: Yes, they are./ No,they aren’t.
  41. 41. 9. Work on 2c1. Point at this picture and ask and answer like this: (Pay attention to “he” and “she”)T: Is this/that Dave’s……?S: Yes, he/she is. / No, he/she isn’t.T: Are these/those Dave’s…….?S: Yes, they are. / No, they aren’t.
  42. 42. 10. Work on 2dCover the heads of Dave’s family members and let SsGuess (Explain how to use “it”) A: Are those Dave’s….. ? B: Yes, they are./ No, they aren’t.A: Is this/that Dave’s ….. .?B: Yes, it/he/she is./ No, it/he/she isn’t.
  43. 43. Is this…..?Is that…..?
  44. 44. 3. Work on 3cPlay a guessing gameWe have known Dave’s family. Let us know Sthabout your family members. Let Ss write their family members’ or their friends’ names on the board. Theother students guess who the person is. First, let onestudent come to the Bb to write the name down, thenlet the student who gets the answer come to the Bb towrite the name down.A: Is he your father?B: Yes, he is./ No, he isn’t.
  45. 45. 4. Work on 3a,3b isn’t1. Let Ss fill in the blanks with the words brother from thebox and check the answers. is sister is brother isn’t2. Let Ss to act this dialogue out. It’s better to use their own names and add Sth else.
  46. 46. 5. Work on 4Bring some family photots to class. Put them togetherin your group. take turns to ask and answer to askand answer questions about the photos.Is she your aunt? Yes, she is./ No, she isn’t.
  47. 47. Follow up Let Ss work in groups of two to introduce theirfamily members to each other.Say as much as This is my uncle. My father’s brother. He is talland kind. I like him very much. …….
  48. 48. Survey Name____ Age ______ Class____ Who do you like best in your family? What do your parents like? When are their birthdays? What will you do on their birthdays?
  49. 49. Exercise1. This___my brother, and these ___my sisters. (be)2. That is his brother.( 单—复 )3. She is my friend. (变一般疑问句)4. This is my father. ( 改为一般疑问句 , 并作肯定回 答)5. Her telephone is 5383232 (提问)6. 李明是你的朋友吗?不 , 他不是 , 他是我的哥哥 .7. sister , this , your , is ,( 连词成句 )
  50. 50. Period 3 SectionB 1-3b1. RevisionPlay a guessing gameA faces the screen, B stands back to the screen.Eg. grandfather A explains “father’s/mother’s/ aunt’uncle’s father”. Then let B guess. father uncle brother mother grandmother grandfather friend sister aunt
  51. 51. Here is a picture from Kate’s family.Guess who they are. Is he/she Kate’s…..?
  52. 52. 2. Work on 1We know a lot about Bush’s family. Let’s learnSth about Mary’s family tree. Please add thewords sister son cousin grandfatherin the box to the family tree. mother aunt grandfather /grandmother (1) mother father /_____ uncle/aunt ____ (2) (3)daughter (______) son (brother) daughter _(______) sister ______ cousin__ (4) (5) (6)
  53. 53. grandmother grandfather grandfather grandmother uncle aunt aunt uncle mother father I brother cousin cousin cousin My family
  54. 54. 3. Work on 2a,2b1. Here are two pictures. One is Dave’s, one is Lin Hai’s? Let Ss say Sth about two pictures.2.Listen to the tape and choose which picture Dave and Lin Hai are talking about.3. Listen to the tape again and check the words you hear
  55. 55. 4. Work on 2cWe have known Dave’s and Lin Hai’s families andfriends. I want to know your family. Now,draw apicture of your family and friends. Tell your partnerabout your picture.
  56. 56. 5. Work on 3b This is a photo of Mary’s family. First talk about this picture in pairs then write it down
  57. 57. 6. Work on 3aMary’s friend Emma gets the family photo from Mary.Then she writes a letter to thank Mary. This is my This is my Dear Mary, brother, Tony. sister, Mona. Thanks for the photo of your family. Here is my family photo! Your friend, Emma These are my parents
  58. 58. Follow upIntroduce your favourite teacher/friend/sports player/film star/……. to us
  59. 59. Period 4 SectionB 4a-Self check1. Revision1. Let Ss bring some photos of the family members’, their friends’,or some famous people’s. Work in groups of four. Let Ss guess who he/she is.2. Interview Interview a friend according to his family photo. Then report it to the whole class.
  60. 60. 2. Work on 4a1. Interview Interview a friend according to his family photo. Then write a short letter about his family to the teacher2. Divide all the Ss into 4 groups. Each group put theirphotos and letter son the board.(they must put theletters and photos in different places.) Ask other groupsto match the letters and the photos.
  61. 61. 3. Work on Part11. T says a passage about his family.(eg. Hello,everyone. Here is my family photo.This is my father.He is very tall. This is my mother.She is very nice. I have a twin sister. Her name is Mary.We look the same. Those are my grandparents.I love them very much. )2. First, listen to it and choose the words of family members.3. Listen to it again and choose all the words Ss hear.
  62. 62. Work in pairs.Student A writes down three names about his familymembers or his friend. Student B (Wang Jie, Li Na, Zhang Jing) B: Is Wang Jie your father? A: No, he isn’t. B: Is he your friend? A: Yes, he is.
  63. 63. 4. Work on 3 Where is it?These are Mary’s photos of Beijing. Look at the photosand make up a dialogue.(Ask some students to act outtheir dialogues. Then ask them to complete the dialogue
  64. 64. Work on 4 Just for funOne student must close his eyes. When (S2 prentends his family member) is knocking at het door.The other Ss ask:eg. Ss: Who is it? S1: Is it my father? Ss: No,it isn’t. S1: Is it my grandfather. S2: Yes, I’m your grandfather. You’re my grandson.
  65. 65. Follow up Come on! Show yourself!A birthday partyActors: Jim(Today is his birthday) Kate(Jim’s sister) Mr.and Mrs. Green(Jim’s parents) Lucy and Lily(Jim’s friends, twins)Jim invites Lucy and Lily to his family to take part in his birthday party. He introduces them to his familymembers.
  66. 66. (C ) 1 . Is he your friend? Yes, ________.   A . it is B . it isn’t C . he is D . he isn’t(B ) 2 . Is this your father? No, ________. A . it is B . it isn’t C . he is D . hesn’t( B ) 3 . Is that your ________ ?   A.a picture B.picture D.nice pictures(C ) 4 . Are ________ Kate’s ________?   A.this, book B.that , book C.these,books D.those,bo(D ) 5.Is Guo Peng your brother? ________.   A.Yes, it is B.No, it isn’t C.Yes, she is D No,he isn’t( D ) 6 . Anna is not my sister. ________ myousin.   A. He B . He’s C . She D . She’s
  67. 67. (B ) 7 . Is ________ your aunt? What’s ________name?   ) .. What areB.she ,________. he , her D .(A A 8 he , his those? her C .   Ahis They are apple trees he , . B.They are apples trees   C . Those are apple trees D.Those are apples trees ( B )9. Your father has a brother. He is your ________. A. aunt B. uncle C. cousin ( B )10. That ____ my sister. And those _____ my brother A. are; is B. is; are C. is; is D. are; are ( C ) 11. Are ___ Kate’s ________?    A.this, book B.that , book C.these,books D.those,book ( A )12. Are those your bags? A Yes, they are. B. Yes, they aren’t C. Yes, those are D. No, they are
  68. 68. I= G 2/4 Happily My Family1 1 1 1 / 1 1 1 1 / 22 22 /6-/ .Father, father, father, father, / fa: fa: fa: fa: fa: /77. . 77 / . . 77 . . 7 6 . . / 55 . . . 5 6 . / .5- /Mother, mother, mother, mother, /m m m m m /• 1 / 1 1 / 22 2 /6-/ .Father, mother, pa- ren- ts.7. 77 / . . 7 . 76 . . / .6 .5 6 7 / 1- // . .My father, my mother, I love you.(grandfather, grandmother, grandparents)
  69. 69. 1. Father, father, father, father, /fa: fa: fa: fa: fa: / Mother, mother, mother, mother, /m m m m m / Father, mother, parents. My father, my mother, I love you. (grandfather, grandmother, grandparents)2. Brother Tommy, Brother Tommy, /r r r r r / Brother Tommy, Brother Tommy, /r r r r r / Is this Tommy? Yes, he is. Is that Tommy? No. No. No. No. No.3. Sister Anny, Sister Anny. /si si si si si / Sister Anny, Sister Anny. /si si si si si / Is this Anny? Yes, she is. Is that Anny? No. No. No. No. No.
  70. 70. 4. Brother Tommy, Brother Tommy. /r r r r r / Sister Anny, Sister Anny /si si si si si/ Are these friends? Yes, they are. Are those friends? No. No. No. No.No.5. Uncle John, Uncle John / / Aunt Jenny, Aunt Jenny /a: a: a: a: a: / Is this “cousin”? Yes, he is. Is that “cousin”? No. No. No. No.No.6. Father, mother, father, mother, parents. Grandfather, grandmother, grandparents This is brother. That’s sister. Son, daughter, son, daughter, my family.