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Sonic the hedgehog c&c


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Sonic the hedgehog c&c

  1. 1. Sonic the Hedgehog Codes and conventions
  2. 2. Story and Narrative It the world of Sonic, an evil scientist named Dr Ivo Robotnik has taken the animals of the world and turning them into robots in his never-ending bid of taking over the world. The only thing in his way is one blue, superfast hedgehog named Sonic who must stop Robotniks plans and collect all the chaos emeralds to ensure peace is in the world. There are 6 stages with 3 acts to each of them and 6 emeralds to collect. Collect them all and peace is restored to the world.
  3. 3. gameplay In terms of play control there are only 2 major aspects, Running and Jump. You run at very high speeds and you jump to attack enemies and reach high places. To stay alive in the stages you collect rings, collect 100 you get an extra life, reach 50,000 points or more and you get a continue but if you get hit by an enemy or stage hazard you lose all your rings and if you have no rings a whole life. There are 6 stages with 3 acts, each stage changing theme and what goes on in the stage. At the end of act 3 you take on Robotnik in a boss battle and when you win you release the animal capsule and move on to the next stage, To get a Chaos Emerald you at least 50 rings at the end of stages 1 and 2, navigate yourself through a trippy puzzle without hitting the end stage button and collect the emerald.
  4. 4. characters There are only 2 characters to Sonic the hedgehog and that’s just Sonic and Robotnik with Sonic being the hero and Robotnik as the bad guy. However as time goes on more characters were introduced.
  5. 5. Promoting The game itself was a use to try and get more people to buy the Sega megadrive as Nintendo was at the dominate video game publisher with Super Mario, so to make the Megadrive become commercial with the tag line Genesis does what nintendon’t, Genesis being the American name for the megadrive. That was 16 bit processing or as the Sonic games said, blast processing allowing for more high game speed and brighter graphics. The game also became packaged with the megadrive for any new buyers so megadrive owners would have 1 game already when they have a megadrive.
  6. 6. Target audience The intended age for Sonic was in a sence made for young audiences or new gamers since the megadrive was a console of the early 90’s though was more advanced that the early consoles at the time like the Nintendo entertainment system. Sonic’s appearance would appeal more to younger game audiences since in the 80’s and 90’s there many characters for young kids to look up to whether they were superheroes or characters with audience messages so naturally Sonic would be involved in that line of characters.
  7. 7. sequels' Much to the scucess of the first game, More games of the name was made to Please fans and hope people will still be Part of the sonic fanbase, 2 intoduced Sonic’s sidekick, Tails and a new way Of using Chaos Emerarlds and Sonic 3 Introuced Knuckles and a new upgrade In game styles. The games were also to Keep players playing since sales were Starting to decline for games and consoles.
  8. 8. Promoting With success of Sonic many distributors will want to use his success to make many merchandise. These items of merch include toys, comic books, promotions on magazines with in game cheats, advertisement uses, cameo uses in film and TV, video game strategy guides, posters and cartoon shows and movies and anime. If Sonic is successful with fans then any person of certain ages will want to buy anything with Sonic on it.