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How To Know Who Your Prospect Is


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Do you know the right words to use with your customer? Do you know what they are worried about?

Are you using the tools available online to find the answers you need to properly market to your readers.

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How To Know Who Your Prospect Is

  1. 1. Do You Know Who You Are Trying to Market To?
  2. 2. To Target Your Message You First Need To Understand The People In The Market
  3. 3. B2B or B2C Doesn’t Matter There is still a person making the decision whether to buy or not
  4. 4. Male? Female? Unspecified?
  5. 5. Where do they spend time online?
  6. 6. What activities are they interested in? How do they relax? Spend their free time?
  7. 7. What are they feeling when thinking about the problem you will solve for them? Happy? Sad? Nervous? Angry? Indifferent?
  8. 8. What TV shows do they watch? Favorite movies? Music?
  9. 9. How important is it to solve this problem? Do they know they have a problem? Is this a need or a want? Simple, quick purchase or detailed long sales cycle? One decision maker or many? Is the prospect actually the decision maker?
  10. 10. Great! Now How do I find this information out?
  11. 11. by listening to what they are saying! or more importantly, what they aren’t saying
  12. 12. Where are they talking? •Amazon reviews •Facebook groups •quora •blog comments •online forums •talk to them! ask them!
  13. 13. Learn more ways to connect with and engage your customers at: Be sure to get your complimentary copy of the Quick Copy Framework while you are there.