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Website Localisation Presentation


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This info-graphic is designed to explain the purpose and process of
website localisation. To understand the need for website localisation
services, you must first comprehend the cultural and linguistic
differences between different countries and regions. The above
illustration demonstrates these particular aspects of language
diversity and explains why they are applicable to online content. The
info-graphic also shows the advantages of using website localisation
services and illustrates the benefits it can have for businesses!

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Website Localisation Presentation

  1. 1. Website Localisation What does it mean? “Website localisation means making sure your product is suitably adapted to a particular area.” To localise you are creating a website that looks and feels like it has been created for the particular market you are targeting.Studies suggest English-languageusers start reading at the top-leftof a given webpage. They then look across the page horizontally in one or two sweeps and skim down the page vertically, making an F-shaped pattern. It is therefore important to make sure important content is placed in the right area. Quick Lingo Ltd.
  2. 2. Website Localisation Is it necessary? “With the world globalising it isbecoming more and more necessary for companies to compete on aninternational level. However, to sellto a foreign market you must speak the language!”Why do I have to translate my website?!? 33% Approximately 67 per cent of internet users do not speak67% English as their first language So it is vital to have your website translated! Naturally, there are certain things that cannot be translated automatically without reducing cultural elements. Human intervention and professional translation services are therefore of great importance. Quick Lingo Ltd.
  3. 3. Website Localisation What are the advantages? Complete accuracy in translation! It is possible to invite international investment!Small companies can competeon an international basis! Quick Lingo Ltd.