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Translation Industry Presentation


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There are several things that have encouraged growth of the
translation sector over the past few centuries, most notably, the
Industrial Revolution. The creation of the above info-graphic serves
to show how history has influenced this expansion and also to
demonstrate the financial estimations for the future. The translation
and interpreting industry is one that is predicted to grow, regardless
of a flailing economy. It is a sector that is constantly relied upon
by practically every other sector which is a fact which this
info-graphic explains.

Translation Industry Presentation

  1. 1. The expansion ofThe Translation IndustryDue to the demands for business documentationconsequent to the Industrial Revolution thatbegan in the mid-18th century, some translationservices have become formalised, with dedicatedschools and professional associations. Because of the lengthy process of translation, since the 1940’s engineers have sought to automate translation or to mechanically aid the human translator. The rise of the internet has fostered a world-wide market for translation services and has facilitated language localisation. 2012 12,17% The market for outsourced languages services is worth annual growing rate for language service market $33.523 billion Fluctuation of the growing rate for language services market until now Before 2010 2010 2011 2012 > 15% 13% 7,41% 12,17% Quick Lingo Ltd.
  2. 2. Despite the global crisis, analysts expectations are always optimistic about the language services market. Projected and actual value of the global language services market YEAR EXPECTED VALUE ACTUAL VALUE The value of the market is increasing and at the 2011 $ 31,44 BILLION $29,89 BILLION same time is becoming 2012 $33,77 BILLION $33,52 BILLION more predictable so it is reasonable to YEAR 2013 2014 2015 assume the expectationsfor the next few years are EXPECTED $ 37,604 $42,182 $47,137 prudent and accurate. VALUE BILLION BILLION BILLION The Global Market Share Of Language Services AsiaNorth America Europe 12,88% 34,85% 49,38% Africa Latin America 0,27% Oceania 0,63% 2% Quick Lingo Ltd.
  3. 3. A closer look at Europe... Northern Europe 18,86% Eastern EuropeWestern Europe 4,39% 22,69% Southern Europe 3,44% What about England? In the last 6 years the Ministry of Justice spent more than £100 million on language services. In the last three years the Police have spent £82 million on translations and interpreting. Quick Lingo Ltd.