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Quick Lingo - Legal Translation Brochure


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Quick Lingo provides legal document translation services for both individual and corporate clients, in addition to a variety of interpreting services. An efficient project management system and stringent quality assurance measures ensure translations are accurate to the finest detail.

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Quick Lingo - Legal Translation Brochure

  1. 1. Professional LegalTranslation Services
  2. 2. About UsQuick Lingo is a translation agency dedicated to providing a widerange of linguistic services to the highest quality. Whether you arecommunicating with colleagues, partners, customers or suppliersoverseas, we understand the importance placed on everyinteraction. Our aim is to ensure that language will never be ahindrance to the smooth running and global ambitions of yourbusiness, with exceptional accuracy and outstanding customerservice underpinning everything we do.Legal Translation ServicesWe provide legal document translation services for both individualand corporate clients, in addition to a variety of interpretingservices. An efficient project management system and stringentquality assurance measures ensure translations are accurate to thefinest detail.Our Flexible PricesAt Quick Lingo, you have achoice of what quote you takefrom us! You can pick from a“standard translation” quote ora “guaranteed accuracy” one.Standard translation is usuallyused for internal purposeswhilst the latter is used forofficial and legal use. Pricesstart from £0.11 per sourceword.
  3. 3. Legal Document TranslationTranslators within our network handle the following documents on aregular basis:•Contracts•Insurance Policies•Immigration Documents•Articles of Association•Powers of Attorney•Deeds and Wills•Witness Statements•Laws and Codes of PracticeCertified TranslationsAs well as providing certified legal translations, we also make surewhen necessary that the translator provides a sworn affidavitcertifying that they have provided a legal equivalent of the sourcetext in the target language.Interpreting ServicesSpecialist interpreters can beprovided for conferences,client meetings and courtinterpreting.
  4. 4. Legal Translation ProfessionalsFamiliarity with complex terminology in the source and targetlanguages along with extensive knowledge of legal systems in bothrelevant countries is crucial to accurate legal translation, and ourtranslators utilise these strengths to an optimum level. A carefulselection policy is in place to allocate a linguist with exactly theright expertise to your project, who will usually have priorexperience of working in law themselves. Rest assured, translatorsare bound by confidentiality agreements.LanguagesWe provide legal document translation services in more than 300different languages like:• German • Turkish • Japanese• French • Urdu • Arabic• Spanish • Punjabi • Afrikaans• Russian • Tamil • Krio• Ukrainian • Bengali • Somali• Hungarian • Dari • Lingala• Lithuanian • Farsi • Swahili• Polish • Mandarin • AkanIndustry ExperienceFirms across the world in numerous different industries form ourlegal translation customer base.
  5. 5. Contact UsTo find out more about ourservices or for a free quote:E-mail:sales@quicklingo.comWebsite:www.quicklingo.comLondon (Head Office) New YorkTranslation Centre, 1225 Franklin Avenue,19 Shrubbery Road, #325 Garden City,London, SW16 2AS New York, 11530Phone: +44 (0) 208 835 7034 Phone: +1 (646) 652 6739Fax: +44 (0) 208 328 3510