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Medical Translation Presentation


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This presentation of medical translation statistics and information
has been put together to demonstrate the importance of language skills
in a medical setting. In a world where travel and multi-culturalism
are the norm, the ability to understand languages different to our
native tongue is increasingly essential. In a medical environment,
where the health and high quality treatment of the patient is crucial,
having a common language or a translator present is paramount to
optimum care. Here you can see for yourself why linguistic
professionals are playing such a huge part in the provision of
patients today!

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Medical Translation Presentation

  1. 1. Medical Translation An Insight into the topic What is it? Medical translation is the translation of technical, regulatory, clinical or marketing documentation, software or training curriculums for the pharmaceutical, medical device or healthcare fields. Who is using it? Hospitals across the country constantly require translation services to ensure they offer fair treatment and a correct diagnosis of a patient’s particular problem. ...and why is it so important?It is extremely important to clarify the aspects of an ailment witha doctor, and for a doctor to be fully understood by the patientas to the details of their treatment. Should a specific therapyrequire an explanation at length in a foreign language, aprofessional translator is an invaluable resource.  Quick Lingo Ltd.
  2. 2. Medical Translation £ 60.000/64.000 nhs daily expenditure on translation services 17% 120 languages rise of price translated since 2007 £23.000.000 spent last year on written translation and interpreters Central ManchesterUniversity Hospitals NHS Leeds TeachingFoundation Trust spent Hospital NHS Trust£3.7 million in the past spent £2.4 million3 years on translation and interpreting services London-based Imperial College Healtcare NHS Trust Spent £2 million Quick Lingo Ltd.
  3. 3. Medical Translation Since 2010... Surgeries spent £2,500 an hour on interpreters at foreigners’ appointments A survey of the 152 Primary Care Trusts responsible for GPs and Dentists: spent on average £146,000 each on translation services last year. Most commonly demanded languages Polish BengaliMandarin Turkish Arabic Farsi Somali KurdishCzech Slovak Lithuanian Quick Lingo Ltd.