Why muslims use mats to perform prayers


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Why muslims use mats to perform prayers

  1. 1. Why Muslims use Mats to perform prayers? The Islamic Religion is the religion of Allah, who is the creator of the Universe. The religion Islam is depending on five basic Pillars, which are most necessary for every Muslim (Islam holder). It is the fundamental factors of Islam, our Imaan (faith) cannot be completed without following these. The factors (Pillars) of Islam are mentioned in Bullet points:
  2. 2.  Shahadah (to believe only one Allah, and believe that He is the creator of the Universe)  Prayers (Namaz, to perform prayers five times in a day)  Sawm (keeps fasting, especially in the Holy Month of Ramadan, it is essential for every Muslim)  Zakat (give charity to the poor people so that they can live according to their wishes)  Hajj (the Pilgrimage, it is necessary to perform Hajj & Umrah at least once in his life duration)
  3. 3. These are the five important factors and Pillars of Islam. Now we are talking about the essentiality of Mats in performing prayers. The prayers consist of convincing blessed rituals, which are performed in an unambiguous order by Muslims in excess of the world in spite of their society or communal rank. Sajda (to bow in front of Allah) is the most important part of prayer. Which reminds us, what is our duty and what our aim as being human is?
  4. 4. Because of the sacred rituals of prayers, it is necessary, the place must be cleaned, and this requirement can be easily fulfilled with the use of mats. It is the most important need of Islam to use mats. The praying mats are suitable and trouble free to take as they encompass of a diminutive rug or carpet, and can be turned round or folded up in shape even in a dense gap. There are normally two different types of prayer Mats:  Hand woven  Tree Bark Hand woven are made by hand from pure threads like silk, it is basically used by the richest people but now a day’s it is basically used in Muslim’s houses.
  5. 5.  Tree bark is used mostly in mosques or other joint prayer places. Tree bark is not as soft as hand woven, but provides a vast area for prayers. It is commonly called as “Saff” which can provide accommodation for many people at the same time.  Mats are also used at the time of Hajj & Umrah. The prayer mats have been in use since the advent of Islam and are a fundamental part of any Muslim’s home. It is used five times in a day and places into the floor in the track of the sacred House of Allah almighty, as it is ordered to us five times in a day. Everything must be cleaned from yourself to performing place. You should have to make a proper Wazu, then have to wear a clean dress, must have something in your head, your ankles must be necked (for man), your ankles must be covered (for woman), the woman should cover herself completely. And it is better for her to perform prayers at her home, instead of going somewhere. It is not allowed for her to perform prayer in a congregation. A woman cannot be an Imam (that person that is followed by another Muslim brother during prayer, in the form of congregation). At the time of Hajj, a congregation was followed to the Imam, who is saying rituals loudly. It is the best way to perform prayer, for the Muslim community. Hajj and Umrah packages facilitate you to know the real meaning of Islam.
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