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Getting an ad “right” takes more than just imagination. Our expert team at Inside Business can give you real advice on the tips and tricks that will get you the best response to your ad, from picking the right headline to choosing the layout that will work for you… maximizing your return on Investment.

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Inside Business

  2. 2. ADVERTISING THAT ARE YOU LOOKING DELIVERS YOU RESULTS… TO GROW YOUR SALES FIGURES? “ Not all adver sing spaces are created equally. Our team at Inside Business are commi ed to providing you with a valuable adver sing opportunity that brings a measurable benefit to your business. What’s more, you can call on us for expert advice to get the most out of your advert or editorial. You can even ask our professional team of designers to create your ad for you - completely free! It’s our mission to show you that when the going gets tough, those that invest in high quality, targeted adver sing are the ones who prosper, while others fall by the wayside. Inside this media pack you’ll find a host of ways that adver sing with Inside Business can ” bring tangible benefits to your organisa on. THERESA ARCHER, MANAGING DIRECTOR DIRECT DATA CABLING Inside Business has been a tremendous publica on for adver sing my business, we have received fantas c response. The team at Inside Business are unbelievably helpful and are so suppor ve in helping to generate more business and put you in touch with the right people. This is far more than you would ever expect from other magazines/media.
  3. 3. THE BEST RETURN ON YOUR INVESTMENT “ Adver sing is o en seen as an expensive gamble that’s hard to get right and even harder to measure. But Inside Business is not like other adver sing media. Your adver sement will be strategically placed amongst genuine, high-value editorial that ARE YOU CURRENTLY ensures the magazine is one of the most widely read publica ons around, with 37,000 copies GETTING THE BEST RETURN hand-delivered to 74,000 readers every month. And because it’s targeted specifically at key decision ON INVESTMENT? makers, your advert will be seen by the people that really ma er. ” PAUL TOMLINSON, DIRECTOR - MIRUS IT SOLUTIONS The results your magazine have provided deserve some recogni on, as you know we’ve been adver sing with you for some me, whilst we do not see a result from every magazine it all helps to build brand awareness, however over the last year we have secured a number of customers through the magazine allowing us to resell nearly £100,000 of service business and nearly £250,000 in product sales.
  4. 4. REAL ADVICE “ Ge ng an ad “right” takes more than just imagina on. Our expert team at Inside Business can give you real advice on the ps and tricks that will get you the best response to your ad, from picking the right headline to choosing the layout that will work for you… maximising your return on investment. And if you don’t have a team of crea ve designers on hand to produce your ad, why not use ours? The service is completely free, and will turn your ini al ideas into a compelling, a en on grabbing advert that will engage, educate and compel your audience. ” WHO CURRENTLY MAKES DAVID DEES, PARTNER - HEALD SOLICITORS SURE YOUR ADVERTS WORK? Inside Business is widely regarded as the leading quality business magazine in Milton Keynes. Taking regular space in Inside Business has helped to raise our profile in the MK area and we renewed a er the first year without hesita on. The team at Inside Business is also a pleasure to deal with and always brimming with new ideas.
  5. 5. GET DISCOVERED “ Inside Business employs a full me team to hand deliver every single copy each month to businesses in the Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire and Northamptonshire area. You don’t need to pay for adver sing space only to find it languishing in a depot or dropped on the floor outside a newsagent! Your ad will find its way directly to every desk in ” the area. FLOYD GRAHAM, MANAGING PRINCIPAL - FLOYD GRAHAM & CO LTD When Floyd Graham Co was launched in May 2007 as a new law firm it was an important part of its strategy for success that awareness of its existence was achieved in the business community in as short a me and high HAS EVERYONE a level as possible. Inside Business was instrumental in assis ng us to achieve that Goal. In our view it is a high quality publica on with significant circula on within the business community, that is widely read. The response DISCOVERED YOU YET? that we have had as a result of being included in the magazine confirms the accuracy of that view. We have found the Inside Business team to be passionate, focused and professional throughout our dealings with them and highly recommend them to any business seeking to gain a strategic advantage from its marke ng campaign.
  6. 6. ADVERTS THAT LAST HOW LONG DO YOUR CURRENT ADVERTS LAST? “ The magazine features second-to-none, full-colour quality that won’t crease, fade and be thrown out with the weekly papers. Business people stockpile their copies for future reference - keeping your name with them for months and even years to come. In fact, one of our adver sers called recently to say they’d just had a response to an ad ” they placed in Inside Business in 2005! SAM DALRYMPLE, REGIONAL SALES DIRECTOR - EASYCOPIERS We have been working with Inside Business since October 2007 with great success. It has been a fantas c adver sing vehicle for Easycopiers and has been very instrumental in the development of our brand awareness. We are very happy with the excellent, courteous service and hope we can con nue to build the business rela onship.
  7. 7. LOCK OUT THE COMPETITION “ Wherever possible, your ad will be the only one for your industry sector, giving you the opportunity to speak directly to your target audience. Where we do have more than one client in any industry, we’ll work closely with you both to ensure that your adverts/editorials feature unique content so ” that you s ll get the best possible response. DO YOU WANT YOUR COMPETITOR SPEAKING TO PHILIP GRACE, MANAGING DIRECTOR - OAKHILL I consider Inside Business to be the premier business publica on in this region and have used the magazine for YOUR POTENTIAL CLIENTS? all of the companies that I’ve been involved with. The response and service is second to none. I am now working on a new venture and have factored Inside Business in as one of my main vehicles for its promo on. The team at Inside Business are a pleasure to deal with and I always find them willing to help and support any way they can.
  8. 8. DOES YOUR CURRENT SUPPLIER CARE ABOUT OUR ABSOLUTE YOUR BUSINESS? COMMITMENT TO YOU “ Inside Business is not just a “book of adverts”. We’re dedicated to crea ng a vibrant, informa ve and useful publica on that our readership value… and when that happens your ad gets read more o en. You’ll find that from day one the team at Inside Business are commi ed to delivering you excep onal service and an excep onal return on your investment with us, going the extra mile to ensure your complete sa sfac on. That’s why some of our clients have been adver sing in Inside Business for over 12 years! To find out more about how your business can benefit from a first class adver sement in Inside Business, simply call our team on 0870 777 1017, or for more informa on, visit us at: ” JON THORPE, DIRECTOR - ACS OFFICE SOLUTIONS ACS Office Solu ons has been working in partnership with Inside Business for a number of years and has always been pleased with the quality, format and editorial content of the magazine. Inside Business reaches buyers that no other business publica ons do and it is a great way to communicate our message of saving businesses money on their IT and office furniture.
  9. 9. READER PROFILE WHO’S READING YOUR ADVERT? “ Inside Business is targeted directly at CEO’s, Directors, Partners, Head of Departments and business owners across Milton Keynes, Bedfordshire and Northamptonshire. If your business offers products or services to the professional market then you can speak directly to key decision makers across a huge range of industries. What’s more, addi onal copies are le in recep on areas across all three regions, further exposing your message to people in the market place. And remember, we don’t trust delivery of our magazine to anyone - each copy is hand delivered by our own team to ensure ” it’s safely received. PETER WATSON, MANAGING DIRECTOR - MKGS We were Inside Business’ first ever adver ser and have been using the magazine to maintain our profile as the prime security organisa on in Milton Keynes for the last 12 years. In my opinion; Inside Business is the best local business publica on available for Companies and Organisa ons to adver se in for raising profile and direct response. I would definitely recommend this publica on as an effec ve way to promote business.
  10. 10. 80,000 CIRCULATION 70,000 60,000 50,000 40,000 “ We think the graph says it all… Inside Business is the widest circulated and most read business-to-business publica on in the region, bar none. With a conserva ve readership of over 74,000 business owners, Directors, Partners, Heads of 30,000 Departments and CEO’s, you could be reaching your target audience with a full-page, full-colour 20,000 ” adver sement from as li le as 1p per reader! 10,000 0 CIRCULATION READERSHIP JASON BRICE, MANAGING DIRECTOR - REDWOOD PARTNERSHIP Inside Business is an excellent marke ng tool for us, not only does it constantly bring in direct business, it has INSIDE BUSINESS Business MK yourbusinessflyer In Business also helped our other business development ac vi es by valida ng who we are and what we do to poten al Business to Business Business Times Vision Magazine clients through brand awareness. I am impressed by its high quality glossy format and it is clear the magazine targets the right readers for any professional business organisa on.
  11. 11. REGULAR CLIENTS FINANCIAL LEGAL TRAINING & EDUCATION Deloi e Floyd Graham & Co The Open University KPMG Heald Solicitors Northampton College Barclays Commercial Kimbells Milton Keynes College The Redwood Partnership Pictons Swanbourne House Towergate University of Bedfordshire St John Ambulance PROPERTY TECHNOLOGY SERVICE Lambert Smith Hampton Easycopiers Xpress Reloca on Budworth Hardcastle Mirus IT Solu ons Cotefield Interiors Robinson & Hall Routeco IT Sterling Archives Oakhill ACS Office Solu ons Clarendons I2 Sunrise Associates MK Dons Bucksbiz Business Centres Core Solu ons Cotels DCS Voice & Vision Fox Tailoring MARKETING HR & RECRUITMENT AUTOMOTIVE Igni on NBS 1st Choice Recruitment Bedford Body Shop Results Corpora on Provide County Saab Tristar Bosch Service Fire Storm Marke ng Solu ons DATS Print Yowzer Signs & Graphics DAN BRAZIER, MANAGING DIRECTOR - PROVIDE As a na onal and interna onal ICT recruiter for some of the world’s largest brands, ge ng the right exposure to poten al clients is impera ve and Inside Business gives us just that. It has proved to be a fantas c tool for recrui ng outstanding staff to maintain the growth of our company. The Inside Business team have a slick and straight forward approach that always makes dealing with them a pleasure.
  12. 12. PRICES PRICE PER ISSUE PRICE PER ISSUE ON PRICE PER ISSUE ON SPACE BOOKING A (3 CONSECUTIVE A (6 CONSECUTIVE ISSUE BOOKING) ISSUE BOOKING) DOUBLE PAGE SPREAD £1200 + VAT £1000 + VAT £900 + VAT FULL PAGE £700 + VAT £600 + VAT £500 + VAT HALF PAGE £450 + VAT £400 + VAT £350 + VAT QUARTER PAGE £350 + VAT £300 + VAT £250 + VAT BANNER ADVERT £250 + VAT £200 + VAT £150 + VAT PREPAYMENT DISCOUNTS 5% 10% 15% DID YOU KNOW IT COULD COST ANDY HULLY, DIRECTOR - CORE SOLUTIONS LIMITED Core chose to adver se in the Inside Business magazine when the various area publica ons were combined into one bumper issue. We were pleased when the very first advert generated a sales lead from a College, AS LITTLE AS 1P PER READER? which resulted in a new computer support agreement and the sale of sixteen Apple laptops.
  13. 13. MECHANICAL DATA BOOKING TYPE AREA TRIM SIZE BLEED AREA A4 DOUBLE PAGE SPREAD (DPS) 275 x 400 mm 297 x 420 mm 303 x 426 mm A4 PAGE 275 x 190 mm 297 x 210 mm 303 x 216 mm ½ A4 PAGE VERTICAL 275 x 96 mm 297 x 105 mm 303 x 108 mm ½ A4 PAGE HORIZONTAL 127 x 190 mm 148 x 210 mm 151 x 213 mm ¼ A4 PAGE 127 x 95 mm 148 x 105 mm 151 x 111 mm DID YOU KNOW WE COULD PROFESSIONALLY DESIGN YOUR ADVERT FOR FREE? JAMES EVANS, MANAGING DIRECTOR SUNRISE ASSCOIATES Having used Inside Business for just over a year now, the response has been great... Not only has Paul and his team made it a pleasure to work with but they have also given great advise with regards to the content of our adverts, the result has been that we within the first 6 months have gained three new clients. It has been a real pleasure and Sunrise has commi ed to remain a client of Inside Business for the foreseeable future.
  14. 14. DID YOU KNOW WE HAVE MORE PRODUCTS THAT CAN OTHER PRODUCTS HELP YOUR BUSINESS? INSIDE LIVING Bi-monthly Business to consumer publica on targe ng individuals of high net-worth. INSIDE EX Annual regional business to business exhibi on. CLUB100 Monthly networking event for directors and partners of business that turnover at least £1m. STRATEGY Bi-monthly Business supplement focusing on different topics each issue. CHRIS PIGGOTT, PARTNER SAM HEADHUNTING LTD I would like you to be aware of the successes that we have so far within SAM that are directly a ributed to the CLUB100 mee ngs in Milton Keynes. Between my colleague Richard Greenacre and myself we have so far commi ed and signed business from mul ple deals in excess of £1,200,000 over the next two years. I think that alone can communicate the quality and the effec veness of the mee ng format! Keep up the great work.
  15. 15. 151 Silbury Boulevard, Central Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, MK9 1LH Tel: 0870 777 1017 Fax: 01908 231503 Web: