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Mobile real estate program a

A Complete Mobile Marketing and QR code program designed for Real Estate Offices

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Mobile real estate program a

  1. 1. Mobile Real Estate Program<br />
  2. 2. Mobile-Optimized Site<br /><ul><li>Mobile optimized web pages 
  3. 3. Short buyer, seller and property management information
  4. 4. Contact us page
  5. 5. Office locations
  6. 6. Style sheets customized to your branding
  7. 7. Footer with essential social media links and contact / legal links
  8. 8. If required, an RSS/Atom reader to show a blog or other similar feed on the site (e.g. RISMedia blog)
  9. 9. Add YouTube videos embedded in page or on separate pages
  10. 10. All pages can be edited, updated and added to by Broker administrators
  11. 11. Flexible menus, expandable sections, tap to call, etc., for best mobile experience</li></li></ul><li>OR...<br />The Difference Between a Mobile and Non- Mobile Website<br />
  12. 12. Property Listings<br /><ul><li>Search properties in the 1,2,5,10,25 mile radius, using the location services of a smartphone
  13. 13. Additional search parameters for Price range, Bedrooms (min / max) or City
  14. 14. Summary search results with tap for more information
  15. 15. Listing page showing essential information about a property, a photo and optional link to a slideshow of photos or video (we can agree the attributes to be shown)
  16. 16. Commercial property listings shown using a commercial listing template with specific attributes
  17. 17. Route leads through a Contact Agent section under each listing
  18. 18. Unique, permanent QR code generated for every property</li></li></ul><li>OR...<br />+<br />+<br />
  19. 19. Contact Agent<br /><ul><li>A page section that can be embedded in listings and regular web pages for flexible lead routing
  20. 20. Drop down listing all agents
  21. 21. Show agent information, photo and contact channels: tap to phone, tap to SMS, tap to email (with MLS # or other subject line), secure contact form
  22. 22. Tracking on all contact actions (including phone, SMS etc..)
  23. 23. Unique QR code generated for every agent, taking a visitor directly to the appropriate Contact Agent page</li></li></ul><li>
  24. 24. Optional <br />(a small fee may be associated with these items)<br /><ul><li>Transcoding (conversion) of videos for mobile devices - allowing hosted videos to be displayed, rather than YouTube
  25. 25. Agent specific mobile sites (we can make this an item that Agents choose to buy from Consected at a discounted rate, while enforcing the Broker branding)
  26. 26. Single listing domains displaying a single property on a .info domain (note, we have a built in URL shortening service, and can assign third level domains automatically - e.g.</li></li></ul><li>Robert Wieseneck<br />Robert @<br />Phone: 321-373-1212<br />