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A2 Advance Portfoilio Evaluation


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A2 Advance Portfoilio Evaluation

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A2 Advance Portfoilio Evaluation

  1. 1. EVALUATION By Warren Joseph
  2. 2. IN WHAT WAYS DOES YOUR MEDIA PRODUCTS USE,DEVELOP OR CHALLENGE FORMS AND CONVENTIONS OFREAL MEDIA PRODUCTS? Conventions of the Horror Conventions of the Horror Conventions of the Horror genre - Trailer genre - Magazine genre - Poster• Always will be a murderer • Black, red and white colours • Name of the movie and used characters included• Always will be black, red and white • Mid-Shot or Long shot photo • Release date of character from main movie• Always will be scary, dark • Gloomy look but still stands advertised (usually villain) music leading to faster pace out epic music • More famous movies or • Quote from magazine or celebrities included• Always will be people newspaper frightened and screaming • Gimmicks • Images (usually terrified facial• A disturbance in the expression) equilibrium
  3. 3. POSTER • Title is in black and red and distinctive to suite the typical conventions of the horror genre. The connotations behind this convey blood, darkness and evil ideas. • Location is dark woods, with the three main characters walking into the distance. • Release date of the film to inform the audience when they can watch it. In addition Friday 13 th has evil connotations associated with it therefore, fulfilling the audience’s expectations that this is a horror film. The users and gratifications apply to ensuring the audience get what they are expecting. • Cast written at the bottom in the typical format. Reference to Facebook, YouTube and film company is presented so that the audience can access the film trailer through a variety of web.20 sites. • Hero vs Villain (Claude-Levi Strauss theory) • Age certification is 15 and over: according to the BBFC. • Quote from the Guardian Newspaper.
  4. 4. Poster Similarties
  5. 5. PLANNINGTRAILER• Storyboard guided from our preliminary task.• Wrote a script because a lot of diagetic and non-diagetic dialogue was used - Dialogue used at beginning to reveal plot a little. - Dialogue used throughout fast edits to make it sound more hectic.
  6. 6. TRAILER• Begins with equilibrium then disturbed by disequilibrium (Tzvetan Todorov’s linear narrative theory). It starts with everything being as it should be where there is mid shit of Muaadh and I talking about the camping assignment give by our work this is disturbed when Robert is violently dragged and the fast pace edits and intense epic music follows as he is a main protagonist the audience realises the disturbance. We challenge Todorov’s theory by following codes and conventions of all trailers and left it on a cliff-hanger where the camera gets close to me as Im struggling to get in a car and then the screen goes black and diegetic sound is used where I scream and the audience doesn’t know what happened to me which is also an enigma code which links with Roland Barthes’ theory.• Props: Murder Weapons such as a knife,• Several frightened facial expressions (Close-Ups) --• Starts with slow spooky music, switches to fast paced edits with faster music, usually trailers use rock music but we used fast paced epic music.• It is made obvious there is a killer by all the attacks but you don’t get to see even a glimpse of the killer• Cliffhanger • Our main target audience was older teenagers males and females, we targeted them by using blood and violent attacks which may interest males more additionally we included things jumping out in the trailer which would make this movie suitable for couples. • Females MAY! have an oppositional reading (Stuart Halls theory) of the movie as there are only males in the trailer they may feel like this is unfair and biased.
  7. 7. MAGAZINE • Title stands out in black and red in creepy, spooky font. • Gimmicks used • Celebrity endorsements used (Two Step Flow theory) • The Hero of our movie used for the main mid-shot photo challenges the conventions.
  8. 8. How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts?• Killer is not shown in trailer but is compensated being shown in trailer.• Poster and Magazine used same image.• Where the quote from ‘The Guardian’ on the poster supports the caption on the magazine ‘Blockbuster of the year’
  9. 9. WARREN JOSEPH • I was in charge of directing and editing the trailer. • I found it easier to tell the group what I wanted when shooting because I had a vision for what I wanted when editing. • Everyone who was involved were easy to communicate with, sometimes had to raise my voice but that helped us get the shots we needed to get so people took it seriously. • Every time I came up with an idea when filming I referred to Muaadh to see if he agrees it should be included. • Me and Muaadh could communicate through our blogs additionally the blog helped keep track of our work as a result I was able to be very effective, making improvements.  Following our storyboard
  10. 10. WHAT HAVE YOU LEARNED FROM YOURAUDIENCE FEEDBACK?• To find out if we attracted our target audience we created a questionnaire to those who have seen our trailer, magazine and poster. These were the results for one question.
  11. 11. CHANGES MADE AFTER AUDIENCE FEEDBACK• After the first draft, people on Facebook commented on the fact Muaadh had a torch in broad daylight, so we had to re-film it.• At the start we changed the knife scene which slightly disturbs disequilibrium because it didn’t look authentic.Poster• Added image of the killer to work with the trailer and make poster more appealingMagazine• Too much text, added more images.
  13. 13. THANK YOU FOR LISTENING.• Warren Joseph.