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D4X - Smart Food


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Published in: Health & Medicine
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D4X - Smart Food

  1. 1. Exclusively the best…Exclusively from Europe… IMMEDIATE PROTECTION AND SUPPORT IN FOUR DIRECTIONS Organism The Immune cleansing System Support Protection Recovery of the from Intoxication Energy Status and Free Radicals PRODUCT LINE SMART FOOD
  2. 2. WHAT ARE TARGET ORGANS AND WHY IS IT NECESSARY TO PROTECT THEM?Target organs – these are organs or tissues - Smoking every year takes away livesmost affected by certain substances or of more than five million people and isirrigative agents: stresses, nicotine and the death reason for 30% of oncologicalalcohol, poor ecology, taking medication diseases. Passive smoking represents thewithout restraint. The most vulnerable, same danger – 8 hours in a closed room withfragile and unprotected during this “point a smoker are equal to smoking 5 cigarettesshooting” are vitally relevant centers of the a day.body: heart, liver, kidneys, lungs, nervoussystem. - Regular fast food consumption leads to obesity, immune system disorders, gastritis,- Stresses at the moment cause almost 90% gastric and duodenal ulcer, pancreatitis andof diseases. oncological diseases. Also “ordinary” food cannot be called healthy. In a year’s time- Depression has already ranked second every adult consumes together with food onamong diseases leading to the loss of average up to three kilos of harmful chemicalworking ability and this is the most common substances.disease among women.
  3. 3. - Lack of sleep also is the strongest stressfor the target organs. It facilitates formationof plaques in heart arteries, which may WHO (the World Healthlead to a blood-stroke. The lack of sleep Organization) is beatingalso affects the nervous system leading the alarm: 75% of allto a low working ability and in the end –to depression. But every sleepless night deaths in the worldequals to severe alcohol intoxication. are caused by the environmental effectsAnd if we still can somehow deal withstress, malnutrition and bad habits, then in and unhealthy lifestyleface of the environmental impacts we are – stresses, bad habitspowerless. Pure air and fresh wind, water and poor ecology. Everyin rivers and lakes that chemicals have notkilled, fields and gardens that haven’t seen year, every month, everychemical fertilizers – all of these cannot day they make crushingbe bought. In the meanwhile, according to blows on people’s health.the WHO data, 90% of all malignancies arerelated in particular with environmentalfactors. And the global air pollution is the early death reason of nearly 2 million people per year. On a daily basis each of us risks our own health exposing the target organs to another attack. How many hours a day do you spend outside enjoying fresh air? And in what amount do you breathe in the city smog? Think how balanced and rich in vitamins was your lunch today? How deep and long was your sleep? Our target organs require permanent protection – effective and quick. They need an antidote product acting as an umbrella, which is always at hand and which can be immediately opened as soon as the dark cloud of intoxication looms over target organs.
  4. 4. HOW TO PROTECT TARGET ORGANS NOT RESORTING TO MEDICATION? STOP!The word “medication” in different times and powders. Unfortunately they wereimplied the meaning of absolutely different accompanied by side effects. And the moreremedies. Thus, the great Hippocrates effective the remedy was the longer was thewrote in the IV century b.c.: “Let food be the list of undesired effects. According to themedicine”. Indeed, in particular roots, herbs statistics, complications due to medicationand fruits helped our ancestors to keep up cause nearly 5% of and strength. The comparatively recently emergedIt was followed by the Middle Age with its biologically active food supplements trulybarbarous medical experiments when all became a new dawn in the field of differentdiseases were treated by blood-letting but disease prevention. For this reason BAFSblow on the head by a wooden hammer constitute an integral part of a healthyor tobacco enemas were used as an lifestyle being the door to the world ofanesthetic. Wellness. Though one should be aware that the peculiarity of BAFS is that full effectThe medicine was developing offering new from its use is reached within a long periodmore humane remedies – pills, mixtures of time.
  5. 5. Ideally the vitamin and mineral support of the energy, fights the premature organismthe body should be realized on a permanent wilting, enables better cellular respiration,basis. In this sense biologically active favourably affects functions of the brain,food supplements should be regarded as heart, liver, kidneys, lungs, stomach, bowels,systematic – brick by brick – construction of thymus and pancreas.the personal health fortress. does not replace aWith that the human body often requires not necessity of taking BAFS and does notonly “long-term” but also immediate “right replace a healthy lifestyle. The new productnow” protection. This is due to the fact that Vision is a required supplement to all thatthreats for health often appear unexpectedly the Company already offers to all Wellnessand strike our target organs pointwise. Of followers. At the same time being foodcourse, a healthy and reinforced body thanks consists exclusively ofto regular BAFS taking will sustain such natural ingredients. Like the usual food youstroke in an easier manner. However, for can consume it as often as required.more efficient protection along with BAFSalso use of “mobile” remedies is required totackle such threats.The history of medicine just like any otherhistory represents spiral development andthe new development circle in the 21stcentury has become invention of the SmartFood products. This is not a medication, thisis food. But not the ordinary food. SmartFood does not limit to a physical body effectbut similar to a semaphore affects activityof the main managing organ, the brain. Itin its turn immediately sends out managingsignals regulating activity of the entire body. – is the first innovativeantidote product of the Smart Food groupfrom the Vision company. not only quicklyand efficiently protects the targetorgans. It facilitates normalizationof blood circulation, reducingthe “bad” cholesterol level inthe organism, generating
  6. 6. WHY IS SO EFFECTIVE?Smart food – is a unique Amber acid – a powerful natural antioxidant.fusion of verified within years natural Helps in stress situations, fights inflammation,components and newest patented production regulates activity of the bowels, energizes,technologies.CompositionFirst of all it is important to note that all ingredients originatefrom the most ecologically pure worldregions. Quality of the product completelycomplies with the international standardsISO, GMP, Ecocert.Components of the product – honey, amberacid and a “VIP cocktail” consisting of threehighly valuable natural ingredients:rose hips, hibiscus and hawthorn.This chic natural “bouquet”possesses a full range of amazingfeatures.Honey – is a natural base of – normalizeswork of viscera, increases theimmunity, improves the blood formula,protects the organism from earlyageing, enables ATP energy production.Values of this product are astonishing;however, only under a condition it iscollected in the ecologically pure regionand in a strictly pre-determined timeperiod. Honey, which is part of the VisionSmart Food, comes from the bee yardscertified according to the EU standards.It guarantees ecological purity of themelliferous region, including absence of I recommend! Ivars Kalninsindustrial pollution, also arterial highways.This honey is pure and especially rich in stimulates skin regeneration, enables hairbiologically active elements as it is harvested growth, strengthens vessels, saturatesin spring and at the beginning of the summer the body with oxygen, helps to eliminatewhen the first honey plants bloom. headaches. When taking the amber acid,
  7. 7. cells of the body are saturated with oxygen “conditionally admissible doses” containtens of times more intensively. injurious additives and it is possible to get rid of them only on the molecular level.Rose hips – contain great amount of Cvitamin. Fruits of the rose hips contain Another Vision know-how – molecularnearly 10 ten times more cevitamic acid homogenization. In general, homogenizationthan black currant berries and 50 times is widely used in the food industry. Thanksmore than lemon. The rose hips are known to homogenization, more homogenousas a medicinal plant already in the Ancient structure of food products is achieved (e.g.Greece. It was widely used for treatment and baby puree or milk). Such food is tastier; itprevention of bleeding gums as well as for can be kept longer and is digested better.wound healing. The rose hips – an extremely Homogenization on the molecular levelefficient aid to increase hemoglobin. intensifies all these features many times and moreover, gives an opportunity to “program”Hibiscus – acts as a natural antiseptic and food molecules for specific actions.choleretic, improves liver activity, normalizesblood pressure, and prevents from the LDLcholesterol (bad cholesterol). Molecular homogenizationHawthorn – reduces the cholesterol level in (from Greek homogenes –blood, improves coronary circulation, helps homogenous) – the processin heart arrhythmia cases. of obtaining a special homogenous structure of theFormula and technologiesThe exclusive efficacy of composition on the molecularfor the organism is determined not only level. 1 nanometer = oneby its composition but also by an exclusive billionth of the meterformula. If drawing an analogy, it may benoted that saltpeter, carbon and sulphur (i.e. 10-9 of one meter).become a gun powder only in definiteproportions. The same natural medicinalingredients only in one combination becomethe powerful anti-dote , Thanks to homogenizationkeeping and increasing several times bits penetrate “closed”the “explosive” power of each of its areas of the organism more efficiently;components. give the “commands” to take under control the target organs affected by adverseOne more – environmental and lifestyle factors.peculiarity – unique nanotechnologies usedin its production process. First of all, its Moreover, the molecular homogenizationnon-intrusive selective extraction, which secures unique product features withoutrepresents a special “aimed” extraction preservatives and expensive packing,method from the natural raw materials which makes this product available forof valuable elements, with unwanted consumers.admixtures removed. Indeed, nowadaysalso plants grown in perfect conditions in
  8. 8. WHO NEEDS MOST OF ALL? is called the bestseller as it is equally demanded by all agegroups. The antidote product, timely and secure protection is required to each ofus irrespective of age, occupation and lifestyle. is especially needed for: City dwellers who pass the city smog, smoke and exhaust through their lungs on a daily basis; Schoolchildren during a school year; Students in periods of increased brain activity; People with the impaired immune system; Fast food lovers and other healthy diet “trespassers”; Smokers and persons misusing alcohol; Harmful energy drinks lovers; Persons taking medicaments.But even if you live on the ecologically pure island, youdon’t know anything about feelings and stresses, eatonly natural products – definitely trybecause it has a very nice taste and greatly goestogether with different drinks and food and especially- natural sour milk products. Make sure that healthymay be also delicious! Of course, if this is Smart Foodfrom Vision. Your independent Vision consultant: We recommend to consult a specialist Name, Last Name before use. Telephone Order products from internet shop: Tel: +43 2232 762 03 E-mail E-mail: Code of the consultant Be healthy together with Vision!