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  • Tim barton presentation

    1. 1. The leadingeCommerce siteproviding instant freight carriercomparisons and bookings
    2. 2. Business Overview LTL is a $56 billion market; TL is a $248 billion market Freightquote improves the profitability and streamlines systems for all industry participants:  Small and Medium Businesses (SMB): Simplifies the complicated business of freight for companies regularly moving shipments over 150 lbs.  Large Enterprises: Cost optimization through TMS solutions, reporting tools, visibility and control across broad enterprises.  Carriers: Access to e-commerce shippers via fully electronic interfaces, reducing sales and g&a costs. Evolving focus to include penetration of larger enterprises via acquisition and TL platform development, while maintaining strong growth in traditional SMB channel.2
    3. 3. FQ Service Overview “Just like Travelocity or Expedia, except it’s for freight.” Customers start their shipping process in a secure account3
    4. 4. FQ Service Overview First, customers enter basic info about their shipment… Easy instructions translate “freight” to “english” for our SMB customer4
    5. 5. FQ Service Overview Then, they choose their preferred carrier from a menu of service options for their shipment… Net prices (not tariffs, discounts and surcharges) Again, to help translate “freight” to “english” for our SMB customer5
    6. 6. FQ Service Overview Then, the shipper completes the shipment details… Information gates ensure our customer gives and gets the right info. Here, the shipper must acknowledge the cargo coverage before proceeding.6
    7. 7. FQ Service Overview Then they confirm the info and book their shipment…7
    8. 8. FQ Service Overview Their BOL prints automatically Straight form BOL with all the needed info for the carrier Auto- transmitted to carrier8
    9. 9. FQ Service Overview Automatic emails confirm shipment information to the shipper and to the consignee…9
    10. 10. FQ Service Overview Logs and tracking information are centralized and customizable for the shipper10
    11. 11. FQ Service Overview So our basic FQ user interface offers much value to our SMB shipper  Fast and easy quotes  Automated paperwork  Automatic dispatch  Consolidated tracking And we offer similar value through our channel partners…11
    12. 12. FQ Channel Integration eBay shippers add the FQ calculator function to the items they’re selling12
    13. 13. FQ Channel Integration eCommerce sites add the FQ calculator function to their catalogs and checkout functions13
    14. 14. Growth History Strong growth history for first 8 years of operations 1999 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008ERevenue $0.8M $87M $138M $264M $378M $425MCustomers 650 34,000 43,000 55,000 66,000 75,000Monthly transactions 390 28,000 36,000 43,000 59,000 70,000Total employees 30 350 530 620 820 900  Increasing cash-flow, net income, and operating leverage  Offering all major transportation modes (domestic trucking; air freight; parcel; international air and ocean freight)  Acquired Twin Modal November 2005  Acquired Rockwell January 2007 14
    15. 15. Growth History Gross Revenue (millions) Revenue CAGR: 60% $450.0 $400.0 $350.0 $300.0 Revenue $250.0 $200.0 $150.0 $100.0 $50.0 $0.0 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008E15
    16. 16. Strategic Initiatives Acquisitions Truckload platform development EU expansion DHL parcel and small package eBay relationship Sales department optimization16
    17. 17. EU Opportunities Freightquote Limited formed in Dublin Market dynamics similar to those in US in late 1990s  little web usage or pricing transparency  highly fragmented carrier base Site launched August 2006 Launched with little customization to local countries  Release 2.0 will add additional features and capabilities17
    18. 18. Acquisitions Acquire talented managers and subject matter expertise outside US-LTL Accelerate penetration of larger enterprises Leverage FQ technology platform and abilities to accelerate target growth Diversification of both revenue stream and carrier base More opportunities for employees18
    19. 19. FQ Subsidiaries Twin Modal – Minneapolis, MN  Founded in 1977  Acquired in December 2005  $82 million revenue in 2007 Rockwell – Philadelphia, PA  Founded in 1981  Acquired in January 2007  $78 million revenue in 200719
    20. 20. Summary Outstanding, consistent growth history in first eight years Unique, proven business model Enormous industry/marketplace potential Sources for future organic growth, as well as acquisitions Experienced personnel in place to accomplish goals20