Spring 2009 Design + Management Department Design Development Course


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Spring 2009 Design Development Course Project: Group Project to Design a Drama or Sit-Com for Cable or TV Network Series making use of the Design Development Process.

Parsons Design + Management Students: Matthew Parrotti, Lark Morgenstern, Min Liu, Taylor Huntley

Parsons Faculty, Robert Rabinovitz, Associate Professor

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Spring 2009 Design + Management Department Design Development Course

  1. 1. DESIGN PROCESS WACK-NOODLE PRODUCTIONS Parsons the New School . Design & Management . Robert Rabinovitz . Matt . Lark . Min . Taylor
  2. 2. PHASE I WACK-NOODLE PRODUCTIONS SITCOM 7 8 9 - 13 14 15 16 17 40 Pauly Cranz 19 Pheobe & Dick 52 - 55 Episodes 30 Dot.com
  3. 3. PHASE II WACK-NOODLE PRODUCTIONS PRODUCT 59 57 61 58 60 62 - 66 67 Summary
  4. 4. PHASE I SITCOM 6
  5. 5. IMPULSE Creation of Characters Each Group member creates three personas with no information as to what they will be used for. 7
  6. 6. WACK-NOODLE PRODUCTIONS PHASE I IMPULSE Creation of Characters 8
  7. 7. PHASE I WACK-NOODLE PRODUCTIONS DEFINE Reception Create a television sitcom. Use the charcters that were developed individually to shape plots and create a cast. Show concepts should be relevant to themes of love, responsibility and technology. 9
  8. 8. WACK-NOODLE PRODUCTIONS PHASE I DEFINE Research Pauly Cranz Pushing Daisies: touted as “a forensic fairytale,” has a distinctive storybook-esque style that is continued within the overall design of the visual aspects, with a goal of “a storybook come to life. Wanting everything to look almost like an illustration”. The distinctive visual style of the show is complemented by noticeably quirky traits in the naming of characters and locations and also in plotlines themselves. Leave it to Beaver: a 1950s and 1960s family-oriented American television situation comedy about an inquisitive but often naive boy named Theodore “Beaver” Cleaver and his adventures at home, in school, and around his suburban neighborhood. CONTENT: The juvenile viewer finds amusement in Beaver’s adventures while learning that certain behaviors and choices (such as skipping school or faking an illness in order to be the recipient of “loot” from parents and schoolmates) are wrong and invite reprimand. SIGNITURE SHOW ELEMENTS: The show employs contemporary kid-slang extensively. 10
  9. 9. PHASE I WACK-NOODLE PRODUCTIONS DEFINE Dennis the Menace: a television series based on the popular Hank Ketcham comic strip of the same name. Dennis is an energetic, well meaning, but trouble prone boy and sometimes a mischievous child. He often tangles with peace-and-quiet- loving neighbor. Dennis finds himself involved in all kinds of wild adventures (some of which are fantasy-based like the international espionage and trips into the past stories) but always manages to save the day. Dot.com 30 Rock: The series takes place behind the scenes of a fictional live sketch comedy series depicted as airing on NBC. The 30 Rock pilot focused on the head writer of a variety show who has to manage her relationships with the show’s volatile star and its charismatic executive producer. The storyline evolved into one that dealt with a head writer of a variety show who dealt with both the stars as well as the show’s new network executive. Real Sex: As its name implies, Real Sex is a sexually explicit “magazine” which “explores sex ‘90s style.” Real Sex explores 11
  10. 10. WACK-NOODLE PRODUCTIONS PHASE I DEFINE human sexuality, from the latest sexual fads to casual sex festivals Research and home production of pornographic movies. The show typically explores three to four topics each episode. Segments are separated by street interviews with random people, relating to the episode’s topics. G String Divas: documentary series. The show was filmed in 2000, and follows the lives of strippers working in a Bristol, PA gentlemen’s club. Phoebe & Dick Samantha Who?: television series, which is filmed in the single- camera format, plays off of the concept of its lead character’s amnesia. Sam’s journey helps people understand that people do have the ability to change, as long as we give them the opportunity to. Cupid: this series is about a larger-than-life character who may or may not be the Roman god of love — Cupid — sent to earth to bring 100 couples together before he is allowed to return to Mt. Olympus. Whether by fate or other circumstances, the main character is under the care of psychiatrist and self-help author 12
  11. 11. PHASE I WACK-NOODLE PRODUCTIONS DEFINE Dr. Claire McCrae, whose own work is often based in romantic relationships. Claire’s philosophy on true love is that it’s the result of building friendship and compatibility. Curb Your Enthusiasm: Most episodes of Curb Your Enthusiasm follow an unusual plot structure. Each episode typically involves David becoming involved in a situation beyond his control, which he then perpetuates with his intellectually narcissistic and inept behavior. His actions, intentional or not, tend to be put back on him in related situations later in the episode. Majority of the episodes entail the main character meeting with a psychiatrist. 13
  12. 12. WACK-NOODLE PRODUCTIONS PHASE I IDEATE Show Creation Group members created six show concepts; ideas arose from the interaction between characters and research on previously successful premises. 14
  13. 13. PHASE I WACK-NOODLE PRODUCTIONS IDEATE Show Creation Delinquents Pauly Cranz Animal Battles Dot.com Phoebe & Dick Garden of Edith 15
  14. 14. WACK-NOODLE PRODUCTIONS PHASE I EVALUATE Show Selection After team analysis and class discussion six shows were reduced to three. These three shows were chosen for their relevance to the themes, overall strength and originality. Pauly Cranz, Dot.com and Phoebe & Dick were chosen for further development. 16
  16. 16. WACK-NOODLE PRODUCTIONS PHASE I IMPLEMENTATION Show Developement Group begins to develope each sitcom in detail. Discussing the character roles and traits within each show and placing them in different settings. A rough synopsis of each sitcom is created. 18
  17. 17. PHASE I WACK-NOODLE PRODUCTIONS IMPLEMENTATION Setting There is always something to be afraid of..... 19
  18. 18. WACK-NOODLE PRODUCTIONS PHASE I IMPLEMENTATION Synopsis Phoebe is a 26 year old psychologist, with an expertise in phobias. She has seven main clients with various fears that she treats both individually and collectively. Through her trials and tribulations we discover that Phoebe herself faces a phobia of her own that she has been hiding since puberty. 20
  19. 19. PHASE I WACK-NOODLE PRODUCTIONS IMPLEMENTATION Gettig to know the characters Certain characters are placed within the three different concepts. Certain characters may be used in multiple shows. Characters may take on different roles and characteristics depending on the context of each show, but core traits will remain constant. 21
  20. 20. WACK-NOODLE PRODUCTIONS PHASE I IMPLEMENTATION Gettig to know the characters 22
  21. 21. PHASE I WACK-NOODLE PRODUCTIONS IMPLEMENTATION DICK EDITH PHOEBE Good-looking hot dog vendor. Peladophobia-Fear of bald In love with hot dog vendor, Love interest of Phoebe. men Killed her husband Richard a.k.a.Dick.Roommate Feels that he has terrible luck because he was bald. Buried and best friend to Nico. Won’t with women, nothing ever him underneath her flower go to clubs or the museum of seems to pan out right for him pots in the back porch.Brings a sex.Won’t eat bananas.Wrote a romantically. cockatoo to therapy sessions book called “Facing your fear”. for moral support. 23
  22. 22. WACK-NOODLE PRODUCTIONS PHASE I IMPLEMENTATION Gettig to know the characters 24
  23. 23. PHASE I WACK-NOODLE PRODUCTIONS IMPLEMENTATION COLEDON BARBARA EVEY Venustraphobia - Fear of Eisoptrophobia - fear of Pediophobia - Fear of dolls, beautiful women, Wears mirrors, or seeing a reflection. Evie is friends with Paul Cranz distorted sunglasses all the She believes in Wiccan, her and Ron, they tag along to her time. Made it in Hollywood parents don’t know.Went to the therapy sessions.They suspect missing for a rare birth defect; same high school as Phoebe, their neighbor Dot, of offing two pinky toes. dated all the boys she liked. Ted, her husband 25
  24. 24. WACK-NOODLE PRODUCTIONS PHASE I IMPLEMENTATION Gettig to know the characters 26
  25. 25. PHASE I WACK-NOODLE PRODUCTIONS IMPLEMENTATION NICO ZACH TYE Phoebes roomate. Is non- Ablutophobia-fear or bathing, Coulrophobia - fear of clowns threatening to Phoebe as a washing, or cleaning Is a After watching the movie “It”, male and roommate, as he nomad Decided to come to his dad played a prank on him. is ill-equipped. The only one the city to track down his He has feared a clowns face who knows Phoebe’s secret mother who left him when he from that point onward. fear. Attempts to help her by was 12. unexpected exposure 27
  28. 28. WACK-NOODLE PRODUCTIONS PHASE I IMPLEMENTATION Settting Easier said than done.... 30
  29. 29. PHASE I WACK-NOODLE PRODUCTIONS IMPLEMENTATION Synopsis Show within a show. An adult film studio behind the scenes, making an internet website carnal knowledge. Awkward and interesting situations manifest themselves behind the crew members various ages, and quarky personalities. 31
  30. 30. WACK-NOODLE PRODUCTIONS PHASE I IMPLEMENTATION Gettig to know the characters 32
  31. 31. PHASE I WACK-NOODLE PRODUCTIONS IMPLEMENTATION SID DOT RON “FlaSid”, punk, just out of high Hairstylist, make-up artist, Nerdy little kid, oblivious, full of school, on a mission to undo a mother of Ron, hot babe, down wonder, explores the studio and silly highschool reputation. to earth, victim of a run-away runs into some interesting objects husband and situations, only to be sugar coded with white lies. 33
  32. 32. WACK-NOODLE PRODUCTIONS PHASE I IMPLEMENTATION Gettig to know the characters 34
  33. 33. PHASE I WACK-NOODLE PRODUCTIONS IMPLEMENTATION EDITH NICO RODNEY veteran porn star, scenario Acclaimed French director, Veteran porn star, stunt double, writer, producer, gives off and flamboyant, ill equipped, epic, stud affluent attutide but she is not recruits porn stars with small rich. Witty members because of this, claiming they have beautiful renaissance body. 35
  34. 34. WACK-NOODLE PRODUCTIONS PHASE I IMPLEMENTATION Gettig to know the characters 36
  35. 35. PHASE I WACK-NOODLE PRODUCTIONS IMPLEMENTATION PHOEBE PORNSTARS Phallophobic, awkward, girl on Random Bimbos, airheads, girl expert, in fearful of her first gorgeous falic experience. Frequently vomits on set. 37
  38. 38. WACK-NOODLE PRODUCTIONS PHASE I IMPLEMENTATION Setting Coloring on houses like crayons in a coloring book..... 40
  39. 39. PHASE I WACK-NOODLE PRODUCTIONS IMPLEMENTATION Synopsis Outlandish adventures of two eleven and a half year old boys in suburbia. The town and the neighborhood is flipped upside down when the houses become coloring books. Love takes its toll on Pauly when he first lays his eyes on Ron Pinkleton’s gorgeous cookie baking mother, Dot Pinkleton. There is a young love that develops inside Ron when badass tomboy Evey Jameson joins the mischief. Re-occurring themes of love and responsibility. The kids relationships with forms of authority; the lack luster police, Sid the bully, school faculty and man-sitter. 41
  40. 40. WACK-NOODLE PRODUCTIONS PHASE I IMPLEMENTATION Gettig to know the characters 42
  41. 41. PHASE I WACK-NOODLE PRODUCTIONS IMPLEMENTATION RON NICO SID Thin freckled nerd. Push-over, Air head, theatre freak, carried Ron’s enemy, jealous, insecure, mommas boy, loves to read. away with his own imagination, short temper, irrational. Only has one friend ; Pauly irresponsible. Too busy with Cranz. Enemy; Sid the Bully himself to be pay attention to Ron, as he his sneaking out of the house by strategy of Paul. 43
  42. 42. WACK-NOODLE PRODUCTIONS PHASE I IMPLEMENTATION Gettig to know the characters 44
  43. 43. PHASE I WACK-NOODLE PRODUCTIONS IMPLEMENTATION PAULY EDITH Main character, leader, drags Sixty year old widow in the Ron into all the mischief. No neighborhood, former artist adult supervision, brave, smart, catches Pauly red handed independent. becomes his friend. Enjoys the company of the boys. 45
  44. 44. WACK-NOODLE PRODUCTIONS PHASE I IMPLEMENTATION Gettig to know the characters 46
  45. 45. PHASE I WACK-NOODLE PRODUCTIONS IMPLEMENTATION EVEY DOT Tomboy, wears comic 70s housewife polka dot book tighty whities, tough, dress, red hair, red lipstick, blackmails her way into sweet loving, overprotective, hanging out with Ron and supportive mother of Ron. Paul after catching them Smiles so often that she’s multiple times in their acts of almost plastic. vandalism. 47
  48. 48. WACK-NOODLE PRODUCTIONS PHASE I EVALUATE Final Selection Final two cuts made, in order to focus on the sitcom with the most potential according to the following: I. Product Line Potential II. Color Scheme III. Relevance to Themes (Love, Responsibility & Tech) V. Group/Class Feedback 50
  50. 50. WACK-NOODLE PRODUCTIONS PHASE I IMPLEMENTATION Episode break down The group solidified their original ideas with help from their moodboards to create a season of episodes. Each episode has a small synopsis. It will be a twelve episode season. The second season will be created upon the success of the original season. 52
  52. 52. WACK-NOODLE PRODUCTIONS PHASE I IMPLEMENTATION Episode break down Pilot: “The Grass is Always Greener” Pauly Cranz, an unusual ten-year old from Naples Florida is introduced as the antagonist of the show. After discovering his love of crayons at a tender age of two, Pauly has upgraded his obsessive love of art from coloring books to coloring houses, along with his side kick Ron. Episode 2: “Brown-noser” Sid has started terrorizing Ron and Paul, stealing their skateboards and demanding their lunches on their way to school. When Sid accidentally breaks Paul’s favorite skateboard, ultimate rivalry is forged and the duo plans the ultimate revenge. Episode 3: “ Green-eyed Monster” Dot thinks that Paul’s parents neglect him, so she gives extra attention to Paul and makes his favorite chocolate cookies and hangs his drawing on her fridge, only to further escalate Paul’s infatuation with Dot. Ron finds Paul hanging out at his house with Dot when he was supposed to be at school and becomes jealous. Episode 4: “ Blue-balled” Pauly tells Dot that his parents are never home, which leads Dot to hire Nico the man-sitter for Pauly. Nico is a man sitter by day and a porn-star filmmaker by night, and brings Paul and Dot to his house where the meet his phallophobic and semi- neurotic Phoebe. Episode 5: “ Caught Red-handed” Ron and Paul are tagging a neighbor’s house, but doesn’t suspect that a new rebel, Evey, sees them tagging the house while hiding in the bushes. After being sent blackmailed pictures and letters, they finally meet and to Ron and Paul’s shock, discover that Evey is a girl and accepts her as part of the group, Episode 7: “Tickled Pink” Evey drags Ron and Paul to start her therapy sessions with Phoebe, who has difficulty helping Evey when Ron and Paul start tagging her walls and house with 54
  53. 53. PHASE I WACK-NOODLE PRODUCTIONS phallic symbols. Nico tries to help her by exposing himself randomly to her in hopes of her getting through her fear. Episode 8: “Little White Lie” Evey, Ron and Paul spy on the oldest neighbor on the block, Edith, and sees her digging her precious flowers in her backyard late one night. The next day, they find out her husband has gone missing. Ron, Paul and Evie are in for a shocking surprise when they go “digging” for the truth. Episode 9: “Scarlet Fever” Nico has to shoot his porn film but needs his babysitting money so he brings the kid gang with him to the set, and also brings Phoebe to help him shoot the film while navigating the kids around from the actual porn set. Hilarity ensues when Phoebe tries to face her fear and Paul questions the hired actor “Superman” his actual talent. Episode 10: “Follow the Yellow Brick Road” Phoebe accompanies Nico to a trip in New York for a porn industry conference, and Nico tries to help her overcome her fear by taking her to the Museum of Sex and a night of grinding at the Mansion Nightclub. Phoebe ends up falling in love with a hot dog vendor. Episode 11: “Shades of Grey” Evey learns about Pauly’s crush on Dot and tells Ron, only to cause a huge fight. Sid, who has been seething to get revenge on Pauly kidnaps Ron. However, Ron learns a secret about Sid that eventually causes them to become cautious but respectable acquaintances. Season Finale: “Somewhere Under the Rainbow” Pauly, still feeling guilty and mad towards Ron, starts tagging carelessly and finally gets caught by the cops. Dot gets a phone call in the middle of the night, only to learn the truth about Pauly.; that Pauly is schizophroenic and that the reason she never sees his parents is because Pauly has been living alone for the last six months. 55
  55. 55. PHASE II WACK-NOODLE PRODUCTIONS RE DEFINE Using the color scheme, premise, themes and characters of Pauly Cranz various products will be designed. 57
  56. 56. WACK-NOODLE PRODUCTIONS PHASE II IMPULSE Rapid fire ideas cookies, backpacks, pf- flyers, lunch boxes, nike dunks, plants tatoos, comic books, with colorable vase art kits, board games, skateboards, graffiti book/kit, cokies, puzzles, colorful glasses, soda toys, punk leather jackets (sid), organic hawaiian patches, coloring shirts, cast cards, books coloring books, red lipstick (dot), roller skates 58
  58. 58. WACK-NOODLE PRODUCTIONS PHASE II EVALUATE Product Analysis Group discussed and analyzed products in relation to the themes. The decision was to create one or two products for each theme; technology, responsibility and love. Technology would be addressed through episodes viewable on the web, love with friendship or relationship related products such as jewelry and lastly responsibility would encompass creating with eco friendly materials and processes. 60
  59. 59. PHASE II WACK-NOODLE PRODUCTIONS SELECTION Product Decision Friendship Necklaces Graffiti Start-up Kit Comic Inspired Tees Webisodes 61
  62. 62. WACK-NOODLE PRODUCTIONS PHASE II ACTUALIZE Comic Inspired Organic Tees 64
  65. 65. PHASE II WACK-NOODLE PRODUCTIONS SUMMARY Mission Accomplished Twelve characters were created. Based on their stories and interactions between each other, six show concepts were born. These six concepts were reduced to the strongest three and then down to the final show choice. Pauly Cranz was the final decision. This concept held the strongest relevance to the themes of love, responsibility and technology. The group began to brainstorm product designs relating to the show. Pauly Cranz had a great color scheme and a young vibe that would allow collaboration with the cinematographer and the product design team. The team decided to touch upon love with friendship necklaces and technology with Internet episodes. The Graffiti kit and organic t-shirts cover issues with civil and sustainable responsibility. 67