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Rabinovitz Professional Portfolio

Robert Rabinovitz
20 Image Selected Student Portfolio

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Rabinovitz Professional Portfolio

  1. 1. Robert Rabinovitz Professional Portfolio
  2. 2. Moen Revolution Showerhead Consumer Product Development Cleveland, Ohio Design consultant with: Moen design team, Design Continuum, Boston, Design Design, San Diego
  3. 3. Aquadroid Pool Cleaner Arneson Products Inc. Core Madera, California Design Consultant Prova Design Group Mountain View, California
  4. 4. Arc Desk Accessory System Smith Metal Arts Buffalo, New York William Sklaroff Design Associates Ardmore, Pennsylvania
  5. 5. Dixon Pen System Dixon Ticonderoga Company Sandusky, Ohio Robert Hain Design Associates Scotch Plains, New Jersey
  6. 6. Mobile Paper Transport System Foster Manufacturing Company Philadelphia, Pennsylvania William Sklaroff Design Associates Ardmore, Pennsylvania
  7. 7. Kinder Grinder Coffee Grinder Sound Dampening Sleeve System Design Consultant Minneapolis, Minnesota
  8. 8. Hummer H2 Press Binder General Motors Corporation Premier Communications Royal Oak, Michigan
  9. 9. CCS Reception Security Desk Walter B. Ford II Building Lobby Collage for Creative Studies Detroit, Michigan
  10. 10. Mc Sort Paper Management System Mc Donald Products a division of Smith Metal Arts Buffalo, New York William Sklaroff Design Associates
  11. 11. Pop-It-Soc-It Ball and Socket Construction Toy Fisher-Price Collaborative Project East Aurora, New York Junior Year Student Project Philadelphia College of Art
  12. 12. VH1 Press Kit Structural Packaging Design Consultant Graphic Design: Elevator New York, Ontario
  13. 13. Meditation Table Sit and place fingers and hands inside the circle of light. Touch the white illuminated sand and begin to transcend. An interactive experiential table for thought, conversation, meditation and transcen- dence. Materials: steel, sand, glass, light Custom order
  14. 14. Meditation Chair a kinetic chair that supports the body allowing for movement and the constant flow of energy Materials: steel
  15. 15. Hybrid Information Envirornment Concept work for a new setting for fiber optic telecommunications technology and human interpersonal relationships using image, text, light, sound and scent as an integral part of the living and breathing, coexisting, co-creating highly artificial neuro-natural network. Cranbrook Academy of Art
  16. 16. Slim Spring + Crosby Collection Mirror system of assorted sizes ranging from 12” to 48” tall and 4” wide Materials: walnut, mirror glass
  17. 17. Composition Spring + Crosby Collection a line of desktop accessories that are able to adjust to client needs based on use and desire. Items available: Business card holder, clock, post-it note holder, vase, tray. Materials: walnut, stainless steel, aluminum, acrylic.
  18. 18. Shine Spring + Crosby Collection Stackable Candle and Hanukkah Menorah System Materials: Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Walnut
  19. 19. Outlet Spring + Crosby Collection Outlet boxes that contain small light for light illumination, mood or atmosphere. Can be placed on walls or tabletop.
  20. 20. Whisper Spring + Crosby Collection Floor standing space objects Like blades of grass in a field, Illuminated acrylic rods each hand cut and sanded flow and create a dazzling array of space and transcendence while allowing for the free flow of energy and the ability to see beyond. Materials: walnut, acrylic rod, low voltage light.