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Neoutlook Final Presentation


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Spring 2009 Design + Management Design Development Course. Project Description: Group Project to Design a Drama or Sit-Com TV Series using the Design Process to compete with current programs.

Parsons The New School for Design Design + Management Students: Joung Min Han, Creative Director, Hannah Guerin, Project Manager, Brittany Dodd, Financial Manager.

Parsons Faculty, Robert Rabinovitz, Associate Professor

Parsons The New School for Design

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Neoutlook Final Presentation

  1. 1. NEOUTLOOK Parsons School of Design Design Development Robert Rabinovitz Joung Min Han Creative Director Hannah Guerin Project Manager Brittany Dodd Financial Manager
  2. 2. Topic Questions: What generation are we looking? What is their culture? What are some trends? Mission Statement In order to fill the void of American television, NEOUTLOOK has taken the core themes of today’s society; LOVE, RESPONSIBILITY, AND TECHNOLOGY, and developed Generations, a drama television series. NEOUTLOOK’s ability to relate to a strong target market, with a powerful team of writers, designers, and producers, has led to the creation of Generations as well as the production of a Traveling Generations Exhibit. Through our series and exhibit, NEOUTLOOK will create a medium for the raw topics of today’s societal issues, as seen through the eyes of several generations. Issues to look at: Political conditions Economic conditions Social conditions Technological conditions
  3. 3. Why we picked Generations Various perspectives from each generation Dynamic character personalities Relate-ability to characters Idealized setting of West Village New York viewers want to know more about Offers a medium for discussion of current events and raw topics Huge marketability to a diverse range of ages Multi layered themes of generations, society, and family The most potential to become a true series The most potential for product line development Had the ability to spark social change with its core themes
  4. 4. Plot & Value Plot Value Through the eyes of three generations of a West Village family, Generations provided perspectives of various generations in an you see the effect of politics, societal change, technological ideal situation. These perspectives allowed each character to be advancement, war, and natural disasters on each character and relatable by a large demographic of viewers, almost as if they how they deal with it all day to day in their own way. were role models. The plot entails drama, current events, and a medium for discussion of untouched subjects.
  5. 5. Character Development
  6. 6. Character Development
  7. 7. Further Character Development Helen (Grandmother): Peter (Grandfather): Peter is passive, warm, and but is actually very secretive friendly, cultured but not & aggressive. Competitive, formally educated, family man. friendly but intimidating at times, Dependable, easygoing, great disorganized, messy, demanding, listener, uncomplicated, objective, irresponsible, chaotic calm, people person, submissive, Nicole (Mother): Peter Jr. (Father): High achiever, serious, reliable, Outgoing, humorous, a people- responsible but unhappy, well- pleaser, easy-going, even- organized, natural leader, tempered, responsible (she isn’t punctual, moody, bossy at happy with her life but is sucking times, picky, stern, despondent, it up for her children) self- passionless. confident, patient, calm, laid-back Laura (Daughter): James (Son): Picky, diligent, a perfectionist, Dependent, disorganized, independent, know it all, irresponsible, creative, responsible, high achiever, outgoing, friendly, inattentive, sensitive, hard to please, fussy, uncomplicated, risk-taker, responsive, touchy, kind of shy… easygoing, a peace-maker, at she has a lot of friends but doesn’t times unrealistic, indecisive, open up easily. impulsive, lazy
  8. 8. Settings Children’s School Fathers Office Building Interior of Brownstone Exterior of Brownstone
  9. 9. Final Characters Helen (Grandmother) Helen comes off as loving and conservative but is actually very secretive & aggressive. Competitive, friendly but intimidating at times, disorganized, messy, demanding, irresponsible, chaotic • Has a HUGE shopping addiction… $60,000 in debt • Her favorite “store” is EBay; she loves to collect random objects, which she stores in her storage locker in BK (she has had it since she was in her 40’s and no one knows about it) • A former novelist, she has a substantial income from royalties for the rest of her life, which allows her and her family to live in a West Village brownstone.
  10. 10. Final Characters Peter (Grandfather) Peter is passive, warm, and friendly, cultured but not formally educated, family man. Dependable, easygoing, great listener, uncomplicated, objective, calm, people person, submissive, • Peter is a WWII veteran, he has see and experienced a lot in his time, he loves to tell his grandchildren old stories from his past. • Between/After the war Peter worked in his BK garage as a mechanic • Peter and Nicole are very close; they play cards while everyone is at work/school with his old war buddies.
  11. 11. Final Characters Nicole (Mother) Outgoing, humorous, a people-pleaser, easy-going, even-tempered, responsible (she isn’t happy with her life but is sucking it up for her children) self-confident, patient, calm, laid-back • Nicole grew up in a poor neighborhood with her father (who recently died of lung cancer) she met Peter Jr. while at college in NYC • Nicole is a stay at home mother, when she was younger she thought that she wanted to be one of these “rich socialites” because it was the exact opposite of how she grew up; but after she became one she soon realized that it wasn’t making her happy. • Her and Peter’s marriage is now struggling because right now they both are unhappy with their current lives… they resent each other.
  12. 12. Final Characters Peter Jr. (Father) High achiever, serious, reliable, responsible but unhappy, well-organized, natural leader, punctual, moody, bossy at times, picky, stern, despondent, passionless. • Peter works as an investment banker, he is a workaholic but he hates his job. He wanted to go to school for photography but his mother wouldn’t allow that (have to maintain the family name). • Peter like his mother leads a secret life… any chance he gets he goes out in the city and works on his photography (he rents a studio in the city that no one in his family knows about).
  13. 13. Final Characters Laura (Daughter) Picky, diligent, a perfectionist, independent, know it all, responsible, high achiever, sensitive, hard to please, fussy, responsive, touchy, kind of shy… she has a lot of friends but doesn’t open up easily. • Laura is a very smart, passionate, and competitive young girl, she is extremely mature for her age (an old soul). • She is the typical tween that gets everything she wants and more. The latest trends and the newest phones are her biggest concern. • Among the more intellectual of her friends, she manages to run the cliques at her school.
  14. 14. Final Characters James (Son) Dependent, disorganized, irresponsible, creative, outgoing, friendly, inattentive, uncomplicated, risk- taker, easygoing, a peace-maker, at times unrealistic, indecisive, impulsive, lazy • James is the glue that keeps the family together • Has a lisp • Loves sports, wants to be a famous soccer player. • Exceptionally bright but he just doesn’t apply himself in school, has ADHD, he is always playing pranks on his family.
  15. 15. Storyboard & Scenario Helen Nicole Laura Walking down the street on her cell phone, She is considering a new fur shrug, While at the Union Square market, she window shopping. She then passes Diane’s definitely not the wisest choice during is debating her dinner choices to cook boutique and sees a fabulous new dress that the economic crisis. Pulling out her up. Because of the recent green trend says “GREEN IS THE NEW PINK”. It’s a must phone book, she pulls out the number and economic crisis, she is trying to be have. She immediately takes a picture on her iphone of the dress to send a mass text getting for her personal tailor. While at the responsible and make the right choice. verification from her best friends. tailor, her credit card gets declined and Should she go all organic? Or go for Laura text: she immediately realizes something has the better price at a local market. To “I want this dress! It’s sooo green!! Is $250 to change about her shopping habits, make the better choice she goes on worth it?” Google search to find the better price Bestie 1: no matter the lifestyle she has always “Ahhh! Def on mommies plastic!” lived. The economy wins this one. which just so happens to be at Food Bestie 2: Emporium. “Ouch!! She’s gonna kill you, but it’s to die for.”
  16. 16. Season 1 Timeline
  17. 17. New Product Concepts laptop covers trivia game generations park buttons ipod holders city-to-city panels boutique vintage sunglasses MAGAZINE advice panels gifts VIDEO GAME generation-distinct restaurant hats board games therapy foam bats radio station tote bags hosting parties stationary comedy shows notebooks TRAVELING EXHIBIT second hand clothing store self-help books fashion t-shirts blog bumper stickers “talk to me doll Reason for New Product Development In the ideation stage of Generations, NEOUTLOOK saw an opportunity for approaching our target market, beyond the television, potentially into stores and viewers local neighborhoods. This approach would involve the development of products that reflected our show’s themes of love, responsibility and technology, as well as the personalities of our characters. Through our stages the sub themes of generational perspectives on the election, the green movement, family relationships and other powerful issues are prevalent in the development of NEOUTLOOK products.
  18. 18. Developed Product Concepts This would be a digital game, similar to the SIMS, where there game scenes would act out episodes. This concept involves the possible joint-venture with the famous SIMS video game by Electronic Arts Incorporated, in order to create a SIMS Generations video game. This game will involve the creation of scenarios and scenes with the Generations television series characters allowing the consumer to take on the role of the actor.
  19. 19. Developed Product Concepts A triannual publication written about politics, news, and popular culture with the perspective of all generations Generations’ magazine will capitalize on its uniqueness of being a magazine written by various generations, involving the perspectives of each on the current events of society. Unlike other magazines in which articles come from a single minded source, Generations will provide a venue for the raw topics of today in the eyes of children, teenagers, adults, and seniors, each bringing their experienced opinions to the table.
  20. 20. Developed Product Concepts An exhibit to be seen in your local neighborhood, Generations Traveling Exhibit will consist of a stage and cast of characters that travels to major cities allowing the audience to interact in the scenes of Generations on stage. The audience will become actors, the actors will live out the lives of their favorite characters, and demonstrate the core values and themes of characters in the show. The stage will vary in themes reflecting today’s issues that will allow the viewers to see an example of real life resolutions to the complexities of our society.
  21. 21. Traveling Exhibit Overview The Generations Traveling Exhibit involves various tasks amongst a traveling crew team. Under the Project Manager Assistant, the stage production team’s work involves the transfering of the stage to different locations of exhibition, as well as setting up the stage. While the audience creates the actual acting team, their are a set of actors that are secondary characters and stand-ins, in the case the audience is not willing to fill all the positions of the Generations Characters. There is also a mediator to conduct the scenes, as written in the scripts, as well as insure the themes and situations of Generations are run in a positively mannered production and outline the perspectives of each generation, as brought up in each scenario. The writers are responsible for the development of scenarios for each production. All of these responsibilities will be overseen by the Project Manager Assistant. Each exhibition will be unique as it is recreated in different locations and with different demographics of characters.
  22. 22. Traveling Exhibit Overview Leadership Team Ms. Hannah Guerin Project Manager Ms. Joung Min Production logistics Creative Director Permit for property Ms. Brittany Dodd -Responsibility of Project Manager and Finance Financial Director Director. -Correspondence with local mayor Production Stage Traveling Crew Team -Designed by out-of-house production company -Setup and transported by traveling crew -Over see by Assistant Project Manager Project Manager Assistant Stage Production Actors Writers -Setup and transported by traveling crew -Over see by Assistant Project Manager
  23. 23. Traveling Exhibit Timeline
  24. 24. Traveling Exhibit Locations Seattle Boston New York City Chicago Philadelphia Washington D.C. Los Angeles Houston
  25. 25. Traveling Exhibit Advertisement
  26. 26. Conculsion NEOUTLOOK From the creation of the Generations show and Generations Traveling Exhibit, NEOUTLOOK became progressively more connected to the themes of LOVE, RESPONSIBILITY, AND TECHNOLOGY, and creating social change through sharing the perspectives of various generations. Our hope is to create positive examples of how issues of today’s society can differ between different demographics and result in positive social change. In addition, we acknowledge the opportunity to create products that reinforce the themes of Generations and its purpose.