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Project 1 Blog Power Point Distance Education

Ppt for Distance Education blog

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Project 1 Blog Power Point Distance Education

  1. 1. Distance Education for K – 12 by Robert Sims
  2. 2. What is Distance Education?
  3. 3. Distance Education is a method of providing educational resources through various types of media to schools, students and teachers that would not necessarily have the opportunities of other students. Use of technology has enabled schools and communities to enjoy many resources that will tremendously enhance the learning environment of schools and learners that may be isolated in some way.
  4. 4. How does Distance Education work?
  5. 5. Instructor (College or Campus of Higher Learning, etc) Technology (internet, webTV, etc) Learners (School or college campus, home, etc)
  6. 6. What kinds of campuses can benefit from Distance Education?
  7. 7. -Schools that are in rural, isolated areas -Schools that are in economically disadvantaged areas -Schools that are attempting to reorganize after a disaster (example: Hurricane Katrina recovery area) -Any school that wants to enhance the learning opportunities of their students -Any school!
  8. 8. What do statistics show?
  9. 10. What does the future hold for Distance Education?
  10. 11. The future of Distance Education is what you do with it. It's in your hands!