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False cognates


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False cognates

  1. 1. CONFUSING WORDSIN ENGLISHBy B.A Roberto PesantesEnglish Language Consultant
  2. 2. Actually Similar to Spanish ”actualmente”; however, ”actualmente ” is better translated with currently. Actually means in reality.
  3. 3. English can be confusing. Alot of words are similar butwith different meanings.It is almost impossible toavoid making mistakes inEnglish, but if you can getyour head around theseexplanations, you might beable to avoid making theseones.
  4. 4. FALSE COGNATES There are several words in Spanish that are similar in English, but have a different meaning.
  5. 5. Embarrassed Is not the same as embarazada. A translation for embarrassed could be apenado. Embarazada means pregnant.
  6. 6. Realize Should not be confused with Spanish “realizar”. Realize means that you become aware of something.
  7. 7. Approve Is sometimes confused with ”aprobar”. E.g: Teacher did I approve the exam? – This is incorrect. Did I pass the exam. Approve means to agree to something.
  8. 8. Library Library – Bookstore Library is place where you go to get and read some books. (“Biblioteca”) Bookstore is the place where you go to buy some books.
  9. 9. Parents Only refers to your father and mother. “Parientes” is relatives in English.
  10. 10. Thank youB.A Roberto Pesantes