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Real estate investments in Italy


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Published in: Law
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Real estate investments in Italy

  1. 1. On June 5th 2014 at 10:00 2014年6月5号10.00点 Request the pleasure of your company for: 恭候您的光临 Consulate G enerale of I taly in Chongqing 101 Minzu Road, Yuzhong District, Chongqing 重庆市重庆民族路101号 LOCATION/地点: 重庆洲际大酒店 Intercontinental Hotel Chongqing LEGAL, TAX AND IMMIGRATION ISSUES 相关法律、税收和移民问题 SEMINAR ON REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT IN ITALY: 投资意大利房地产业高级研讨会 Sergio Maffettone Federico Antonelli Marco Clerici Zhang Meng Roberto Luzi Crivellini (Consul General at Consulate General of Italy in Chongqing (Legal Affaires Attaché to the Italian Embassy in Beijing) (Managing Director of Worldcapital Real Estate Group Italy) ( Country Manager of Worldcapital Real Estate Group Italy)China (Mercanti Dorio Associati - YingKe Beijing Law firm) Opening Remarks Latest Italian policy on foreign real estate investments in Italy Why investing in the Italian real estate market? Why living in Italy ? Chinese Real Estate Investment in Italy, Procedures and legal issues” Program/研讨会流程安排 Partner/ 协办方: