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#QuPlan - A Quantum of Planning - Episode 2015/5 - Ongoing - Certification


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This is the sixth online companion to the book #QuPlan, released on Amazon/Kindle/Slideshare on 2015-03-23 (soon on Issuu)

From 2018-04-09 on are available all the episodes, also by section (Method, Business Case, Thinking), overall more than 200 pages (the final episode forthcoming soon)

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This is just a draft- contact me on Linkedin should you have suggestions for amendments or comments

See the full episode (28 pages) and publication plan:

More details:

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#QuPlan - A Quantum of Planning - Episode 2015/5 - Ongoing - Certification

  1. 1. #QuPlan #QuPlan discusses the current status of planning and project management, and then builds up on “unconnected” dots to derive a potential evolution of planning concepts #QuPlan is part of the “Connecting the dots” series, short pragmatic books (generally, up to 60 pages), based on experience and aiming to inspire re-thinking your business ways #QuPlan Episodes Expanding on the #QuPlan book, this (free. online) series of booklets (“episodes”) is a walkthrough within the lifecycle of a fictional business case concerning a regulatory programme This sixth “episode” (and the two previous ones) focus on changes in scope and compliance requirements into opportunities- in this case, business impacts of a certification. See the back cover for the full list of the planned 2015 episodes