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#QuPlan - A Quantum of Planning - Episode 2015/1 - Background - Support Process


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This is the second online companion to the book #QuPlan, released on Amazon/Kindle/Slideshare on 2015-03-23 (soon on Issuu)

From 2018-04-09 on are available all the episodes, also by section (Method, Business Case, Thinking), overall more than 200 pages (the final episode forthcoming soon)

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This is just a draft- contact me on Linkedin should you have suggestions for amendments or comments

See the full episode (38 pages) and publication plan:

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#QuPlan - A Quantum of Planning - Episode 2015/1 - Background - Support Process

  1. 1. #QuPlan #QuPlan discusses the current status of planning and project management, and then builds up on “unconnected” dots to derive a potential evolution of planning concepts #QuPlan is part of the “Connecting the dots” series, short pragmatic books (generally, up to 60 pages), based on experience and aiming to inspire re-thinking your business ways #QuPlan Episodes Expanding on the #QuPlan book, this (free. online) series of booklets (“episodes”) is a walkthrough within the lifecycle of a fictional business case concerning a regulatory programme This second “episode” is focused on the “cocoon” built around the programme to ensure that each project is focused just on its own activities, while retaining overall programme coherence See the back cover for the full list of the planned 2015 episodes