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ConnectingTheDots Series - Distribute information, retain IPR


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There are countless ways to structure data- it isn't just a matter of efficiency, choosing the right one depends on your purpose.

This infographic contains a summary of the key motivations and potential uses of a concept that I started using online since the 1990s to support my activities in cultural/organizational change and the use of computers to support decision making.

If interested, a textual description (and a SQLite3 database definition along with associated DDL) are available on

Three key benefits (and many additional more):
1. ability to deliver turn-key consulting activities built
around structured assessment and brainstorming phases
2. ability to continuously transparently refine models
and data collections, instead requiring data migration projects
3. the datamodel and taxonomy plus associated
processes, representing the investment in IPR, weren’t disclosed

Yes, Agile, SCRUM, and DevOps today might be more formal, but conceptually in some domains "waterfall" never was the best option, as it was the use of the results of a first round of digitalization of processes.

Along with this infographic, more details are available within a YouTube video with the same title (link: that you can watch on

In July 2019 a new volume of the ConnectingTheDots series.

You can find more videos on, while the books are presented on

Purpose of this series?

Our society and technology are removing barriers

Physical barriers, thanks to the Internet…

…but also conceptual barriers

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ConnectingTheDots Series - Distribute information, retain IPR

  1. 1. ChangeTheRulebook, on YouTube: � 2019 START TARGET REALITY Where you assume to be Where you would like to go Where you really are Prioritize Do at least three things, before you start your journey and give you data, plenty of data Structure & ecosystem Structure & ecosystem AssetsAssets CultureCulture Will enable you to better understand your Connecting the dots: the concept How the architecture supports the concept data taxonomy and methods a knowledge traffic cop business-specific solution Distribute information, retain IPR: the infographic outline see on YouTube the v�deo explaining the history, issues, benefits a forthcoming book of the ConnectingTheDots series will share the specs It is about change- and connecting the dots Means Actors Purposes Methods Volumes published 2014-2019: 01 #SYNSPEC 02 #QUPLAN 03 #RELEVANTDATA 04 #INNOVATIONITALY 05 #CONSENTDATA More forthcoming in 2019