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EGTA Thematic Day on niche channels

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EGTA Thematic Day on niche channels

  1. 1. Niche is the kingNiche is the king Market trends in digital tv market EGTA Thematic DayEGTA Thematic Day Rome, April 20th, 2007Rome, April 20th, 2007
  2. 2. Part I - TrendsPart I - Trends
  3. 3. How many TVs? Cable Digital Terrestrial Digital Satellite Media Centers Net TV Video Podcast IPTV P2P Digital Signage Mobile Mainstream Analogue TV Social Thematic Personal On demand Pay per view/time/ subscription Nomadic Closed user groups cached broadcast Time shifted Hybrid
  4. 4. Collateral effects audience fragmentation change the place where viewers watch tv democraticization of contents … And …
  5. 5. The end of prime time …
  6. 6. TV 2.0
  7. 7. User generated contents
  8. 8. Viewers Evolution “Couch potato” Digital native
  9. 9. Tv small audiences, web 2.0 and Long Tail distribution “Markets are conversations” Niches are markets Niches are conversations?
  10. 10. Part II - IdeasPart II - Ideas
  11. 11. Lessons we can learn (Satellite Thematic Channels 2.0?) Use integrated approach to content delivery Enable anywhere, anytime, anydevice access to contents Allow user generated contents Enable interactive services
  12. 12. Tv sites
  13. 13. Innovative applications Bologna, Rimini and Modena Italian provinces
  14. 14. T-advertising Formats:  Interactive spot with overlay  Telepromotion in a splitted screen  Tv banners  Dedicated Advertiser Location (D.A.L.) a.k.a. “tv site” Major benefits:  Great product placement  T-shopping  Ad campaign effectiveness
  15. 15. Why open standards Not only proprietary middlewares … Benefits:  Cause a wider adoption of interactive services  Allow the distribution of your interactive services over different networks (DTT and satellite) and tv channels  Higher ROI for advertisers
  16. 16. MHP Adoption Map
  17. 17. Part III - ExperiencesPart III - Experiences
  18. 18. Innovative service in Poland Osmosys provides complete MHP-based systems solution to ITI Neovision, Poland ( press release – February 26th, 2007) See also:  Push Video-On-Demand (Push-VOD)  High Definition (HD) head-end  Interactive services based on MHP platform
  19. 19. CINECA DVB-S MHP test in Turkey Forniture of an MHP object carousel server to TRT for testing purpose in D-smart project. Sat expo 2006 Interactive services on a satellite tv channel based on MHP open standard
  20. 20. DVB-S MHP regional trial in Italy
  21. 21. Rete Veneta
  22. 22. Chinese operator Brazilian Universities Spanish itv operators
  23. 23. Via Magnanelli, 6/3 Casalecchio di Reno (BO) Roberto Ciacci Business Development Manager

Editor's Notes

  • Net TV = You Tube
    P2P TV = Babelgum, Joost
    IPTV = Fastweb, Alice, Tiscali
  • Fare la premessa della democraticizzazione dei contenuti portati dalla digitalizzazione dei networks e dei contenuti stessi
  • Publitalia
    Cos’è il GRP
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