Lgcns Eng 2010


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Lgcns Eng 2010

  1. 1. Meet A to Z ofGlobal Leading IT
  2. 2. Meet A to Z of Global Leading ITContentsIntroduction 2CEO Message 4Brand Identity & Vision 6Core Competence Smart Technology, Service & Smart People 8 Leadership & Love 14 Global Management & Global Partnership 20New Strategic Business Domain 26Traditional Business Domain 32Business Reference 36History 40Financial Highlights 42Global Network 44
  3. 3. Global Information Technology (IT) - It’s What We’re All About!IT begins and ends with LG CNS. LG CNS has opened doors of possibilities andintroduced advanced technologies and services that paved the way for a smarter future.When it comes to IT, everything from A to Z is brought to you by LG CNS!
  4. 4. Promising the Best & Exceeding Expectations! In 1987, we, LG CNS, began our long journey of innovation in the Information Technology (IT) industry. Since then, we have been relentless in our research and development efforts to deliver the forefront of emerging technology to our customers. Based on this history, LG CNS has become a successful partner for our Value for Customers customers. Technology changes rapidly and our customer needs change daily. To create customers’ value in this Global Leadership environment, we have committed to be a true global IT leader with our experience and expertise in IT, our global partnership, and investments in research and development in concert with constant customer Smart Technologies & Services contact. In order to dominate the global IT race, we devote time, money and resources towards the goal of building a premier global company. We have selected new strategic businesses on the basis of smart technologies and services. Also, we have chosen seven key overseas markets to develop to the highest standards possible. Furthermore, we provide programs to make our employees work more productively and innovatively. Finally, we operate as a socially responsible global citizen that values employee satisfaction in the workplace. Our management philosophy is centered on creating customers’ value. Extensive research and development for new strategic businesses, expanding our business in a global market, and motivating creative employees are all for our customers. Meet our highly skilled, motivated and well-trained employees who are encouraged to innovate! Meet our technology superiority never seen before in the industry! Let LG CNS exceed your expectations. Thank you. Dae Hoon Kim / President & CEO of LG CNSCEO Message LG CNS CEO Message-04 05
  5. 5. Brand Identity An IT Specialist Through Customer-Focused Thinking and Customer Leading Since customers have always been the main concern of every innovation and idea that LG CNS creates, the corporate brand strategy was built based on creating customers’ value. The core brand identity is an IT specialist that maximizes customer profits through customer-focused thinking and customer leading. To support the core brand identity, LG CNS built functional and emotional identities including an IT specialist who provides new and advanced technology, experience and understanding in a wide range of industries, creative and progressive thinking. Also, these present trust and respect, professional ethics, passion for customers, and comfort with the stability of LG CNS’s service. Vision Global Leader in Smart Technologies and Services with Creative People LG CNS has established a road map for the next decade. The “VISION2020 initiative” is concerted effort to inspire the world. Technology convergence and emerging smart technologies require specific short and long-term vision planning. Through our “VISION2020 initiative”, LG CNS has developed a strategic plan to address customers’ fast changing needs in relation to the faster changing IT industry. Our “VISION2020 initiative” distinguishes us from our competitors by addressing corporate objectives to meet our long- term goals. The declaration of our “VISION2020 initiative” was the beginning of an internal revolution for LG CNS. We have made innumerable changes within our organization to foster a creative and self-regulating organizational culture based on maximizing customers’ value. We have realized that increased investments in research and development are the only way to become a global IT powerhouse. LG CNS is now a globally diversified company having grown to international markets to provide you with global management, labor and expanded infrastructure. Our growth together is unlimited.Brand Identity & Vision LG CNS Brand Identity & Vision-06 07
  6. 6. S mart Technologies, Services & mart People Convergence Intelligence MobilityFast changing flow of times requires faster IT development. Inorder to lead this demand of times and to afford customers afast development track for their process, LG CNS has definedthe new technical area called “Smart Technologies andServices” Creative and talented workforce at LG CNS bringsyou the new technologies and services. What does Smart Technologies & Services mean?By converging IT and other technologies from various industries, LG CNSbrings you a higher level of intelligence and mobility to be applied toyour IT projects. As a result, you will see a dramatic increase in servicelevels from LG CNS.
  7. 7. LG CNS Will Lead the Smart Era with Advanced Smart Technologies and Services In order to overcome the limits of the existing IT market and ensure global leadership, LG CNS has discovered and developed new ways to grow. The new growth areas have been built on the smart technologies and services. For this, LG CNS is committed to large-scale R&D investments in 8 new growth areas including mobile, social infrastructure, engineering, cloud computing businesses and etc. Smart Technologies and Services are From Smart People Smart people are the driving force behind smart technologies and services development. Almost all employees are IT professionals at LG CNS including professional engineers, R&D specialists, Master’s and Ph.D. degree holders, IT business specialists, and so on. Smart technologies and services which will lead the future IT industry are brought to customers by smart people at LG CNS. Fostering global specialists to operate the future IT industry as of Nov. 2010 License Type No. of Persons License Type No. of PersonsSmart Technologies, Services & Smart People LG CNS Core Competence-12 13
  8. 8. eadership & L ove Humane Leadership "Jeong-Do" Management Corporate Social ResponsibilityLG CNS’s creative ideas and innovative technologies are froman organizational culture that values human assets. Ourvaluable human assets are encouraged to work creatively andindependently. LG CNS’s employees therefore provideadvanced technologies and services. Also, we share what wehave with others in order to grow together
  9. 9. Respecting Human Dignity LG CNS supports an open communication culture and various programs to provide a quality of employees’ lives unsurpassed by many corporations. This culture brings creativity and self-regulation in the organization and exceptionally high performance in the workplace. Open communications (Twittalk, Heartwarming Stories, etc.) LG CNS communication lines are open and freely available by internal blogs, instant messaging, internal message boards, and our “Twitter-like” application called “Twittalk” allowing real-time communications between employees at all levels of the company. Also, the CEO runs the board called “Heartwarming Stories” sharing his experiences and work ideas. Balancing Work and Life (Family Values Program) LG CNS provides a diverse selection of programs to benefit individual employees and their families. LG CNS supports them through comprehensive programs including LG CNS Kindergarten, the Womens Lounge and Nursery and our Total Childcare Assistance. Growing Together with Customers, Business Partners and Neighbors LG CNS shows humane leadership by bringing our customers, partners and local neighbors together for the betterment of society. Our dedication to trust, honesty, and righteousness based on the “Jeong-Do” management principle of LG helps us to be a sustainable enterprise well into the future. LG CNS continues to develop programs for public benefits founded in cooperation, mutual trust, and respect. Vocational Training Consortium for Small and Medium Businesses LG CNS is the first in the industry to develop a “Partner Training Center.” Our small and medium sized business partners must often overcome manpower shortages and insufficient worker training. For them, we provide customized IT education for workers and job seekers. LG CNS is constantly developing new education courses, investing in training facilities and upgrading equipment in order to assist our partners in developing a top-notch workforce. LG CNS IT Dream Project Since 2008, LG CNS has supported the dreams of youth by providing them with scholarships for advanced IT education and supporting them to go on an overseas field trip. Donation of Photovoltaic Generation Equipment LG CNS has resources available from our various renewable energy projects which enable us to donate photovoltaic generation (solar power) equipment to those people most in need of electricity.Leadership & Love LG CNS Core Competence-18 19
  10. 10. lobal Management & GForeign governments and corporations want to makepartnership with LG CNS. LG CNS’s global management systemand diffused network of global partners can help you realizeyour IT dreams. Seamless network of R&D, technology and IT lobal Partnershippartners brings advanced IT to your doorstep. Competitiveness Network Partnership
  11. 11. Global Network for Global CompetitivenessU.K. Poland Netherlands Headquarters Mongolia China Japan U.S.A. LG CNSs global network connects IT management hubs in Korea where the LG CNS’s headquarters is Egypt located to China, Japan, U.S.A., Brazil, India, Indonesia, Netherlands, U.A.E., Poland and U.K. Based on U.A.E. Saudi Arabia Vietnam our success in Korea, LG CNS has deployed large-scale projects worldwide. We have effectively Philippines India implemented systems worldwide including e-government, emergency information network center and Malaysia Indonesia police information systems in the Asia-Pacific regions to imagining, factory automation, medical information and traffic control systems in Europe and the Americas. Paraguay Brazil Australia New Zealand World-class Partnership for Worldwide Success Establishing solid global partnership with premier professional corporations with strong capabilities in their respective markets is the strength of LG CNS. By partnering with the best in their field, LG CNS can provide the superb technology and customized services to make your project succeed. Infrastructure Network Platform Software Platform Global Management & Global Partnership LG CNS Core Competence-24 25
  12. 12. New StrategicBusiness DomainMobile BusinessSocial Infrastructure BusinessEngineering BusinessCloud Computing BusinessFuture Business
  13. 13. New Strategic Business Domain New Strategic Business DomainMobile Business [Embedded / Mobile Service] Social Infrastructure Business [Smart Green City / Smart Transportation]LG CNS is the premier developer of mobile and embedded technologies that bring ‘smart’ appliances to life. With the LG CNS is developing end-to-end smart technologies and services that can revolutionize not only little handheldtechnology, people conduct businesses in a mobile office and control appliances with a phone. LG CNS has developed devices but will be used for building management, traffic flow management, energy and environmental managementinteroperability between mobile devices and applications, embedded software for smart phones and TV and tested of in cities of tomorrow. LG CNS offers technologies and services for smart green city and smart transportation to createembedded software. futuristic cities where environment-friendly facilities and energy conservation are combined. LG CNS New Strategic Business Domain-28 29
  14. 14. New Strategic Business Domain New Strategic Business DomainEngineering Business [Manufacturing / Facility] Cloud Computing Business [Private / Community / Public Cloud]LG CNS has a division that transforms conventional manufacturing & logistic facilities into what we call “Dream Cloud computing will help your enterprise become more cost efficient and secure with data, at the same time, improveFactories.” The solution includes designing manufacturing & logistic facilities as well as controlling the facilities by data delivery speed. LG CNS has been a leader in cloud computing for several years. Whether it is a private,intelligent systems. community or public cloud, LG CNS will work with you from consulting and design to implementation and training of your operations staff. Planning for Future Business LG CNS is poised to capture and develop the next generation of high-tech growth engines. The future of the IT market is diverse. We are preparing smart gird technology for the convergence of IT to the existing power grid. LG CNS is a leader in U-healthcare, which will transform todays hospitals into omnipresent treatment centers. LG CNS is proud to be at the forefront of new technology development that will radically change the future for all mankind. LG CNS New Strategic Business Domain-30 31
  15. 15. TraditionalBusiness DomainConsultingSystem IntegrationOutsourcing (ITO / BPO)Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP)/ Business Intelligence (BI)IT Infrastructure SolutionsIT Convergence
  16. 16. Traditional Business Domain Consulting Entrue Consulting Partners, a consulting firm of LG CNS, provides total consulting services in all domains including strategy, process and IT areas utilizing our experience in a variety of projects and up-to-date consulting methodology to enable customers to achieve their vision. System Integration LG CNS is a master system integrator in all industrial areas by effectively managing the initial planning, design, development, procurement and installation of your system. ITO LG CNS leverages knowledge and experience for a successful ITO rollout. From IT strategic planning to outsourcing IT personnel, we increase efficiency in corporate information systems. BPO For you to focus on your core business, LG CNS implements and manages any number of your business processes. You can outsource your operations management, purchasing, production, logistics, R&D, and marketing to LG CNS. We review your processes and help you decide which processes would be smart to outsource. ERP / BI LG CNS is a global leader for implementing ERP and BI solutions for the public, finance, manufacturing and service sectors. Our customized consulting architecture eases the implementation and operation of your ERP and BI processes. IT Infrastructure You can step into the future with LG CNSs world-class IT infrastructure services. LG Solutions CNS develops, implements and manages cloud computing and next-generation data centers as well as smart security products. IT Convergence LG CNS creates new businesses developed from todays technological advancements.LG CNS Offers Our Customers Advanced IT and Creative Solutions Industry convergence and IT advancement bring forth business concepts never thought of before.LG CNS offers consolidated IT services built on past experience and know-how. Our services range from business consulting, systemintegration, outsourcing, ERP / BI, IT infrastructure solutions to IT convergence whatever it takes to make our customer’s businesssucceed. LG CNS Traditional Business Domain-34 35
  17. 17. Business Reference (Domestic) Public Service Judicature Healthcare Registry Raw Data Migration Project for the Supreme Court U-hospital System for Yonsei University Hospital Corporation / Real Estate Register Issuing, Reading and Billing Services for the Supreme Court Medical Image Transmission System (Full PACS) for Korea University Hospital Registry Information System for the Supreme Court IT Outsourcing for Hanyang University Medical Center Administration Hospital Information System (HIS) for National Police Hospital Korean Intellectual Property Office Network (KIPOnet) System Template Generator for Global Hospital Information System (GHIS) Korea Post Postal Logistics System (POSTNET) Logistics National Financial Information System for the Ministry of Strategic Planning and Finance Information System for Pantos Logistics Tax Integrated System (TIS) Door-to-door Delivery System for Korea Express Cash Receipt System for Korea National Tax Service Total Logistics System for Dongbu Express E-Passport Management System Logistics System for Hansol CSN New Passport Information Management System Distribution Electronic Civil Service System (G4C : Government for Citizens) A-1 Project for Lotte Home Shopping Combined Meteorological Information Service of the Korea Meteorological Premium Niche Market System for Lotte.com Administration (COMIS-3) Integrated Purchase / Logistics System for Our Home Food Service Online Lottery System for Nanum Lotto MD System Implementation Project for GS Retail Integrated Call Center of Seoul City (Dasan Call Center 120) Comprehensive Information System for Maritime Safety Construction Emergency Rescue System Outsourcing for Hyundai Industry Development Implementation of Total Project Management System (TPMS) for GS Defense Engineering & Construction Ground Tactics C4I System (ATCIS) Intelligence Building System (IBS) for Sangam DMC True Tech Building Korea Combat Training Center (KCTC) Education Air Force C4I System Open S/W Based Digital Textbook Service Environment Implementation Project Military Information Management System (MIMS) Digital Textbook Advancement and Additional Development Project Traffic Others Transportation Card System for Seoul City MPost Mobile Platform Service Integrated Information System for Korea Express Rail (KTX) Transport Operation and Information Service (TOPIS) for Seoul City Communication / Media Seoul Expressway Traffic Management System Incheon Metropolitan City Bus Information Management System (BMS / BIS) Communication Electric Vehicle Charging Infra for Seoul City Network Management System (TOSS) for LG U+ Enterprise PI Project for LG U+ Construction Groupware / EP for LG U+ (Formally known as LG Telecom, LG Powercom, and LG Dacom) U-City Establishment Project for Eunpyeong-gu, Seoul City Next Generation Billing System (Next CSBS) for LG U+ (Formally known as LG Telecom) U-City Establishment Project for Magok District, Seoul City Integrated CSS (Xcion) System for LG U+ (Formally known as LG Powercom) U-City Establishment Project for Pangyo District, Seongnam City TCIS Billing System for KT Intelligent Building System (IBS) Implementation at Songdo International Business District Energy Supply System for Daejeon Cogeneration Plant Media Realization of Paperless through Reliable Scan Based on C&M Multi-Functional Device Education Korean SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test) Online Lecture System for EBS Administration and Finance Integration in Regional Education (EDUFINE) (Educational Broadcasting System) National Electronic Library System for the National Library of Korea Main Operation System for KBS (Korean Broadcasting System) Comprehensive Culture and Arts Information System for the Ministry of Culture and Tourism Revenue Management System Consulting and PI for KBS (Korean Broadcasting System) Public Corporation Broadcasting Production System (in DMS for HDTV) for Korean Broadcasting Institute PI / ERP Project for KEPCO Digital Archiving System for NATV (National Assembly TV) PI / ERP Project for KEPCO KPS HD Broadcasting / NPS System for Korea Economy TV ERP System and Internal Portal System for Seoul Metro Integrated Information System for Incheon International Airport Corporation Finance Four Social Insurance Collection Integration System Bank Next Service Processing System for Hana Bank Manufacture IFRS System for Korea Exchange Bank Electricity / Electronics / Semiconductor Data Footprint Service for Korea Exchange Bank IT Standard Information System for LG affiliates Next System Upgrade for Shinhan Bank Mobile Office for LG Electronics Performance Management System for Kukmin Bank Implementation and Operation of the Global B2C website (LG.com, Ver. 2.0) for LG Electronics Credit Card Global Marketing Information System (GMIS) for LG Electronics Integrated System for Nonghyeop (NH) Card Daily Replenishment Planning for LG Electronics Shinhan Card-LG Card System IntegrationThe Best Partner is Always LG CNS Managed Printing Service (MPS) for LG Electronics Enterprise Translation Service for LG Electronics Hana SK Card Information System Insurance Enterprise Portal Innovation for LG Display Next Generation System for Shinhan Life Insurance EDW System for LG Display Next Generation System for LIG Non-Life Insurance CompanyNo matter how large or small your IT project, LG CNS is the reasonable choice to get the job done. Our customers have entrusted 7 Mega Process for LG Display Outsourcing for ING Life Insurance Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) System for LS Industrial System Outsourcing for Korea Deposit Insurance Corporationus with numerous, successful projects. LG CNS will fly you to the future of IT. Outsourcing for Hynix Semiconductor Securities Chemical Next Generation System for Woori Investment Securities PI / ERP Project for Hanhwa Chemical Next Generation System for Shinhan Investment Corp. Plant Information System (PIS) and Advanced Process Control (APC) for Honam Petrochemical Others Automatic Warehouse for Handok-Aventis Pharmaceuticals PI / ERP Project for Daesung Industrial and Daesung Industrial Gases Post Mobile Platform Electronic Tax Calculation Service for LG affiliates LG CNS Business Reference-36 37
  18. 18. Business Reference (Global) Public Manufacturing Financial Information System for the Ministry of Finance, Fabrication and Delivery of Loader for GE Healthcare DXD Indonesia Factory, U.S.A. National Crime Information Center (NCIC) for National MES / ALC System for Hyundai Mobis Alabama Factory, U.S.A. Police, Indonesia MES for Mando America Factory, U.S.A. E-Government Master Planning, Indonesia MES for Shin Young Alabama Factory, U.S.A. Emergency Information Network (EIN), Mongolia Information Management System for Railroad Information Knowledge Property Modernization Project, Mongolia Engineering Co., China Post Service Activation Infrastructure, East Timor MES for Mando Beijing / Suzhou / Tianjin Factories, China Smart School Project, Saudi Arabia MES for Mando MIL / MIS Factory, India IT Diagnosis and Civil Action System for the Supreme Philippine Airline Portal, Phillippine Court, Japan ALC System for Proton Motors Tanjung Malim Plant, Malaysia Legislature System Implementation Project for the Parskhodro MES / ALC System, Iran Parliament, Armenia Implementation / Operation of LG Electronics’ Global Consultation on e-Government, Paraguay Application Stores (35 countries) Consultation on e-Government, Morocco Global Single Instance System for LG Electronics (about 80 Automatic Fare Collection System for Subway No. 1, 2 oversea subsidiaries) and Paltong Line in Beijing, China Implementation of Digital Marketing Diagnosis and Automatic Fare Collection System for Light Rail Transit in Monitoring System for LG Electronics’ Subsidiary in China Tianjin, China Digital Marketing Strategy and Customer Management Public Traffic Smart Card System, New Zealand System for LG Electronics’ Subsidiaries in Latin America Public Traffic Smart Card System, Malaysia Logistics Warehouse Equipment System for LG Electronics’ Photovoltaic Power Generation Project, Sri Lanka Subsidiary in Netherlands Digital Marketing System for LG Electronics’ Subsidiary in Brazil Image / LED Global Single Instance System for LG Display (10 overseas corporations) FSE Imaging Show System in Las Vegas, U.S.A. MES for LG Display Nanjing Factory in China Imaging System for the Qwest Field Stadium in Seattle, MES for LG Display Factory in Poland U.S.A. LED Imaging System of Times Square in New York, U.S.A. LED Imaging System of Piccadilly Circus in London, U.K. Others Sports Stadium Imaging System in Cairo, Egypt Sports ToTo System, Japan Imaging Lighting System of Melbourne’s Big Wheel, Australia LED System for Meydan Bab AI Shams in Dubai, U.A.E. Formula 1 Imaging System in Abu Dhabi, U.A.E. Imaging System for Armani Hotel in Dubai, U.A.E.Changing the WorldLG CNS penetrates borders with advancements in technology, from the LED billboards in New Yorks Times Square to the subwayfare system in Beijing, China. LG CNS has grown from its Korean roots to become a global IT leader. LG CNS Business Reference-38 39
  19. 19. History LG CNS : Over 20 Years of Growth LG CNS is the growth of the IT industry. Since 1987, we have watched, studied, and developed new and important IT technologies. The future is bright for IT solutions done right with LG CNS. History 1987 Established and registered a joint corporation, STM (System Technology Management) 2006 Opened a joint business solution center of LG CNS-Oracle Korea-SAP KoreaMajor Quality Certifications Major Awards History Opened a data center in LG CNS America 1989 Established a technology research center approved by the Ministry of Science and Completed implementation of the next generation system for Shinhan Bank ISO 9001 Quality Certificate and TickIT Technology Established corporate brand identity and declared a brand slogan,1994 1995 Quality Management Prize from the 21st National Quality Management Award ‘Beyond Promise’1997 Total No. 1 Domestic System Integration Company (evaluated by Gartner Group) 1996 Presidential Prize for Meritorious Service of Public Administration Network (Tax 1990 Operated the second integrated data processing center (Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul) Completed corporation register information encoding for the Supreme Court CMM Level 2 Certification for Four Business Places (the first in Korea) Integration System) 1991 Acquired approval of the international Value-Added Network (VAN) business first in Korea 2007 Opened the LG CNS Sangam IT center 2001 Prime Minister Prize from Korea e-Business Award Permeated into the next generation media communication market signing MOU1999 Y2K Certification from Information Technology Association of America (ITAA) 1992 Completed an Information Technology Center (ITC) first in Korea with Haeden Bridge 2003 Grand Prize of SI from Korea Society of Management Information System Completed the ‘Mungyeong SP photovoltaic generation station’ with the largest2002 CMM Level 4 Certification for the Registry Information System for the Supreme Court of Korea (the first in Korea) Grand Prize from the Second Korea S/W Vendor Award scale in Asia 1993 Permeated into the overseas market first with accept of a project from SGS, Thailand Meritorious Award for Implementation of e-Government Signed MOU for photovoltaic generation project with a local government2003 CMM Level 5 Certification for the Supreme Court Project (the first in the public sector) (Shinan-gun, Jeonnam) 1995 Changed the legal name to ‘LG-EDS System’ CMM Level 4 Certification for the LG Card Project (the first in the financial sector) 2004 Prize of the Minister of Information and Communication from the Great Digital Established a new and renewable energy business group and held kick-off ceremony Management Award (Entrue Consulting Partners) Signed MOU for Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) business with BEA CMM Level 3 Certification for the Defense Project (the first in the defense sector) 1997 Signed ERP cooperation agreement with SAP, Germany Signed MOU for next generation Flat Panel Display (FPD) inline project with Vessel. 2005 Chosen as a Corporation of Excellent Work Culture by the Ministry of Labor Partnered ERP with Oracle2004 eSCM Level 3 Certification for the LG CNS Information System Center Merged LG N-Sys as a subsidiary company CMM Level 4 Certification for the Integrated ERP Operation Center Signed MOU for web 2.0 strategy consulting and service business with Hinchcliffe 2006 Presidential Award for a Corporation of Excellent Gender Equality for Employment 1998 Started nationwide public service for real estate registration Internet Registry Service Management System (ISMS) Certification for the Supreme Court & Company, U.S.A. Merged UcessPartners as a subsidiary company 2007 Prime Minister Prize from Korea Logistics Award (Entrue Consulting Partners) 1999 Acquired LG Electronics Soft OBU2005 eSCM Level 4 Certification as an IT Outsourcing Company (the first in the world) Selected as ‘Small and Medium Business Job Training Consortium Operator’ Silver Tower Order of Industrial Service Merit (Honoree Award for S/W industry) by the Ministry of Labor BS 15000 Certification for the Network Service Center and the Data Center (the first in Korea) Copper Tower Order of Industrial Service Merit (e-Government Award) CMMI Level 5 Certification for the LG Insurance System (the first in the financial sector) 2000 Received the registry information project from Philippines 2008 Opened a system for administration and finance integration in regional education 2008 Grand Prize of Knowledge Management from the 6th Forbes Management Quality (Edufine)2006 CMMI Level 5 Certification for LG CNS Overseas Development Centers in China and India Award 2001 Signed a comprehensive partner agreement with Siebel ISO 20000 Certification for LG CNS China Established a LG CNS overseas subsidiary company in China Opened the next generation integrated information system (Neo-KiiS) for Copper Tower Order of Industrial Service Merit from the Electrical Safety Promotion Korea Export Insurance CMMI Level 3 Certification for the Postal System of Korea Post Contest Signed MOU with Fidelity National Information Service, U.S.A. CMMI Level 4 Certification for the ‘PatentNet’ System of Korean Intellectual Property Office 2002 Changed the legal name to ‘LG CNS’ CMMI Level 4 Certification for the Registry Business System of the Supreme Court 2009 Grand Prize of Process Innovation Sector from the National Productivity Award Started an e-Government system named government for citizens (G4C) Excellent Prize of Information Protection Safety Diagnosis Sector from the 8th 2009 Kick-off meeting of Emergency Information Network (EIN) in Mongolia Information Protection Award Signed agreement of national finance ERP project with the Ministry of Finance,2007 Authorized e-Document Repository Provider Designated by the Former Ministry of 2003 Established a LG CNS overseas subsidiary company in the Netherlands Commerce, Industry and Energy Indonesia Established a LG CNS overseas subsidiary company in U.S.A. ez-ERP SAP ERP Reference Qualification Certification EPCIS Certification for RFID Middleware Solution 2010 Declared LG CNS ‘VISION 2020’ 2004 Established a subsidiary company specialized for automobile design, V-ENS Signed LG CNS-SAP China channel partnership Signed IT consulting business partnership with CISCO Completed the independent card integration system for National Agricultural2008 CMMI Level 3 Certification for the Judiciary Information Team of the Supreme Court Opened Integrated Railroad Information System (IRIS) Cooperative Federation (NH)2009 CMMI Level 3 Certification for the LG CNS Shenyang Development Center in China Established a LG CNS overseas subsidiary company in India Held completion report meeting of IFRS IT system implementation for Korea Opened the first Avaya solution center in the Asia-Pacific region as a partner company Exchange Bank CMMI Level 5 Certification for the LG CNS Global Development Center in China National Information Common Criteria (CC) Certification for DDoS Protection Equipment, Held opening ceremony of integrated U-City control center for Eunpyeong-gu, Seoul ’SafeZone XDDoS’ 2005 Completed implementation of the next generation system for Hyundai Card and Opened the mobile cloud center Entrue Journal of Information Technology (EJIT) Registered by the National Research Hyundai Capital Signed strategic partnership for mobile business cooperation with Dreamwiz Foundation of Korea (the First in the IT Service industry) Signed exclusive distributorship agreement of IT investment evaluation solution with Signed global partnership for cooperation of the next generation IT area between Korean Patent Registration and GS Certification for a Solution, ’EventPro’ Alinean LG CNS-Microsoft CMMI Level 4 Certification for Post Logistics System Opened a global development center in LG CNS China CEO elected as the 12th chairman of Federation of Korean Information Industries (FKII) TMMi Level 3 Certification for S/W Test Area (the first in Asia) Established a LG CNS overseas subsidiary company in Brazil Established a LG CNS overseas subsidiary company in Indonesia2010 ISO 14001 Certification for Environmental Management System LG CNS History-40 41
  20. 20. Financial Highlights Sales (Unit: 100 million won) Overseas Sales (Unit: 100 million won) 2,030 30,000 2,000 25,268 1,710 22,769 1,500 20,000 1,361 18,672 1,000 10,000 500 0 0 2005 2007 2009 2007 2008 2009 Sales Volume of Domestic/Overseas Open Markets No. of Employees (Unit: %) (Unit: person, including employees of domestic and overseas subsidiaries) 100 10,000 Approx. 9,000 80 8,000 66 60 60 6,000 40 4,000 3,900Rapid & Continuous Growth 20 2,000At LG CNS we pledge continuous improvement that will position us as the undisputed leader in advanced technology platforms. 849 0.8The road can be long and windy, but we will persevere on our drive to bring you competitive technology solutions, defining us as aworld-class corporation and global partner. The work toward our goals never stops. 0 0 1987 2008 2009 1989 1999 2010 Complying with consolidation base (IFRS based results only for 2009) LG CNS Financial Highlights-42 43
  21. 21. Global Network Korea OverseasHeadquarters Entrue Consulting Partners UcessPartnersPrime Tower, 10-1, Hoehyeon-dong, 2-ga, Jung- 25F, Seoul Finance Center, 84, Taepyeongro, 1-ga, 26F, 101, Daewoo Mirae Sarang City, 337, Shinlim-dong, China U.S.A. Brazilgu, Seoul Jung-gu, Seoul Guro-gu, Seoul LG CNS China Co., Ltd. LG CNS America Inc. LG CNS Subsidiary in BrazilTel (02) 6363-5000 Fax (02) 6363-5118 Tel (02) 3783-0400 Fax (02) 3783-0333 Tel (02) 3439-7611 Fax (02) 3439-7629 3F LG Twin Towers, B-12 Jianguomenwai Avenue, 920 Sylvan Avenue, Englewood Cliffs, NJ 07632, U.S.A. Avenida Dr. Chucri Zaidan, 940, 3F, Vila Cordeira, Chaoyang District, Beijing, 100022, China Tel +1-201-816-2001 Fax +1-201-816-3157 City of Sao Paulo, State of Sao Paulo, 04583-110, BrazilSangam IT Center Daejeon Branch Office BnE Tel +86-10-5828-7700 Fax +86-10-5828-7711 Tel +55-11-2162-5461LG CNS Sangam IT Center, 1591, Sangam-dong, 9F, Ian Office B/D, 938, Dunsan-dong, Seo-gu, 2F, Shindeok B/D, 420-1, Dogok-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul India LG CNS ShenyangMapo-gu, Seoul Daejeon Tel (02) 2084-6700 Fax (02) 2084-6701 LG CNS India Pvt., Ltd. U.A.E. 12F, IT International Building, No.3, Yuanhang West Road,Tel (02) 6710-4000 Fax (02) 6710-4882 Tel (042) 472-7435 Fax (042) 472-7962 Brigade Tech Park, 3F B Block 134/1, 134/2, Pattandur LG CNS Middle East Hunnan New District, Shenyang City, 110179, China Agrahara Village, Whitefield Road, Bangaluru, 560066, India P.O. Box 61445, Al Nasr Plaza Office Building, 10th Street, Tel +86-24-8378-9000 Fax +86-24-8378-9009Gasan Center LG N-Sys Tel +91-80-6667-4000 Fax +91-80-4132-0456 Oud Metha Road, Dubai, U.A.E. LG CNS Tianjin Tel +971-4-357-3511 Fax +971-4-357-34605-6F, LG Gasan Digital Center, 459-9, Gasan-dong, LG Mapo B/D, 116, Maporo, Mapo-gu, Seoul Room 1401, Guizhou Road, Long Tong Building, IndonesiaGeumcheon-gu, Seoul Tel (02) 3773-1114 Fax (02)705-3333 Helping District, Tianjin, 300051, China Pt. LG CNS Indonesia PolandTel (02) 6710-4740 Fax (02) 862-5862 Tel +86-22-5868-2720 Fax +86-22-5868-2700 Wisma Prima Lt. 2, Jl. Kapten P Tendean No. 34, Jakarta, LG CNS Europe B.V. Branch in Poland V-ENSIncheon Center 236-1, Hyoseong 2-dong, Gyeyang-gu, Incheon 12790, Indonesia Ul. LG 1, Biskupice Podgorne Japan Tel +62-21-7918-2121 Fax +62-21-7919-8610 55-040, Kobierzyce, Poland236-1, Hyoseong 2-dong, Gyeyang-gu, Incheon Tel (032) 540-5500 Fax (02) 6306-0037 LG CNS Japan Co., Ltd. Tel +48-71-770-5110Tel (032) 540-5000 Fax (032) 546-4165 Higashi-Kan 16F, Akasaka Twin-Tower, 2-17-22, Akasaka, Netherlands Minato-ku, Tokyo, 107-0052, Japan LG CNS Europe B.V. U.K. Tel +81-3-3505-3999 Fax +81-3-3582-0065 Veluwezoom 15, 1327 AE Almere, The Netherlands LG CNS India U.K. Subsidiary Company Tel +31-36-547-8915 Fax +31-36-547-8797 Building 3, Chiswick Park 566, Chiswick High Road, London, W4 5YA, U.K. Tel +44-208-849-5634 Fax +44-208-899-6001