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Robert Noeldechen


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Published in: Real Estate
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Robert Noeldechen

  1. 1. Robert Noeldechen
  2. 2. Robert NoeldechenRobert Noeldechen retains the position of Principal at Ahern &Partners Advisors Co., Inc. Joining the firm in 1991, RobertNoeldechen initially dealt with numerous underperforming ordistressed real estate companies with a specific focus on crisismanagement, business restructuring, and Chapter 11 bankruptcies.Many companies in crisis require immediate sources of financing inorder to remain viable. Implementing various strategies culled from22 years of experience in finance management, Robert Noeldechenassists numerous clients in the processes of debt management andrevenue retention.
  3. 3. Robert NoeldechenRobert Noeldechen’s professional success is partially based on hisunderstanding of the foundational rules of intelligent assetmanagement.
  4. 4. Robert Noeldechen1. Successful companies remain so by combining various sources offinancing. A common mistake many companies make is to incurshort-term debt based on the purchase of an asset with a long-terminvestment horizon and yield. It is vital that investors combine andcalibrate proper debt and equity to maximize their rate of returnwhile maintaining an appropriate risk profile.
  5. 5. Robert Noeldechen2. The value of smart management techniques cannot be overstated.Throughout his career, Robert Noeldechen has demonstrated a greatdeal of aptitude for management on both personal and business-widelevels. The infrastructure of any company must remain solid even intimes of crisis, as lenders are less likely to offer assistance with debtor equity to companies with perceived managerial shortfalls.
  6. 6. Robert Noeldechen3. Companies must learn to continually assess assets and associatedcollateral debt and equity profiles. Assessing future debt and equityrequirements are essential. Management should consider a consistentapproach to managing and monitoring assets and portfolios toachieve "best practices" and positioning for future growth.
  7. 7. Robert Noeldechen4. It is important to learn from previous fluctuations in the financialmarket. An example of this is the flourishing venture and CMBScapital market of the late 1990s and early 2000s. Many companiesactively pursued this form of financing with little thought that thecapital well could run dry. When it did, many of those companies yetto turn a profit were left without a viable replacement capital source.
  8. 8. Robert NoeldechenIntelligent management strategies are the deciding factor in acompany’s success, but even those businesses that are confrontingdebt and restructuring have the ability to alter current negativesituations.