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How to Contribute to Apache Flink (and Flink at the Apache Software Foundation)



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How to Contribute to Apache Flink (and Flink at the Apache Software Foundation)

  1. 1. How to contribute to Apache Flink Robert Metzger Flink PMC, Software Engineer @ Ververica @rmetzger_
  2. 2. What you will learn today • What is the Apache Software Foundation • What are the roles at an Apache project • How to become a committer • How to contribute to Apache Flink • The mailing lists • The documentation • Contributing code • Q & A / Hands-on
  3. 3. Flink and the Apache Software Foundation • Flink is one of more than 300 top level projects at the ASF Independent open source project: "Stratosphere" Apache Incubator: “Apache Flink (incubating)” Top level Apache project Attic 2009 – 2014 April 2014 – Dec 2014 Since Dec 2014 Hopefully never J
  4. 4. Apache Software Foundation • Celebrating 20 years of ASF this year • Initially about Apache HTTP server, “a patchy server” • Today, 300+ open source projects (+ 52 incubating) • 730 members and 7000+ committers • All volunteer, self-organized, decentralized • Providing projects with legal and infrastructure support, and a blueprint and experience for successful open source 21 founding members [photo attribution (CC BY) Mark Cox. Tagged image at ; gallery at] “Community over code”
  5. 5. Apache License 2.0 • Top 3 open source license, used by all ASF projects and many others • Business friendly (derivative work is allowed to be licensed differently) Recommended website:
  6. 6. Roles at the ASF (& Flink) ASF Members ASF Board of directors Flink PMC Chair Flink PMC (20) Project Management Comitee Flink Committers (45) Contributors & Users Project oversight: review releases, long-term health of project Permission to commit code, <user> email Implementation, testing, documentation, user support etc. Day-to-day oversight of the foundation Control & “ownership” members@a.o board@a.o private@f.a.o dev@f.a.o user@f.a.o user-zh@f.a.o commits@f.a.o issues@f.a.o public
  7. 7. Becoming a Flink committer: Requirements • Formally: PMC will vote on a community member to become a committer (on private@) • Good contributions over a longer period of time, good technical oversights and experience (for reviews and discussions) • Understanding of “The Apache Way”, good community engagement
  8. 8. Contribute to User Support • (and user-zh@f.a.o) are the primary support channels: ~150 emails/week. 1000+ subscribers • Error messages, configuration, API • Architecture / Design questions • Stack Overflow • [apache-flink] tag: 2800 questions, 1100 unanswered • JIRA (Bug tracker) • Often, incoming bug reports are ”just” problems using Flink Sign up & answer questions
  9. 9. Contribute to Evangelism • Meetups • Speak at your local meetup • Host a meetup group in your city (Ververica can help you!) • Help with venue, organization etc. • Conferences • Submit talks at conferences • Blogs • Share your experience • Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook • Help spreading the word
  10. 10. Contribute to Flink’s development • is the main communication and decision- making channel of Flink • Discussion of FLIPs (Flink Improvement Proposals) • Roadmap planning, release scheduling • Release voting • Community health • All other development and community-related questions (which libraries do we use, how do we approach large changes) Join the discussions
  11. 11. Voting: How decisions are being made • Apache projects vote on: releases, committers, PMC members, procedural changes, code changes • +1 / -1, because … • Most important vote: releases • Duration of at least 72 hours (workdays) • Legal checks (checksums, signatures, license documentation) and functional checks (end to end tests, manual tests, performance) • See: • Lazy consensus: Assume consensus after 72 hours, if nobody objects • Used for smaller changes, procedural changes, ...
  12. 12. Contribute to Flink’s development • Contribute Documentation (or website) git clone cd flink/docs/docker ./ • An easy way to have a lot of impact on Flink • Jira tickets in component “Documentation” (currently 160 unresolved) • Small fixes as “[hotfix]” PRs, larger changes through JIRA->PR process • See also:
  13. 13. Contribute to Flink’s development: Code • Contribute code JIRA Ticket: Get consensus Implement Review Merge dev@ discussion & FLIP Get buy in on your change and find a committer willing to review and merge Involved changes often require a design document Reviews happen in pull requests in a 4-step process
  14. 14. Contribute to Flink’s development: JIRA • A good JIRA ticket … • … is created ahead of time • ... Clearly describes the problem to solve • … is assigned to a component, has the right priority • Get buy-in from a committer … you will need somebody to review and merge your change later on • Expect a few days till there’s a first reaction (depending on the component, complexity) and weeks till there’s consensus
  15. 15. Contribute to Flink’s development: Pull Request Review Description • Formal requirements: JIRA ID in title, description of the change, clean history (commits prefixed with JIRA ID) Consensus • Check if there’s agreement to merge this change as is • Should not be a problem if JIRA has been “approved” Architecture • Architectural fit within Flink Quality • Code Quality: documentation, error handling, concurrency / threading, dependencies
  16. 16. Contribute to Flink’s development: Pull Request Review: Notes • Be patient: Reviews take time • In particular when a release is happening • Contribute reviews: If you don’t have a feature / fix to contribute, help checking pull requests in the “quality” stage (see label) • Stay in touch with the committer managing your contribution
  17. 17. Conclusion • Introduction on Apache Flink and the ASF • There are many ways to contribute • User support • Project steering • Evangelism • Documentation / website • Code reviews • Fixes / features • Even if it sometimes doesn’t seem so: Contributions are very welcome! • Reach out to me / @rmetzger_ if you have questions
  18. 18. Q & A Bonus: Hands-on session to help people setting up their development environments Robert Metzger Flink PMC, Software Engineer @ Ververica @rmetzger_