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Multi Language Websites with TYPO3 Neos


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The multi language support for Neos was several years in the making. Instead of implementing a solution only focussed on translation and localization, the core team came up with a broader concept called "Content Dimensions". It not only allows you to introduce new languages with fallback scenarios but opens up a whole new way of personalising customer experience.In this talk you'll learn all about the experiences we made while creating a big customer website based on Neos Content Dimensions and how you can start creating a multi language website with Neos today.

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Multi Language Websites with TYPO3 Neos

  1. 1. Robert Lemke | TechDivision GmbH Multi Language Websites with TYPO3 Neos
  2. 2. Sawubona!
  3. 3. project founder of TYPO3 Flow and TYPO3 Neos co-founder of the TYPO3 Association software architect at TechDivision 38 years old lives in Lübeck, Germany 1 wife, 2 daughters, 1 espresso machine likes drumming and climbing
  4. 4. Translations
  5. 5. Single Tre
  6. 6. ‣de ‣Startseite ‣Über uns ‣Produkte ‣Küchenmesser ‣Brezelwärmer ‣en ‣Home ‣About us ‣Products ‣Kitchen Knife ‣Bagel Toaster
  7. 7. no language support
  8. 8. Content Repository
  9. 9. Single Tree
  10. 10. Fine, but
  11. 11. EN EN_US EN_GB
  12. 12. Content Dimensions
  13. 13. product-worlds (Page) de en sports (Page) main (ContentCollection) … (Headline) … (Text) breast care (Page) de en de en en en swimwear (Page) de
  14. 14. sports (Page) de en Node Variants
  15. 15. EN EN_US EN_GB
  16. 16. product-worlds (Page) de en sports (Page) main (ContentCollection) … (Headline) … (Text) breast care (Page) de en de en en en en_US
  17. 17. Cross Translations no default language no fixed translation directions NL DK DE EN
  18. 18. Demo
  19. 19. That's all?
  20. 20. Language
  21. 21. we generalised translation
  22. 22. we generalised personalisation
  23. 23. we generalised multi targeting
  24. 24. Arbitrary Dimensions possible
  25. 25. Language
  26. 26. Language
  27. 27. How?
  28. 28. One more thing
  29. 29. Next steps
  30. 30. language selector (1.2)
  31. 31. translation base selection
  32. 32. split screen
  33. 33. translation tasks
  34. 34. import / export
  35. 35. Imibuzo?
  36. 36. TEXT HERE @robertlemke