A Social Media Primer - How Facebook's New News Feed Algorithm Impacts Brands


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A quick look at the recent changes to Facebook's New Feed algorithm and how they impact Brand Pages.

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A Social Media Primer - How Facebook's New News Feed Algorithm Impacts Brands

  1. 1. a social media primer how facebook’s new news feed algorithm impacts brands
  2. 2. what is facebook’s news feed algorithm? Akin to the Network’s original algorithm – EdgeRank – Facebook’s New Feed Algorithm is a formula that relies on more than 1,000 contributing data points to establish which Posts its users see. To make this determination, Facebook’s backend focuses on three main influences: Affinity (defined by a user’s relationship with the publisher of a specific object AND how much the user interacts with that publisher’s content); Weight (determined by the object type – photo, video, or link; and Time (also known as “time decay,” and defined by the recency of the action).
  3. 3. how does it affect my brand page? The recent changes to the News Feed Algorithm are part of a plan that’s designed to transform the platform from “Social Network” to “Content Distribution Hub.” Per the Network, four key factors drove the changes: feedback from users; growing desire to become a realtime news source; competition among publishers in the News Feed; and continued maturity of offerings. To date, the changes have impacted brands in two ways: virtually all have seen a decline in organic (non-paid) reach and all have seen a dip in engagement. Per the Network, brands can expect to see these trends continue.
  4. 4. what we know Facebook’s News Feed algorithm gives preferential treatment to links that point to high-quality articles about current events, Network favorites, user interests, etc. It was designed to do a “better distinguish between high-quality articles on websites” versus photos and memes hosted outside of Facebook, particularly for mobile users.
  5. 5. adapting to the opportunity ahead For brands whose Social Media strategy is based on engaging consumers on Facebook alone, now may be the time to explore some additional options. Given the Network’s prioritization of quality news over memes, reconnecting with influencers – and exploring owned entry into outposts where richer forms of editorially-based content are possible – seems key. To succeed going forward, brands must focus on creating great content – content that their advocates will find valuable – and using paid media to increase reach on must-see Posts. The free ride, as they say, is over. ..
  6. 6. hungry for more? Facebook’s New News Feed Changes Will Require New Marketing Strategies (Source: Ad Age | Digital) Marketers Learn to Play by Facebook’s Changing Rules (Source: Mashable) Facebook’s Algorithm Change Not A Boon For All Publishers (Source: Forbes) Facebook Is Testing A News Feed That Looks More Like A Newspaper (Source: Fast Company Design) Facebook Is A Fundamentally Broken Product That Is Collapsing Under Its Own Weight (Source: Business Insider | Tech) News Feed FYI: What Happens When You See More Updates from Friends (Source: Facebook Newsroom)
  7. 7. a social media primer how facebook’s new news feed algorithm impacts brands