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A Social Media Primer - Building Your Brand on Twitter


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A beginner's view of Twitter and how it can be used to build your brand.

Published in: Business, Technology
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A Social Media Primer - Building Your Brand on Twitter

  1. 1. a social media primer building your brand on twitter
  2. 2. Twitter is a popular micro-blogging platform where short bursts of information – called “Tweets” – are shared, 140 characters at a time. The latest available statistics put Twitter at more than 200 million active users; on average, they spend approximately 170 minutes on the platform each month; 80% access it via mobile. device. For marketers, Tweets can be indicators of what’s happening in real-time. To date, over 170 billion Tweets have been served. what is twitter? Source: Twitter
  3. 3. Food & Drink (32%) Clothing & Accessories (17%) Technology (11%) General Retail (11%) Entertainment (11%) Transport (4%) Beauty Products (3%) Professional Services (3%) brand mentions on twitter Source: Brandwatch
  4. 4. situation analysis In 2013, it was reported that 97% of the world’s largest brands were using Twitter, each tweeting between 10 and 49 times per week. 69% were found to use the platform to broadcast and engage; 66% maintained multiple accounts. Due to the real-time nature of Twitter, nearly every Fortune 100 brand, active or not, is monitoring the channel for insights and trends. Surprisingly, 70% don’t act on their findings. Source: My Clever Agency
  5. 5. Through presence on Twitter, your brand can: o Reinforce and differentiate its identity; o Tap into relevant conversations; o Connect with influencers, advocates and customers; and o Gain competitive insights. opportunity for your brand
  6. 6. getting started 1. Establish role(s) and goal(s) 2. Identify and follow target(s) 3. Create profile(s) 4. Act in real-time 5. Be interesting, concise 6. Respect others 7. Use an URL-shortener 8. Hashtag 9. Engage, don’t broadcast 10. Measure progress
  7. 7. tips and tricks Tweet when it matters. The best time to Tweet is in the afternoon, between 3 and 7PM; the most ReTweeted time of day is 4PM. Seek feedback. 33% of active Twitter users share their opinions on products/companies. Aim for the ReTweet. 53% of Twitter users ReTweet content from other users; 57% of all ReTweets include a link. Reward followers. 35% of Twitter users who follow a brand use that brand.
  8. 8. short-term plan 1. Secure your handles ASAP 2. Identify and follow your influencers 3. Create a real-time response protocol 4. Establish a team and point-guard 5. Have fun
  9. 9. let’s connect o Twitter o Facebook o LinkedIn o SlideShare o Instagram o Pinterest o Google + o Tumblr o Foursquare
  10. 10. a social media primer building your brand on twitter