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  1. 1. enough for even underhood applicationsSuper hi-tech and Metallic colors 1/2 lb: $14.99 2 lbs: $49.99 5 lbs: $124.99 10 lbs: $229.99 95% 95% Gloss Gloss 10329 10286 11817 21503 21504 •10159* 11818 Lo-Temp Topcoat Super-Gloss Clear Metallic Red Rat Rod Flat Brick Red Rat Rod Rust Translucent Violet Metallic Purple 11748 10335** 11816 10285** 11504 10097 51082 Cobalt Blue Blue Stardust Metallic Blue Reflective Chrome Single Stage Reflective Cast Aluminum OEM Wheel Chrome Sparkle Silver *** For the most dramatic effect, Iridescent powders should be applied over a cured dark powder base. We recommend 10161 Mirror Black. **For best results, topcoat with a Clear or Translucent powder 13617 21505 10336** 11819 Bare Metal Black Chrome* Black Stardust Metallic Clear Clear Metallic Clear shown over Black want Free Shipping On Join eastwood’s Buyer’s club and get 15% OFF advertised pricing on eastwood powders pOwderS FOr a Full year? and Free Shipping for a full year! See page 2 or visit powders – good to 1000°F! 1/2 lb: $20.99 2 lbs: $79.99 5 lbs: $189.99 10 lbs: $349.99Similar in color to our popular liquid high temp coatings.Superior to brush/spray on coatings. 15% gloss formulation.Easy to use, just blast the header or manifold, apply PREPainting Prep, coat and cure at 400-450°F. 1/2 lb. will coat 10328 10326 10327 103251 pair of small block headers. Silver Stainless Steel Factory Gray Satin Black powder color chart Easily match powder colors with the Hotcoat Powder Chip Chart. Highlights 92 individual chips that accurately depict all the Eastwood powders. Contains metallics, gloss, flats, textured and translucent powders. 51558 Eastwood HotCoat Powder Chip Chart $14.99 Specialty color Sampler includes one each of Translucent Red, Translucent Gold, Translucent Green, Translucent Blue, Translucent 1/2-lb. powder-color Sampler Kits Violet, Chrome Smoke, and FREE Powder Chart! Can’t decide? Try Eastwood’s popular Sample Kits. 10255 Specialty Color Sampler Kit Each kit includes six 8 oz. bottles of the most popular powders. Orig. $92.93 Save $27.94 $64.99 FREE powder chip chart! Standard color Sampler includes one each of Dark Green, Gloss Metallic color Sampler includes one each of Metallic Red, Single Clear, Bright Yellow, Gloss White, Ford Light Blue, Bright Red, and Stage Reflective Chrome, Metallic Blue, OEM Wheel Sparkle Silver, FREE Powder Chart! Blue Stardust, Black Stardust, and FREE Powder Chart! 10252 Standard Color Sampler Kit 51358 Metallic Color Sampler Kit Orig. $68.93 Save $26.94 $41.99 Orig. $104.93 Save $34.94 $69.99 Order toll-free 800-345-1178 hOtcOat pOwder cOating 51