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  1. 1. 43459 Nylon Pry Bar Sets won’t damage delicate surfaces Customers praise the usefulness of our Nylon Pry Tool Sets so much that we expanded it to two sets.The 10-piece set comes in a handy pouch and includes the three most populartools in a softer, more flexible material. Originally designed for a leading OE Restore yourvehicle manufacturer, both kits are made from the same strong glass-filled steering wheelNylon and provide greater versatility in removing trim, emblems and more Use the Complete Steering Wheelwithout damage to surface finishes. Restoration Kit (52194Z) for cracks in hard21147 Professional Installer Nylon 10-Piece Pry Tool Set $39.99 plastic and Bakelite. For steering wheels43459 Master Installer Nylon 7-Piece Pry Tool Set $32.99 21147 requiring major repair try our Master Steering Wheel Restoration Kit (52196Z) with adhesion promoter and steering wheelClever Trim Tools in every shape you’ll ever need repair book. Both kits include detailed Quickly detach panels and remove interior instructions and everything you need for fasteners. Heat treated steel and non-slip professional repair. 52297 handles with integral thumb rest provide 52194Z Complete Steering Wheel excellent leverage while wide flat fulcrum Restoration Kit $35.99 point keeps tool from marring painted 52196Z Master Steering Wheel surfaces. Restoration Kit $49.99 52298 rim and Tack Tool $12.99 T 52047 PC7 Epoxy, 1 lb $16.99 52299 52299 Door Panel Removal Tool $14.99 52195 PC7 Epoxy, 1/2 lb $9.99 52297 Reversed Door Panel Tool $14.99 52017 Steering Wheel Restoration 52296 Piece Door Panel and Trim 3 Handbook $11.99 Removal Set, includes 52297, 52366Z SEM Plastic Adhesion Promoter, 52298 52299, and 52298 Orig. $42.97 14.75 oz. Aerosol $17.99 Save $4.98 $37.99 52354 -Piece Master Door Panel 5 Stainless Tool Set, pictured at left $54.99 Brighten your ride with OE Interior/Upholstery Paints that won’t crack or peel Freshen the look of faded vinyl, leather and plastics. Flexible 52033 enough for seats, UV resistant enough for vinyl tops and trim. 52032 These specially formulated coatings offer excellent appearance, scuff 52019 resistance and overall durability. Restore or change the color of your vinyl upholstery and plastic surfaces permanently. Use Plastic/ The right Leather Prep (52056Z) for optimum results and adhesion tools make promoter (52366Z). Colors shown are approximate. upholstery Each 12 oz. net wt. aerosol covers approx. 6 sq. ft. Single Aerosol Cans, order from listing below $10.99 installation 3 or more cans of same color $10.49 each easier 52031 Our Stretching Pliers (52031) allow you to 11438Z 11440Z 11445Z 11450Z 11447Z grasp and stretch the cover to hold it in place White Super White Light Buckskin Palomino Camel while installing the Hog Rings (52033). The Eastwood Hog Ring Pliers are available 11442Z 11444Z 11437Z 11446Z 11448Z in both straight (52032) and bent (52019) Portola Red Firethorn Red Napa Red Burgundy Shadow Blue configurations. 11451Z 11443Z 11439Z 11449Z 52019 Bent Hog Ring Pliers $24.99 Graphite Warm Gray Presidio Landau Black 52032 Straight Hog Ring Pliers $24.99 52031 Stretching Pliers $36.99 Prep your interior right 52042Z Prep and Sand-Free Kit 52033 Hog Rings, pack of 100 $4.99 52040Z SEM Sand-Free Primer, 11 oz. $11.99 Includes one can each of Plastic/ 21569 Hog Rings, pack of 300 $9.99 52366Z SEM Plastic Adhesion Promoter $17.99 Leather Prep and SEM Sand-Free 21570 Hog Rings, pack of 500 $14.99 52056Z Plastic/Leather Prep, 11 oz. $14.99 Primer Orig. $26.98 50394 Eastwood Pro Upholstery Kit 52055Z Vinyl Prep, 14 oz. $11.99 Save $3.99 $22.99 Includes 52031, 52032, 52019 and Find additional upholstery paints online – keyword: INTERIOR PAINTS (2) 52033 Orig. $96.95 Save $10.96 $85.9966 INTERIOR AND EXTERIOR Order 24/7 at