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  1. 1. Pin-point spot blastingfor rust and paintIdeal for spot blasting, this hand-held unituses 60-80 grit and finer media. Connectair line and blast! Specs: Operates at60-125 psi at 6 Cfm. fitting size:1/4” NPT; Capacity: 26 oz.; max particlesize: 14 grit. One-year limited warranty.22035 Speed Blaster Gravity Feed Blaster with 30 oz. Hopper $59.9922035A Replacement Speed Blaster Nozzle $14.99 Spray bottle not included22035C Steel Insert (behind nozzle) $6.9922053 3 lb. Aluminum Oxide $14.99 NEW Clean, etchJust let go to stop the flow! and protect bare metalYour replacement deadman valve for our ALC blasters. Release the spring Designed to clean, degrease and etch freshly blasted or sanded metalaction handle and a seal block drops over prior to painting or powder coating. Use with a plastic spray bottle tothe nozzle tip to stop the flow. 1" OD liberally apply to the part, wipe and reapply until all contaminants areblast hose. five-year mfr’s warranty. removed, no rinsing is required. The blend of aqueous cleaners and phosphoric acid properly cleans, degreases and etches the metal leaving22007 Deadman Valve $79.9922007A Seal Block, 3-pack $11.99 a zinc phosphate coating that is excellent for paint, primer or powder22012 3/32” Ceramic Nozzle $12.99 adhesion. Also protects the metal from flash corrosion for extended22013 1/8” Ceramic Nozzle $12.99 periods. Use on all your freshly blasted cast iron, steel or aluminum22015 3/16” Ceramic Nozzle $12.99 components. One gallon will clean a standard size frame.22016 1/4” Ceramic Nozzle $12.99 11971ZP Eastwood After Blast, 1 Gallon $39.9922017 5/16” Ceramic Nozzle $12.99Protect yourself with this Caps/Plugs protectabrasive Blast Hood important partsProtect your eyes from rebounding abrasive Protect critical areas from abrasivewith our high-quality blast hood. features large contact with this Vinyl Protectoracrylic view plate and adjustable internal head Cap/Plug for maximum visibility and comfort. 22002 Vinyl Protector Cap/Plug 22095 Deluxe Blast Hood $39.99 Kit, 5/16” to 1-3/4”, 22095A Replacement Lens $5.99 54-Piece $16.99 Warning: Pressure blasters and blast cabinets emit abrasive particles under high pressure. Adequate respiratory, eye, and body protection must be utilized at all times during product operation. Inhalation of silica-based blast media particles have been known to cause cancer and other deadly diseases and must be avoided. Always wear NIOSH-approved respiratory protection when operating this equipment.Pick the right abrasive for the jobWhen using any blast media be sure to use proper eye, respiratory, and Use one of these recyclable medias as a substitute for sand in your protection especially if using ordinary sand. Abrasive blasting with Be sure to wear appropriate NIOSH approved respiratory protection.sand creates dust that can cause respiratory damage known as silicosis. Glass Bead Ground Glass Silicon Carbide Aluminum Oxide Walnut Shells Type of Abrasive Blasting Project Keep abrasives clean Blast Media Price each Price each Price each Keep your blaster working efficiently Selection Removal of Paint removal, Cleaning 1-3 4-9 10 - 19 Grit Part # carbon, rust, no rust (sheet aluminum, 50 lb. 50 lb. 50 lb. Chart and paint metal) brass, die-cast containers containers containers and the media flowing uniformly by using the Abrasive Sifter Screen to Glass Bead 70/100 22023 Good Good Better $39.99* $38.99* $37.99* remove debris. 11” dia. Glass Bead 100/170 13772 Good Good BEST $49.99* $48.99* $47.99* Ground Glass 10/40 13780 BEST - - $26.99* $25.99* $24.99* 22022 Abrasive Sifter Screen $14.99 Ground Glass 40/70 13779 BEST Good - $26.99* $25.99* $24.99* Silicon Carbide 60 22019 Better Good - $134.99* $133.99* $132.99* Aluminum Oxide 60 22021 BEST Good - $64.99* $63.99* $62.99* Aluminum Oxide 90 13792 BEST Good - $64.99* $63.99* $62.99* Walnut Shells 12/20 22018 Good Better Better $39.99* $38.99* $37.99* *Special shipping charges may apply Order toll-free 800-345-1178 aBraSive BlaSting 47