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Cutting edge technology has made Evercoat the body shop’s choice for more than 40 years.

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  1. 1. Preparation makes the paint job perfect Since 1950 US Chemical has been supplying the collision repair industry with quality innovative products and now they are available to you. Hardener included. Cutting edge technology has made Evercoat the body shop’s choice for more than 40 years.USC All-Metal replaces lead General-Purpose Feather-Rite®Repairs metal with metal. Lightweight filler with Metal-2-MetalExcellent adhesion to superb workability. Ideal replacement for lead, thismetals and wood. Can be Smooth and creamy filler is fortified with aluminumdrilled and tapped. Ideal for soft sanding formula and fiberglass. Water resistant.repairing damaged or rotted that virtually eliminates Hardener included. 1 quart.out sections of metal. pinholes. Tack-free and 10021ZP Metal-2-Metal Quart $30.9950750ZP USC All Metal, Gallon $89.99 clog free.50751ZP USC All Metal, Quart $29.99 50754ZP USC Feather-Rite, Gallon $19.99 Slick Sand™ Primer-Surfacer 50755ZP USC Feather-Rite, Quart $9.99 Slick Sand is a sprayable polyesterSprayable High Build Primer/Surfacer primer designed to cover heavyEliminator HB has High-Tech Fuzion Lightweight Filler scratches and effectively adhereexcellent adhesion, very Formulated with patented to metal, galvanized metal,high fill and superior N-TEK technology for aluminium, fiberglass, SMCsolvent resistance when maximum adhesion and body filler. Color coat can beproperly cured. On to galvanized steel, applied directly overtop.fiberglass it replaces aluminum and all metals. 31108ZP Slick Sand™ Quart $27.99 damaged gel coat and fills 36 grit grinder Excellent sanding and 2 or more $27.49 eachmarks in 2 to 3 coats. feather edge properties. 19784ZP Slick Sand™ Gallon $69.9950776ZP USC High Build 50752ZP SC Fuzion Lightweight Filler, U Primer/Surfacer, Gallon $64.99 Gallon $29.99 Rage Xtreme™ eliminates50777ZP USC High Build sanding time Primer/Surfacer, Quart $19.99 Late models need lightweight The pinhole-free formula design Pro-GlasWaterproof Duraglas ® allows self-leveling for easy Specially formulated and spreading, superior adhesion andReinforced with short approved for SMC and heavy filling. Includes hardener.strand fiberglass for rigid plastic repairs. Safe for 31332ZP Rage Xtreme™ .8 Gallon $59.99superior strength and use on SMC, Steel,durability. Ideal for rusted Aluminum, Fiberglass, Rage® Gold sands easilyout holes, tears and cracks Wood, Masonry, and The easiest sanding filler you canin metal or fiberglass substrates. Rustproof concrete. use, ZNX-7™ assures adhesion toand waterproof. 51103ZP USC Pro-Glas, Gallon $39.99 steel, galvanized and aluminum.50756ZP USC Duraglas Gallon $49.99 51104ZP USC Pro-Glas, Quart $16.99 Stain resistant. Cream hardenerPro-Glaze Finishing Putty Hardeners included. 0.8 gallon 12712ZP Rage® Gold .8 Gallon $44.99Spreads smooth to All USC and Evercoat products are shippedpenetrate minor from Eastwood with hardener. Should you Metal Glaze® eliminates pinholesimperfections and need spare tubes, please be sure to order the Extra thin formula allows foreliminate pinholes. correct hardener. ultra smooth application and easyIntermix with other 14064 Cream Hardener, 2.75 oz. $3.99 sanding. Hardener included.premium USC body fillers. Will adhere to 14065 Liquid Hardener, 40ml $3.99 50781Z USC All Metal 31279Z Metal Glaze® metal, body filler, fiberglass and flexible surfaces. 30 oz. $34.99 Hardener, .5 oz. $3.9950758Z SC Pro-Glaze Finishing Putty, U 24 oz. Tube $29.99 Find additional USC products online – Feather Fill sprays50757Z USC Icing, 24 oz. Tube $29.99 keyword: USC smooth, sands easy Feather Fill G2 is a sprayable polyester filler that is used overNEW High-build, steel, aluminum, fiberglass, SMC, Low-vOC Primer OEM finishes, body filler and Self Etching Primers. High solids, high buildEvercoat’s Super Build 4:1 Polyester Primer-Surfacer provides an excellent foundation for any painthas exceptional filling capabilities and can be applied system. Liquid Catalyst included.directly to bare metal. You will appreciate the way it 19781ZP Gray Gallon $64.99 sprays out to a smooth, no texture finish and is easy 13803ZP Gray Quart $24.99to sand level. Ideal for use on bare metal, SMC, rigid 19782ZP Buff Gallon $64.99 plastics, aluminum and over body fillers and putties. 13804ZP Buff Quart $24.99Super Build is compatible with both solvent and 19783ZP Black Gallon $64.99 waterborne paints. Kit includes 4:1 activator. 13805ZP Black Quart $24.9912577ZP Super Build Gray Primer, Find more Evercoat products online – Gallon Kit $109.99 keyword: EvERCOAT28 BODY AND FENDER Order 24/7 at