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Eastwood’s Fender Finisher® Easily “roll” front fender lips to increase tire clearance without having to remove the wheel!

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  1. 1. Eastwood’s Fender Finisher® Easily “roll” front fender lips to increase tire clearance without having to remove the wheel! Constructed from powder coated stamped steel with molded hand grips and replaceable “forming”Save your back! pads this toolPortable Stand lets you will last for years. 2 extra pads and work standing up The extended reach handle instruction book includedOur portable bench is easy to set up. Sturdy provides the leverage needed to rolltubular steel frame adjusts for varying front fenders easily and quickly. Aheights and widths. Thick 3/8” foam rubber typical car will take about 20-30padding protects parts from scratching. minutes and can be done without500 pound capacity. jacking or removing the wheels.43120 ortable Work Stand P Replaceable rubber forming pads NEW LOW PRICE $29.99 are designed to take the abuse and minimize any paint damage. Typically one pad will roll both front fenders. Save $9.98 on complete Larry Lyles DVD set! Easy 2 Step process: 1. Turn the front wheels in both directions and determine the contact area with the front fenders. Mark the area to be “rolled” with tape. 2. Use the Fender Finisher and slowly reshape and roll in the inner fender edge. Do not compress the lip in one motion but slowly form the lip in small increments, to assure an OE From muscle car Learn with Larry Lyles! look and reduce the chance of over- to late model – Curing Paint Problems If you’ve ever forming and stretching the metal. roll fenders fast had a paint problem this DVD will show A must have tool for any application and easilyyou how to correct that problem and teach where you are increasing wheel/tireyou how to prevent problems from ever size, lowering the front suspensionhappening in the first place. or just want a custom “roll” look12255 Vol 4, Curing Paint to the front fenders. Includes tool, Problems DVD $34.99 (2) replaceable pads and detailedBasic Body Repair Take out dents, instruction book.apply body filler and block it smooth, repair 11537 Eastwood Fender Finisher hail damage and replace rusted sheet metal NEW LOW PRICE $49.99with the latest non-structural sheet metal 11952 Replacement Pads $7.99replacement techniques and more.21538 Vol 1, Basic Body Eastwood’s Fender Repair DVD $34.99Basic Painting Techniques Block sand Finishing Toolto perfection, then learn about the latest easily “rolls” the frontpainting products and techniques – fender’s sharp inner edge,base coat/clear coat. Finally, polishing toperfection to get that “lacquer look”. to prevent tire damage21539 Vol 2, Painting Techniques DVD $34.99Sheet Metal Replacement Learn how Save when you buyto replace floor pans, quarter panels, door the combination Fenderskins and unibody sheet metal panels like Finisher and Heat Gun Kitthe pros. Includes section on lead repair. Use the heat gun to gently heat the paint21540 Vol 3, Sheet Metal on the outside of the fender to ease forming Replacement DVD $34.99 without damaging the paint.12384 4 DVD Set, Over 200 minutes 12122 Eastwood Fender Finisher and Orig. $139.96 Heat Gun Kit Orig. $99.98 Save $9.97 $129.99 Save $9.99 $89.9926 BODY AND FENDER Order 24/7 at eastwood.com