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  1. 1. Fast powder and paint dissolver Here’s an environmentally friendly reusable coating remover that really works fast by dissolving the coating – not stripping. Simply immerse parts in the Dissolver and remove a few minutes later when coating changes color, then rinse residue off with cold running water. Larger parts can be treated by recirculating product with a small solvent resistant pump and vinyl hose to assure complete coverage. After During Before Safe on aluminum. 12849 Eastwood Powder Coat and Paint Dissolver, Quart $22.99 12850 Eastwood Powder Coat and Paint Dissolver, Gallon $74.99dissolve rust in one easy stepwith eastwood’s Fast etch!The Fast Etch one-step process effectively dissolves rust and leaves a protectivezinc-phosphate coating on the surface. Spray, brush, wipe or dip Fast Etch ontorusted parts; then for maximum results, wipe treated parts with Eastwood’s PRE(10041Z) to neutralize the Fast Etch. Fast Etch is an excellent metal prep forpowder coating and painting. One gallon will treat 200-300 square feet of metal.Also available in Gel for vertical and overhead surfaces.19416Z Fast Etch, 16 Fl. oz Bottle $15.9919418ZP Fast Etch, 1 Gallon Bottle $36.9920558ZP Fast Etch, 1 Gallon Gel $38.9921721ZP Fast Etch, 5 Gallon $149.99* *Special shipping charges may apply educate yourself with the Fluidizing attachment Beginning powder coater’s handbook assures even powder delivery Here’s a great place to start learning more about powder coating and The High Performance improving your technique. This book focuses on the HotCoat line Deflector provides of powder coating guns and equipment. Written with the first time a narrower powder powder coater in mind, this book includes chapters on: Safety, Types pattern and less waste. 34128 10128 of Powder, Powder Coating Equipment and Supplies, Cleaning and 34128 Fluidizing Attachment $12.99 Preparation, Masking and Special Effects, Applying, Curing, Care of 10128 High-Performance Deflector $9.99 the Finish, Troubleshooting, Starting a Powder Coating Business and much more. 59 color images, 68 pages softbound. Tracy Norris author. 58144 Beginning Powder Coater’s Handbook $29.99 improve transfer efficiency Kit contains two performance deflectors disposable in-Line air Filter removes moisture, dirt and oil to make powder go Clean and dry air traveling through an air hose can pick up moisture, dirt and oil. further, a fluidizing This in-line filter will remove any remaining contaminants down to one micron adapter for uniform 10186 before they ruin your paint or powder job. Mounts on your paint gun or HotCoat mixing and faster Powder Gun, 1 ⁄4” NPT threads. powder delivery, and three gun cups with lids 34066 In-Line Air Filter $6.99 for quick color changes. 10186 HotCoat High Performance Kit $29.99 Stand prevents drop damage to your powder gun gun cups and lids Securely supports your Eastwood HotCoat Powder Coating Store powder or make fast color Gun on horizontal or vertical surfaces. Durable powder changes. Eliminate the need to coated finish. clean your powder bottles! 12750 Eastwood HotCoat 10198B Gun Cups with Lids, Powder Coating Gun Stand $19.99 set of 3 $4.99 10198B5250 hotcoat powder coating order 24/7 at