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  1. 1. NEW Eastwood rustHere’s where you’ll find the best Dissolver – nowproducts to remove, treat and available in a Gel!prevent rust. We harnessed the powerful rust dissolving properties of• Removal – Depending on your project our popular Liquid Rustand the severity of its rust, choose from Dissolver and put it intwo chemical solutions: a gel. This gel dissolves (1) Eastwood’s Rust Dissolver is now rust without having to Removes rust from available in both liquid and new large surface areas submerse the metal in a tub Gel formulas. or bucket. Ideal for hoods, (2) Fast Etch is an aggressive acid that fenders and other large surfaces. removes rust and leaves a zinc-phosphate Eastwood’s Gel Rust Dissolver is easy coating, ideal for powder coating. to use: Remove loose rust and scale with a wire brush then apply the Gel by brushing• Treatment – Eastwood’s Rust Converter or submerging. It will penetrate deep into the metaltransforms rust into a more stable form. dissolving the rust in a few hours. So gentle, it’s suitableFollow with two coats of Eastwood’s for engine parts and is harmless to copper, brass, aluminum,legendary Rust Encapsulator to seal and solder, lead, plastic, rubber, seals, wood, and vinyl.stop rust in its tracks. Leave it as a top coat 12096 Gel Rust Dissolver “I was impressed with thisor paint over it! Quart $24.99 12097 Gel Rust Dissolver product... it really does work!”• Prevention – You’ll find a large array of Gallon $49.99 – Curt, OHother anti-rust and undercoating productsthat treat inside frames, doors, rockerpanels and more to keep rust away! Eastwood rust DissolverEastwood is your best source removes rust fast, withoutfor rust-related products! metal-eating acid An acid-free rust remover, Eastwood’s Rust Dissolver removes the rust, not metal. Parts Beforeturn your most-used can remain in contact with Eastwood Rustchemicals into easy- Dissolver without damage. Leaves metalto-spray aerosols ready to paint, plate or powder coat. So AfterProvides a uniform spray mist gentle, it’s suitable for engine parts. Harmlessfor most light liquids, cleaners to copper, brass, aluminum, solder, lead,and lubricants. These sprayers use plastic, rubber, seals, wood, or vinyl. Willcompressed air as the propellant. not remove paint and chrome that adheres toEasy to use as an aerosol...just the surface. Removes bluing and other oxidepoint and spray then refill and coatings. Items that cannot be fully immersed duerecharge. You never “run out” to size can be placed in the discharge stream of aof propellant. Holds just under 1 quart. commonly available small pump. One gallonIncludes 3 tips for stream, mist, and fan spray. de-rusts about 20 square feet.11181 Eastwood Rechargeable 16037 Liquid Rust Dissolver, Quart $19.99 Aerosol $54.99 16038 Liquid Rust Dissolver, Gallon $39.99 16039 Liquid Rust Dissolver, 5 Gallons $169.99* the penetrant the pros use *Special shipping charges may applyKroil is an industryproven penetratingoil that has no equal.Quickly loosens Metal Wash is your water-rusted nuts and based solution for cleaningbolts - frees frozen greasy metal partsshafts, pulleys, etc. Effectively removes grease, oily preservativesPenetrates to and contaminants, leaving behind corrosion1 millionth inch spaces, dissolves rust, inhibitors that prevent flash rust for uplubricates, cleans and prevents rust. Sili Kroil to three weeks and promote adhesion ofhas the added benefits of silicone to displace topcoats. A safe, effective water-basedwater and protect against corrosion. Available degreaser concentrate, 10120 makes 8-10in aerosols and gallons. quarts and 51081 makes up to 10 gallons43381Z Sili Kroil, 16.5 oz. Aerosol $24.99 of solution.50045 Sili Kroil, Gallon $79.99 10120 Metal Wash, 7 oz. $14.99 50044Z Kroil, 16.5 oz. Aerosol $24.99 3 or more $14.49 each43380 Kroil, Gallon $79.99 51081 Metal Wash, 28 oz. $39.9960 rust solutions order 24/7 at