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==== ====To Overcome or Cure Fear of Public Speaking check this out: ====Whenever an average perso... ====To Overcome or Cure Fear of Public Speaking check this out:http...
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How to Cure Fear of Speaking in Public


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For Secrets tp Stress Free Public Speaking check this out:

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How to Cure Fear of Speaking in Public

  1. 1. ==== ====To Overcome or Cure Fear of Public Speaking check this out: ====Whenever an average person thinks of a public speaking situation, the immediate emotion hefeels is fear. Fear of Speaking in Public is universal. For some people, it will be at a sub-consciouslevel and for others, it will be perceptible. Yet, speaking is something which everyone enjoys. Infact, talking to others is one of the psychological needs of human beings. But still, people have thisirrational fear. Why do we have this fear and what can we do to come out of this?Fears can be of various types. One category of fear is the fear of the unknown. If you are offeredyour dream job with a handsome salary, you will be elated. But if you are told that your place ofwork will be a town not familiar to you, your enthusiasm will instantly evaporate. People fearunknown places, unknown people, unknown things and unknown experiences. The fear of publicspeaking stems from the natural tendency of the human mind to fear the unknown.Do you travel often? Recall your experiences. How comfortable are you with a person sitting nextto you in a train or a plane? Initially, you have a lurking suspicion about the person. Will he or shebe an affable person? You fear him though he could not do you any harm, unless he is a terrorist,which is only a remote possibility. (Anyway, this fear has been there even in those days whenterrorism had not raised its head.) But after a while, once you start exchanging a few words, youbecome more comfortable with him and the fear fades away.The above example helps us to understand the genesis of the fear of speaking in public. Moreimportantly, it also gives us a clue to overcome this fear. You understand that it is natural for youto be apprehensive of speaking in public. After all fearing the unknown is a natural trait of humanbeings. But how do we drive out this fear? We are relieved of our reservations about our next seatneighbor in the train by getting ourselves acquainted with them. The unknown person becomes afriendly neighbor in no time. You can use the same strategy with public speaking.If you want to free yourself from the fear of public speaking, get acquainted with public speaking.How do you do this? Speak! Speak in public, whenever there is an opportunity. Plunge into thepublic speaking arena without giving an opportunity to your fear to talk you out of it.Fear of Public Speaking is the most irrational of all fears and anyone came overcome PublicSpeaking Fears, with a little effort.Article Source:
  2. 2. ====To Overcome or Cure Fear of Public Speaking check this out: ====