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SaaS Springboard API


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Looking to accelerate the development of your SaaS application? Integrate with the SaaS Ventures "SaaS Springboard" API.

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SaaS Springboard API

  1. 1. Envision a more efficient future in Software as a Service has evolved.
  2. 2. What is SaaS? Software-as-a-service (SaaS) is a software delivery model in which software and associated data are centrally hosted on the Cloud. Simply put: SaaS is online software (an alternative to purchasing & installing on your computer)
  3. 3. What are SaaS Revenue Models ? Upgrade to Paid Upgrade Service Levels FREE Trial Renew
  4. 4. Current Environment Entrepreneurs & Developers reinvent the wheel when creating their app. This results in: ● Costly MVP ○ Slow to market ○ Unnecessary development fees ● Costly 3rd party support tools ● Non-scalable application
  5. 5. Overlay of typical SaaS capabilities Common Features
  6. 6. Common Features in any SaaS App Marketing Tour, Pricing, Couponing Customer Support Forum, FAQ, Contact Authentication Registration, Sign in User Management User Profiles, Roles & Invite Subscriptions Membership, Payment Your App’s Features Custom Processes Springboard Features
  7. 7. What is the SaaS SpringboardTM ? A rapid-development “Springboard” platform & modules used to support SaaS applications. Development Completed 7/2014.
  8. 8. With our Springboard you no longer need to reinvent the wheel. We have ended one-dimensional, non-scalable, development heavy, slow to market SaaS development.
  9. 9. Engineering Operations Business Product Specific Features
  10. 10. “For every 1 line of code it takes to write your application, you need 10 lines of code to support it.”
  11. 11. Engineering Layer ● Multi-Tenancy ● Security (Data Access/Encryption) ● Role Management ● Privilege Management ● Audit Trail ● Single Sign On ● Notifications
  12. 12. Operations Layer ● Tenant Management ● User Management ● Subscription Management ● Metering
  13. 13. Business Layer ● Customer Acquisition Tools ● Customer Retention Tools ● Analytics ○ Churn Analysis ○ Cohort Analysis ○ Ad Hoc Reporting
  14. 14. SaaS Springboard & Modules ACL Groups Users Logs Menu Email Forum Support Multi-tenant (Level 3) White Label Identity Subscription Wallet Affiliate Commission Marketplace Vanity URLs REST API Social Posting Social Validation Leaderboard Gamification (Badging) Single Sign On (SSO) Customer (CRM) Internal Messaging Task Management
  15. 15. User Screenshots
  16. 16. Manage Profile Info & Images
  17. 17. Manage Profile Social Accounts & Companies
  18. 18. Manage Payment Profiles (Internal, PayPal, Credit Card)
  19. 19. Manage Profile Settings
  20. 20. Easily Invite Friends via Email or Social
  21. 21. Company Screenshots
  22. 22. Manage Company Profile
  23. 23. Manage Company Profile
  24. 24. Manage Company Team Members
  25. 25. Manage Company Subscription
  26. 26. Manage Company Subscription
  27. 27. Administrative Screenshots
  28. 28. Administrative Overview
  29. 29. Manage “White Label” versions of your site (Multi-Tenant)
  30. 30. User Management
  31. 31. Permission Management
  32. 32. Subscription Plan Management
  33. 33. Subscription Feature Management
  34. 34. Subscription Management
  35. 35. Promotions Management
  36. 36. Company Management
  37. 37. Payment Management
  38. 38. Gamification Management
  39. 39. Forum Management
  40. 40. Push Administrative Alerts to Users
  41. 41. Customize System Generated Emails
  42. 42. We make SaaS... ...Faster, Cheaper, Stronger by leveraging our robust DEVELOPMENT FRAMEWORK ...Smarter, More Effective, Analytically driven with our MARKETING TOOLS ...Insightful, Helpful, Connected through our SUPPORT FEATURES
  43. 43. What is the SaaS Ventures story? We are a solid team of engineers & marketers. As a byproduct of creating & deploying our own applications we now have a foundation we call our Springboard we want to package as PaaS to allow the world to enjoy!
  44. 44. We are a global team with global ambition
  45. 45. Rob Bertholf Product PATENT APPLICATION #US20060294199 Google Search Engine Optimization Expert #1 of over 20 Million Results
  46. 46. Steve Sue Business
  47. 47. What is the SaaS as PaaS API ? A Platform as a Service (PaaS) hosted application designed for developers & entrepreneurs to easily integrate to rapidly build their application.
  48. 48. SDK Integration 3 choices
  49. 49. OPTION 1: API Model Your Server * Subscriptions Customer Support Marketing Authentication User Management Your App’s Features Platform as a Service API Only
  50. 50. OPTION 2: Split Model Your Server * Platform as a Service Subscriptions Customer Support Marketing Authentication User Management Your App’s Features
  51. 51. OPTION 3: SaaS Hosted Model Your Server * Platform as a Service Subscriptions Customer Support Marketing Authentication User Management Your App’s Features In Development
  52. 52. Rapid Deployment Leverage our platform for your marketing front-end, registration/login, subscription management and customer acquisition & support features such as our forum & more. The core capability of your product is developed by you on your server integrating off of our API to pull authenticated user information & subscription details and call common features such as sending emails, sending social media posts, pulling social media metrics, etc.
  53. 53. Readymade Sales Tools ● Our Identity manager offers a highly configurable marketing presence in minutes! ● Leverage SaaS acquisition best practices ● Dynamic Multivariate Testing ● Preconfigured Google Analytics events & ● Leverage integrated White Label features
  54. 54. Pricing & FAQ ● Highly configurable plans and features ● Free trial & annual pricing ● Enterprise package lead management
  55. 55. Getting Started 3 steps
  56. 56. ● API (run from your server) ● Split Model ● SaaS Hosted (run from our servers) ● Select Capability Bundles & Services 1. Choose a model & features Model: Features:
  57. 57. 2. Download & install your SDK Current open-source API wrapper/SDK’s available in: ● PHP ● Need a language? Contact Us
  58. 58. 3. Build your product-specific features Just like that you are up and running and can start building out your MVP !
  59. 59. API References More information at:
  60. 60. Want more reasons? An added advantage of deploying on our platform is our affiliate & white label program, OvernightCEO , which turns experienced growth hackers and entrepreneurs into your motivated sales force.
  61. 61. Questions? Rob Bertholf