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Advance Automotive Lighting Designs-One


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Advance Automotive Lighting Designs-One

  1. 1. Advanced LED Lighting Designs Robert H. Miller Advanced LED Lighting Designs Robert H. Miller Volume One
  2. 2. Advanced LED Lighting Designs Portfolio of Robert H. Miller 1
  3. 3. Copyright 2000 - 2010 by Robert H. Miller All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced or utilized in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or by any information storage and retrieval system, without permission in writing from the author and or publisher. Robert H. Miller Publishing PO Box 871383 Canton, Michigan 48187 USA Book design: Robert H. Miller Photography: Robert H Miller OEM pictures used with permission2
  4. 4. This book reflects the lighting design trends in automotive. Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs)forever changed the way illumination is used in vehicles, offering designers bold newlooks, rich colors, and visual sophistication by "lightscaping" interiors and exteriors. In thefollowing pages I have outlined some of the "BEST" vehicles that I have designed lightingfor. Although there are many more equally as interesting, the designs presented in thispublication represent my personal favorites of the creative uses of lighting design. - Robert H Miller 3
  5. 5. 4
  6. 6. General Motors "Hy-wire" 2002 6DaimlerChrysler "Tomahawk" 2003 10General Motors "SAE - STS" 2005 14Ford "SYNus" 2005 16Nissan "AZEAL" 2005 20Ford "Super Chief" 2006 24Mercury Hybrid "Presidential Edition 06" 32GM "Colorado Z71" SEMA 2006 36Lincoln "MKR" 2007 38Ford "Airstream Concept" 2007 58Ford "HySeries Edge" 2007 64Cadence & Continental "Console" 2007 683M "Viki III Technology Vehicle" 2007 723M Automotive "CHMSL" 2008 82Continential Automotive "Color" 2008 86"LightJet" Technology 90ASP "Triad LED Flashlight" 2006 - 2008 94Profile: Robert H. Miller 98 5
  7. 7. General Motors "Hy-wire" 20026
  8. 8. Interior LED "Mood" Lighting in Doors Electroluminescent Experience8 EL in Floors, Wheel Wells and Ceiling
  9. 9. LEDs, EL and CCFL Headlamps 9
  10. 10. DaimlerChrysler "Tomahawk" 200310
  11. 11. 12
  12. 12. 13
  13. 13. General Motors "SAE - STS" Technology Vehicle 200514
  14. 14. Illuminated "Hot or Cold" Cup Holders 15
  15. 15. Ford "SYNus" 200516
  16. 16. Window Lighting LightScaping the InteriorRear Light Guide and Window Lighting 17
  17. 17. Electroluminescent IP LED Flexible Circuit (white)18 Flex Circuit Installation LED Flexible Circuit (dual - white & amber)
  18. 18. "3125" LEDs Mounted on a Flexible Circuits 19
  19. 19. Nissan "AZEAL" 200520
  20. 20. RGB "HID" Look RGB "Fog" LightingRGB "Whatever" Lighting Street Legal Lighting 21
  21. 21. 22 RGB Headlamps and Fog Lamps Light Guide Lighting
  22. 22. First LED "Smooth-Even" Tail Lamps 100% RGB Lighting Mood Lighting in Door Panel LED Circuit on Edge of Glass Spoiler 23
  23. 23. Ford "Super Chief" 200624 Front LED Arrays
  24. 24. Chrome Turns to Light "OFF" State "ON" State 25
  25. 25. Light Guide Development Forward Lighting LED Heat Sinks LED Light Guide for Interior Doors26 Rear LED Lighting (smooth & even) LED HB Fog Lighting
  26. 26. Anti-Reflection Coatings Test Finished Optics Fully Functioning Light 27
  27. 27. "OFF" State "ON" State Top Looking Down30 LED Light Guide System Major Excitement
  28. 28. Roof Lighting "OFF" StateRoof Lighting "On" State Roof Lighting LED Light Guide Development 31
  29. 29. Mercury Mariner Hybrid "Presidential Edition" Interior Mood and Task Lighting32
  30. 30. Mercury Mariner Hybrid Presidential Vehicle 33
  31. 31. Former President Clinton Receives an Overview on Hybrid Technology
  32. 32. LightJet LED Spot and Mood Design Creation of Ceiling HousingHigh Brightness 8500 Kelvin White Illuminated Interior 35
  33. 33. GM "Colorado Z 71" 2006 SEMA36
  34. 34. LightJet Projection Technology "Off" State GM Colorado Z 71 2006 SEMA Concept 37
  35. 35. Lincoln "MKR" 200738
  36. 36. 39
  37. 37. MKR Forward Lighting using Light-by-Wire Technology
  38. 38. MKR Concept
  39. 39. 2007 NAIAS MKR Lighting Designer Rob Miller
  40. 40. "Lighting is an important design element, we know customers are paying more attention to the lighting in their homes than ever before, and we wanted to leverage it to create even more ambiance and drama with this concept." - Gordon Platto, Chief Designer"The Lincoln MKR concept is sophisticated and modern, resembling an athlete - extremely strong and fit but looks elegant in a tuxedo." - Peter Holbury, Executive Director - Design The AmericasFrom the rear, the MKR concept is instantly recognizable as a Lincoln, thanks tofull-width dimensional LED tail lamps stretching from side to side. Ice Blue white LED lighting is carried throughout the high-contrast interior, emitting from doorpanels, mohair-carpeted foot wells, seats, center console and perhaps the mostdramatically from the large Lincoln star above which is easily viewed from each of the Lincoln MKR concepts four seats. 45
  41. 41. 3D Rear Lighting with Floating Amber Turn Signals "First" use of LED circuit directly on Lens46 Dimensional Rear Lighting MKR License Plate
  42. 42. MKR Rear Cube
  43. 43. MKR Interior
  44. 44. 2007 NAIAS 3D GaugesMassive 21" Wheels and Logo Tires Initial Design Renderings 49
  45. 45. MKR Forward Lighting Module , 16 Total 53
  46. 46. "Under Construction" - Fitting the Front Amber Turn Signal
  47. 47. MKR Concept
  48. 48. 2007 Ford "Airstream Concept" Code Name: American Journey58
  49. 49. 2007 NAIAS Introduction J Mays Clay Mockup CAD for Lighting Design 59
  50. 50. Press Event
  51. 51. Center Stage Ford Booth
  52. 52. The orange surroundwindow lighting wasaccomplished by usingLEDs with a custom light Transparent Chrome Grillguide and reflectivesystem. Complex Light Guide Development 63
  53. 53. 2007 Ford "HySeries Edge"64
  54. 54. Illuminated Fuel Doors
  55. 55. 2007 Cadence Innovation & Continental Joint Technology Development68
  56. 56. Cadence Innovation
  57. 57. Day / Night Renderings Original Concept RenderingCompleted Unit at GM Tech World Side Illumination 71
  58. 58. 2007 3Ms Viki III Global Technology Vehicle72
  59. 59. Lincoln MKX Vehicle
  60. 60. Precision Lighting Element (PLE) Cup Holder with Proximity Sensing
  61. 61. PLE Map PocketLight-by-Wire (LBW) Rear Cup Holder PLE CHMSL Light Guide 75
  62. 62. "SHINE" Technlogy Door Sill Illuminaton
  63. 63. High Brightness Illumination
  64. 64. "SHINE" License Plate Illumination
  65. 65. Night Time Illumination
  66. 66. PLE Rear Seat Illumination80 Exact Light Placement Where it is Needed Original Design Rendering
  67. 67. Optical Films with next Generation "Braless" Design
  68. 68. 2008 3M Automotive - USA and Europe CHMSL Development & Design82
  69. 69. 83
  70. 70. 84
  71. 71. 85
  72. 72. 2008 Continential Automotive Color-on-demand Lighting System86
  73. 73. Color-on-demand LED Driver System Display Case 87
  74. 74. "LightJet" Technology90
  75. 75. Bike and Motorcycle Application 91
  76. 76. 2007 ASP Triad LED Flashlight94
  77. 77. 96
  78. 78. For the last fifteen years my passion has been designing lighting applications for the interiors and exteriors of cars for OEMS and Tiers worldwide. My extensive technological experience has enabled me to combine new technologies and integrate them into innovative lighting designs. The result has been exciting new products such as illuminated cup holders and map pockets that respond to motion sensors. As the green effort expands, the use of super efficient lighting will be become critical for the global automobile market. For the past four years I’ve worked full time as a consultant to 3M Automotive, which is based in both Germany and the USA. I have traveled to China, India, Europe, South American, and Australia. My role is to visit OEM design studios and present them with advanced lighting design strategies for the interiors and exteriors of future cars. While at 3M, I designed and created the first Precision Lighting Element-based seat-back light and developed the world’s first super-compact PLE High Mount Stop Light (CHMSL). These designs are both new and efficient, and they lend design excitement to older existing technologies. In 2007, 2008 and 2011, I coordinated and design and the integration of the lighting on four global technology vehicles for 3M, and Visteon. The first vehicle, Vicki III Demonstration Vehicle, was used to showcase 3M’s Optical Film Technology, Lighting and several of other technologies 3M manufactures. The second and third vehicle was the joint collaboration between Visteon and 3M. The X Waves were built to showcase Visteon design integration abilities and 3M’s technology offerings to the global automotive marketplace. In order to satisfy the individual needs of demographics in designs, two X Wave vehicles were produced. One centered in America the other centered in Europe. All three vehicles have been showcased globally. The fourth and fifth vehicles are Growth Market Vehicles (GMV) A small, low-cost compact car was chosen and a 2- wheeler motorcycle was used to showcase low cost innovative light management technologies for the India marketplace.98
  79. 79. 99
  80. 80. 100