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Regional Simulation Partnership Overview



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Regional Simulation Partnership Overview

  1. 1. Regional Simulation Partnership June 2019
  2. 2. Partnership Purpose Project Purpose: The Regional Simulation Partnership (RSP) project was initiated by the Upper Coastal Plain Council of Governments (UCPCOG) as part of its Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS) to develop an innovative and talented workforce within the region. The RSP proposes to build partnerships to use virtual game simulations, i.e. game based career pathways, to increase youth interest in technical trade and/or middle skill occupations, and to link them to additional occupational training opportunities. The partnership has now expanded to include business, education, economic development, game development, and technology organizations.
  3. 3. Game Based Career Pathways Game Simulations Career Pathway In School Youth Out of School Youth Key Points • Use realistic game simulations to generate youth interest • Match simulations to industries in the area • Design structured learning curriculum for each simulation • Build the right referral network to help youth obtain additional training and experience
  4. 4. Sample Career Pathway Relevant Simulation Career Exploration Simulation Exercises Employer Engagement Field Trips Continuing Opportunities
  5. 5. Project Design • Simulations match jobs available within the partnership regions • The intent is to use a career exploration approach, and to introduce students to a simulated work environment • Deployed via the cloud to local partner computer labs • Career exploration is led by a local partner, with resource support via the NC Simulation Station website.
  6. 6. Simulation Partnership Matrix NC Simulation Station Workforce Government Education TechnologyBusiness Trainers Funding Entities Inventory partner resources, and develop strategies to address barriers to implementation
  7. 7. Potential Pathway Implementation K-12 • CTE Delivery • Career Exploration WIOA • Out of School Youth • Training Provider Third Party / Community Organization • Career Awareness • Community Centers • YMCA’s • Community College • Boys/Girls Clubs Common Elements: 1. Each pathway must have a funding source to initiate and sustain • Hardware and software purchases are the biggest initial lift 2. An on site instructor capable of using the simulations 3. Local area business and industry support
  8. 8. NC Simulation Station
  9. 9. NC Simulation Station Cont’d. The NC Simulation Station (NCSS) is a web resource sponsored by the Upper Coastal Plain Council of Governments (UCPCOG) and the Turning Point Workforce Development Board (TPWDB). The NC Simulation Station site will be used to provide updates on our regional and/or state progress, the games and simulations we are using, and a contact page for potential partners or sponsors to contact us to find out how to join our effort. As the concept grows it is our hope that more partners around the state can join us to advance game simulated career pathways, and build out resources that help to generate career interest across North Carolina.
  10. 10. NC Simulation Station Cont’d. Resources on NC Simulation Station • Partnership Overview • The Business Case for Games • Game Summaries • Helpful Startup Guides • Links to Streaming Videos • News & Updates • A “Join Us” Online Form
  11. 11. Current Simulations
  12. 12. Current Simulations
  13. 13. Simulation Sample Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 Garage Diagnosis Example
  14. 14. Simulation Sample Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 Disassemble/Reassemble Example
  15. 15. Simulation Sample Farming Simulator Tractor Example
  16. 16. Simulation Sample Farming Simulator Typical Farmland Example
  17. 17. Simulation Sample American Truck Simulator Big Rig Example
  18. 18. Simulation Sample American Truck Simulator Truck Interior Example
  19. 19. Real World Application Career Exploration (K-12) Workforce Development (Out of School Youth) Economic Development (Regional Coordination) Business Development (Talent Pipeline) Career Readiness
  20. 20. Contact Information Robert Hiett Executive Director Upper Coastal Plain Council of Governments 252-234-5952 Michael Williams Workforce Development Director Turning Point Workforce Development 252-443-6175