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Hots magazine 2012


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Hots magazine 2012

  1. 1. HOTSOFF THE PRESS 2012This is a magazine containingcontributions from children and youngpeople being taught by Edinburgh’sHospital and Outreach Teaching Service.These children and young people might be:• in the Royal Hospital for Sick Children• in the Schoolroom, CAMHS, Tipperlinn• Looked After (and Accommodated)• Gypsy/Traveller/Roma• excluded from school• taught at home due to their medical condition• taught in one of our Education Groups• part of the Young Mums’ UnitWe hope you enjoy the magazine.Any feedback is always welcome.Thank you and well done to all our contributors.
  2. 2. Disaster Story suppose, lunch now?” she asked sweetly. No reply.The Long Weekend “What about pancakes, or toast and coffee? Ok then don’t answer me and I will justby Eve Watson make pancakes for myself,” she jested and threw a pillow at her silent husband. She“Briiing, briiing.” The painful Deciding that it would be giggled and left the room,screech of the alarm clock foolish to lie in bed for heading down the longshrilly shrieked. It screamed an entire day the young hallway toward the kitchen. Athroughout the apartment. It woman climbed out of bed, deadly silence occupied thecontinued to echo around the untangling herself from the apartment. No sound carriedsilent rooms, refusing to give white sheets that wrapped from their neighbours, aboveup until it had been heard. around her like a toga. or below. Even the muffled sounds of the wife’s footstepsIn one room a woman stirred “What would you like for were like silent whispers at ain her cold bed. She threw breakfast darling…or I funeral.her duvet from her and thrusther arms over the edge ofthe mattress, hand searchingblindly for the alarm clock. Herhands fell on neglected dinnerdishes, cold cups of tea anda full ash tray. She found thealarm clock and turned it off.This was her long weekend.She threw herself backonto the bed and lovinglywrapped her arms aroundher husband. She pressedher ear to his stony chest andclosed her eyes for a shortmoment listening to her silentapartment. She opened hereyes once more and glancedabout the shadowy room. Adim, grey light was cast acrossthe room, from the window,illuminating the used disheslaid in odd piles and thecouple lying awkwardly uponthe bed. It was raining; raintapped against the windowpane like tiny fingers.2
  3. 3. The house was cold, dead tore her eyes away from the bed with him once more,cold. The young woman headline and shook herself. lifting one of his stiff arms. Itshould have been shivering The sudden rush of realisation dangled awkwardly aroundslightly as she walked in bare postponed for another day as her shoulder. Her husband’sfeet across the cold kitchen the wife tossed the dated paper skin was pale and pasty andtiles, popping stale slices back to the floor. The woman his hand which brushed herof bread in the toaster and went to collect the bread from cheek slightly had no grip. Therummaging in cupboards for the toaster. She picked the wife continued to ignore thesecoffee granules. She took no butter from the fridge and abnormalities and simplynotice and simply began to stared in at the refrigerator. It reached for a piece of toasthum happily as she worked. looked bare and empty. Like from the plate balanced on everything in the house, it her partner’s unresponsiveIn the other room a cockroach suffered recent neglect. chest.scuttled across the darkfloorboards, to hopefully The woman suddenly gave She imagined that his gripinspect some stale, week- a violent cough that lasted was tight on her and that heold pancakes. It was small several long seconds then was holding her and makingand insignificant in the still doubled over in pain coughing her safe. That he was alive androom; it might have been the and retching. She grabbed her healthy and that his warmonly living thing for miles. It sides as she trembled with the body and steady heartbeatscuttled about the plates. In force of each cough. After this was close to her own. Thethe other room the woman let brief coughing fit she raised wife found these thoughtsout a few violent coughs that one bony hand to wipe her comforting, though none ofechoed through the house. mouth. She shook herself and them remained true.The husband remained still continued as if she had simplyand utterly quiet. let out a tiny hiccup. If she had continued to read the newspaper articleIn the kitchen the woman She buttered her toast, which which lay in her hall waytapped her foot upon the cold was flecked with spots of grey and was able to comprehendtiles waiting for the toast to mould, and made her way the news it displayed shebrown. She continued to hum back to the bedroom. would have read “…antunelessly. outbreak of a deadly disease that spreads quickly and“Oh I almost forgot, the paper,” Her husband’s more extensively acrossstarted the woman. She left skin was pale and the country, the epidemicthe kitchen to walk to the front sweeps over the housesdoor. She reached down to pasty and his hand and homes of Britain…apick up the paper. She flicked which brushed her quarantine has been called…casually through the black no hope of survival to those cheek slightly hadand white contents and then suffering“. But she could notpaused to stare at the headline. no grip. comprehend. It was simpleIt read: “Deadly epidemic to continue with every dayspreads across country”. She She greeted her husband life. It was easy in fact, to livestared for a few minutes, with a wide grin. He lay still, in her apartment in denial,almost taking in the printed his wife propped him up their little patch of heaven. Itwords. Her smile faltered for against the bed post, with was not possible to cope witha few seconds. There was some effort she succeeded. the death of her dear one, hera sudden “pop!” that came She then placed the hot plate husband, the one she refusedfrom the kitchen. The woman on his front and climbed into to live without. 3
  4. 4. How to Make a 3D Cardby DC and MCYou need two sheets of card.Fold them in half.Draw lines on the folded edge of one folded card – picture 1.Cut carefully along the solid lines.Fold back and forward along the dotted lines – picture 2.Lay the card flat and colour your card.Lift the card and push out the ‘steps’.Glue the two cards together – picture 3.Glue your own pictures to the front of the ‘steps’.Decorate as you wish.Your card is finished!4
  5. 5. My Educationby Steven BanghamI started with HOTS in P7 the for equipment such as hoists,year before I went to Balerno slings and other extras to beHigh School. I had missed in place. During this time theout on four years of primary HOTS teachers managed toschool and HOTS helped help me keep up with English about 5 months for it to beme catch up, so that I was Maths and German work, so adjusted. During 5th year Iable to attend high school that I only had to catch up on was off because the schoolknowing what was going on other subjects. Because I get lift was broken and took overand managing the work. When bad back pain sitting up in a month to get fixed. I alsoBalerno had the induction my chair too long, I was never missed some time due todays, the Maths teacher set able to attend school full quite frequent illness. Whena target and I managed to do time, so my outreach teachers I had these problems, HOTSmore questions than anyone came out to the house three helped me out of school andelse in the class, and I got times a week. Despite all Balerno Support for Learningthem all correct. The whole these problems, I was really Department helped me catchclass turned round and looked pleased to get seven special up in school. So I was able toat me with disbelief! certificates in S1 and 2. pass Maths, English German and Geography StandardI had lots of difficulties from I continued to miss quite a lot Grades, and in my last year Ithe start of high school. I of school as the years went passed Intermediate 1 Mediawasn’t able to start until late on. In S3 I had grown out of and Intermediate 2 MathsOctober because I had to wait my wheelchair and it took (with an A pass!) My most memorable day was the day of the Balerno Leavers’ Ceremony, when I got The Currie, Balerno and District Round Table silver trophy, an award for excellence. I also won an Oscar which said that I had “displayed great strength of character and determination in dealing with considerable challenges”. I was surprised and overwhelmed to get these two awards, and I am very proud that I was able to attend school and pleased that I got the support to make the best of it. 5
  6. 6. Alone centre of the room and a pile of logs still sat neatly in place next to the fire. Her mother’s dresser lay overturned on the floor, near where Anna Naomi Smith If a stranger had walked intoShe shivered and her teeth this house they would havechattered as yet another known that whoever once Anna on to her bedroom ongust of icy cool wind blew lived here had been forced to the left and a bathroom toin her direction. The entire leave with some urgency. They the right. Between these twohouse was cold. Cold and would also notice the teapot, doorways was a large window,abandoned, just like her. Anna half-full cups and plate of big enough for a fully-grownraised her head to peer out the now-inedible biscuits that man to fit comfortably withinwindow from her cross-legged still lay on the dining room the strong oak frame. Fromposition on the floor, in the far table. Half-packed suitcases out of this window couldcorner of the room. Directly could be found within almost be seen the entire stretch ofopposite she could see the every bedroom in the house. land in front of the housewindow with its fractured An escape seemed to be and during the day a viewpanes and the shattered glass. imminent, but time was stolen of glorious snow-tippedA once immaculate ivory net and just like Anna’s family, was hills rose in the distance. Itcurtain trailed dirty and frayed now lost. was beautiful in the clearalong the floor. Out of the light of day, but during thewindow little could be seen Anna made her way through night Anna’s thoughts werefor the night was dark and the the long hallway for the shrouded by troublesomevast area surrounding the old seventh time that hour. fears of what lay put there.farmhouse was empty and With each step she tried to Yet in many ways it had beenlifeless for miles around. regain a memory from when the isolated landscape that everything was normal and of had protected Anna’s familyFor a young girl to be left the time when, at any given for so long. Now that Annaalone in an empty house, moment she could retreat was alone, she couldn’t evenone would have expected back into the safe lull of begin to contemplate theAnna to be scared. One would family and home. She couldn’t possibilities that surroundedexpect her to be longing for remember exactly when that her.a comfort. But twelve year- was because ever since thatold Anna was not scared, time the days and nights had Peering down from theshe simply felt detached and merged into one and to Anna window, the entrance to theconfused. As she sat in the the rest of the world was dead. house could be seen. From thehouse that once used to be She didn’t care about what outside it looked to Anna asher home, she felt an aching may be happening out with it always had, apart from thelonging for what used to be. her own situation. large Swastika flag that hungThe room she sat in once in the doorway. Anna knewbelonged to her mother and She stood at the end of the that her father would havefather. It would no longer be long narrow hallway, once an felt so ashamed to see it. Herecognisable as theirs, for the area of laughter and fun. Now was a wonderfully kind anddirt and mirror shards that it felt to Anna, like a foreign loving man, but the look thatwere sprinkled all over the environment, enclosed and had appeared in his eyes everyfloor. However the large oak claustrophobic. It did however time ‘Nazis’ were mentionedbed still sat proudly in the still serve its purpose and led let Anna know that the only6
  7. 7. Bargetrue hatred in his heart waspurely for them.It was too late for Anna tothink about all of that now. Dear Captain and Crew,Anna’s father was gone aswere her mother and three I’m writing this letter to say thanks for the wonderful bargeelder brothers. What Anna had trip you took me on before Christmas. It was a fun day andto worry about was where her I really enjoyed myself especially when Santa dropped in. Itfamily could be and why they was also quite exciting when the barge got blown against thewere taking so long. It had bank, and had to be pushed off using a long pole. Thank youfelt like an eternity so far. She again for making it such a pleasant day.wondered if they would everreturn to her as her mother I hope one day to sail with you on the barge again.had promised. As she thoughtof the last few seconds shared Omarbetween them before they hadparted she could almost smellher mother’s perfume and feelher cool skin as she releasedAnna’s hand from her graspand whispered, “We’ll be backsoon Anna, I promise.”An hour before the Gestapohad arrived Anna’s motherhad given her clearinstructions, “Stay at home,stay safe and keep hidden.God will be with you andprotect you until our return.”Anna knew that no matterhow long it took for theirreturn she would never giveup on them. She would waitforever.As her eyes grew heavy andtired, Anna retreated to herbedroom where she kneltbefore her bed, lit her Shabbatand prayed to God as she didevery night. She then slippedunderneath her bed into thesafe nest she had created forherself to get some rest andanticipate what tomorrowmay bring.
  8. 8. Just before Christmas some of our young people produced a short animated film. They wrote thescript, constructed the set, made plasticine models, filmed, added sound and edited.This is the sonnet which introduced the film.The Credit Crunch Christmasby Xavi LairdIt’s the news at ten and my name’s Trevor Scott.The credit crunch is really hitting here.Many families do not have a lotOf money as Christmas time is drawing near.The household and home of Elle and Bob –Two loving parents to young Jack and JadeUnfairness and fate cost poor Bob his JobAs all spirit and confidence begins to fadeListening in to his mum and dad talk, JackSeeks Santa’s help to save misery and tearsSo Santa sends elves to fill up his sackTo save Jack’s generation from horror and fearThe thoughts and the faith of a boy who is tenWon over the hearts of two merry elf men.8
  9. 9. ipad App ReviewBy Louis HainsworthSince I came into hospital, I get the answers and that forces AB Maths is more or less thehave been using the teacher’s me to think hard and quickly. same as Maths Expert but itipad to help me with my This game reinforces my tables is designed more for childrenwork. I have pushed my knowledge and my addition who are less confident withmum to buy me my own and subtraction bonds. their maths. It gives youipad for Christmas because I choices of which type ofthought it was a good piece of calculation you want to use The sounds aretechnology for school and for and in particular, with timesfun. I have used a number of very clear and it tables, you can choose whichapps but this review is about makes different table you want to work with.two I have found particularly You can either have a choiceuseful. noises depending of four possible answers so on whether I’ve got you can see which one is theMaths Expert and AB Maths most likely or you can opt toare my favourite educational the answer right or key in the answer yourself,apps. Maths Expert helps me wrong. which is what I prefer to do.learn and improve my tables,addition and subtraction. The I particularly like puzzles and It’s not as challenging asimages spin and move on the because of this, I find this app Maths Expert but it still helpsscreen as you try to calculate a lot of fun but challenging. me with my mental mathsthe answers from lowest to The sounds are very clear because there is a time limithighest. My mental addition, and it makes different noises on this game as well.subtraction and times tables depending on whether I’ve gotare benefiting because there the answer right or wrong. I would score this app 9/ a limited amount of time to I would score this app 9.5/10 9
  10. 10. A Mascot for It felt weird seeing the pitch from that view. I sat in the dugouts and had my picture taken with my Mum, Dad andHibs! Gran. I also sat in the fourth official’s seat. “This is the ball that Steven Fletcher will score with.”by Liam Watson It wasn’t long until kick off. I moved on into the boot room. waited in the tunnel for the All the players’ football boots players to get ready. I was were here. There must have really excited and I couldn’t been about thirty pairs of wait to go onto the pitch. boots and all of them were Finally the players came out stinking of muck. There were and I lined up in the tunnel. very nice pairs in there and The Celtic captain Steven some huge ones and some McManus shook my hand and small ones. wished me good luck and I replied back by saying “YouOn the 23 September 2007 I After that we went to see the will be the one that needs thewas a mascot for Hibs when dressing room. When we got luck.” He just laughed back.they were against Celtic there I got a surprise. It was The referee let me hold theat Easter Road. I went up a mess! Trainers were all over ball and I bounced it and saidan hour and a half before the place and there were “This is the ball that Stevenkick off. When I got there I jumpers, tops, trousers, and Fletcher will score with.”was full of excitement. The socks everywhere as well. The Hibs captain Rob Joneseducation organiser met us All the match day tops were took my hand and led me onand started the tour. As soon hanging up on the wall. I had to the pitch. The noise wasas I opened the double green my picture taken beside all tremendous, all four standsdoors to begin the tour I saw my favourite players’ tops. up and singing, clapping theirmy favourite player Scott At the back of the dressing hands. Rob Jones let go of myBrown. He was a Celtic player room there was all the baths, hand and ran to the cornerbut he used to play for Hibs. showers and toilets. There flag to greet the fans. I ranI couldn’t believe it I was so were ten baths and fifteen to the centre circle myself. Ithappy and excited. showers. It was very noisy felt amazing, like I was a Hibs because the radio was on player myself. Rob Jones cameThe tour began with the full blast! The manager, John back and shook hands withinterview room. This was Collins and goal keeper, the Celtic captain and referee.the room where all the TV Makalambie came into the The referee tossed a £1 coininterviewing was done. It was dressing room. They had to see who got kick off andso small and simple. All that photos taken with us and after gave me the pound coin.was in the room was a TV, an spoke to us. John Collins I got my picture taken withadvertising wall, one camera showed us his office. It had Rob Jones, Steven McManus,and a bottle of champagne. It nice luxury furniture and the referee and two linesmen.was as small as my bathroom; a huge 50 inch TV. I moved Afterwards I ran back to theI was expecting something on to the dugouts where the tunnel absolutely thrilled tocompletely different. We manager and substitutes sit. bits.10
  11. 11. The BlackAt last the game started. Hibsstarted great they chasedeverything and gave Celtic Sonnetno time on the ball. The firstchance brought the firstgoal and it was a Hibs goal.Steven Fletcher from aboutthirty yards out hit a poorshot but Celtic keeper Arthur By Calum BaxterBoruc let the ball through hislegs. The stadium erupted. Ithought it was Arthur’s Seat Bullies. Grief. Love Lost. Workload. Time. Sadness.erupting! What I said actually Black thoughts, behind my back, caught up with me,happened, Steven Fletcherscored with the ball I had Tormenting me, I just could not break free.bounced. The game moved The truth is I had suffered, I confesson and Celtic levelled. On thestroke of half time Hibs scored My life, much like my room, it was a mess.a second goal. The place went Churchill’s Black Dog would not heel, I could seeeven wilder as it was a brilliantindividual goal by the right No end. No light. Nowhere for me to be –back. Into the second half andthe game changed. Suddenly Except in my own made up world I guess.Celtic were all over Hibs and The long road to recovery, like chess,equalised for a second time.The stadium was silenced Logic and careful planning is the key.apart from the Celtic end. As With support from others, I could be we.the game went on I thoughtCeltic were going to win but This is my goal, the long road to success,in the last ten minutes a I needed the help and we all agreed,shot from Dean Sheils wasspilled again by the Celtic That Churchill’s Black Dog is now on a lead.goal keeper. I couldn’t believeit, Hibs were winning aftertheir poor performance in thesecond half. That was it Celticcouldn’t equalise for a thirdtime and Hibs won 3–2. I gavea huge sigh of relief.It was the end of my specialday. Everything went perfectly.The score made it even better;it really was the icing on thecake. I felt so lucky that I waspicked to be a mascot forHibs. I felt really happy and Iwill remember it as one of thebest days of my life. 11
  12. 12. Fun Stuffby Cherie WarrenderMy article is about The Santa cruise was offered got on the boat we were offered by a charity called “The tea and juice and had a quizsome of the activities Seagull Trust”. The Seagull where you were given a sheet ofthat we do in the trust provides free canal paper and you were to look outHOTS group… cruises for groups of children for cartoon characters that were and adults of any age. along the bank of the Canal andSome of the HOTS teachers write their names down.and pupils got the chance to The boat left from thetry something different by Edinburgh Canal Centre in Everyone got the chance togoing out on a boat on the Ratho and travelled towards the steer the boat and we narrowlyUnion canal before Christmas. Almond Aqueduct. When we avoided getting stuck. We had12
  13. 13. to use a metal pole (barge Jordan wrote this for a competition run by Radio Lollipop inpole) to push the boat away the Royal Hospital for Sick Children. He won first prize – ticketsfrom the side as the boat got to see Jeff Kinney, author of the highly successful “Diary of atoo close to the edge. Santa Wimpy Kid”.came on board but it was onlyScott dressed up. (Obviously).Each of the pupils got a Dear Diarypresent from Santa (Scott) onthe boat. It was more fun that I have had the most amazing day – the day I was due backI thought it would be and we into hospital. are thinking about going backin the summer. It was a sunny afternoon and my mum and her boyfriend Scott took me to the driving range at St. Andrews – ‘TheAnother activity we did Home of Golf’. I hit some balls then we decided to havebefore Christmas was card a go on the pitch and putt outside. It was very quiet, justmaking. We had blank cardsand decorated them using a mum, Scott and me. Oh! and one other family.technique called decoupage. As we got closer Scott realised the father of the other family was the one and only Colin Montgomerie! (At this point I I have started to was in the bunker so I didn’t know.) Scott approached Colin make extra cards and went on about how much I love golf and that Colin in my own time was my idol, while I was trying to get out of the bunker. I couldn’t get out but I glimpsed Scott and Colin walking and I have earned over in my direction out of the corner of my eye. some money by selling them at Just as they reached me I got one ball out and right next to the hole. Colin saw! He came over to me, said “Hi,” and £1.50 each. shook my hand.This is when you have apicture that you build up “You have massive hands,” I told him.using double sided stickyfoam pads. After you build it He laughed. “These bunkers are much higher than the onesall up it looks 3D. I made cards we get on tour. You must be quite good if you can get out offor family and friends and these. You will have no problem if you get on the tour whenthey really liked them. I have you are older.”started to make extra cardsin my own time and I have Scott felt well jealous because he didn’t get to shake Colin’searned some money by selling hand and he just spoke to me. them at £1.50 each. Colin wished me well and told me that he would comeIt has been a lot of fun getting and give me a pitch and putt competition when I got outchances to do things I have of hospital. I got my picture taken with him. It is nownever even thought about laminated and stuck on my wall. doing before and I enjoyed itmore than the usual lessons. Jordan Laing 13
  14. 14. Eden’s Haikus Animal HaikusWonder what it’s like, by Callum McIntyreInside, outside, upside down,A fly on a wall Beaver A busy builder And a woodcutter as well Never leaves his workScarecrows can’t walk, Scare-Crows can’t talk. Scarecrows don’t haveBeating hearts. Short straw. Ferret Pink eyes, cream body Chasing down rabbits for men Bred from the polecatThey’re trapped, teeth baring,Crazy eyes staring – pleading?Animals in Zoos. Wolf There’s one to the rightTime isn’t passing Howling loudly in the woodsBut I always watch the clock I hope he has foodHoping it will tockEverybody wants CentipedeTo be so American Such a lot of legs– What is wrong with us? His name means one hundred feet But I’m not so sure14
  15. 15. 15
  16. 16. Every year Edinburgh welcomes visits from the ‘shows’, atravelling fairground which brings colour and excitement Being ato the city. Behind the scenes of the music and the brightlights are the families who run them, families who enjoya long history of travelling across Scotland’s towns and Travellingcities. Over the winter the Showmen and their familiessettle in one place, spending their time repairing and Showmanrestoring their rides to pristine condition ready for I like being a travellingthe new season’s work. During that time, the children Showman because I meetattend a local school but when travelling begins, usually people and see lots ofaround the end of March until the end of October, the things. We’re just like normalchildren have to be home schooled using the pack of people except that we travelwork their class teacher prepares for them. If the fair sometimes, usually fromarrives in Edinburgh during term time, every effort is April through to October.made to contact the families and arrange a visit to their Most Travellers are good at maths because we help‘wagon’ (caravan) to help the children with their work. with the rides. It’s hardThis additional teaching is very much welcomed by the being a travelling Showmanfamilies. The following articles are from two of the ‘show’ sometimes because I havechildren who were in Edinburgh in May last year. to spend a lot of time in the
  17. 17. car. One time it was 10 hours!Sometimes I get picked on butI never let it get me down. But Bluethen there are good times. I Blue is the seaget to meet up with friends on With big loud wavesthe fairground that I haven’t Blue is the skyseen since the last year and Above us all around the worldthat’s why I like being a Blue is the denimtravelling Showman. The colour of jeans Nina Slater Blue is the bag That carries my school booksMy name is Dior Slater and I Blue is the colouram seven years old and I live Of my brother’s roomon a funfair. My family are Blue is the blanketShow people. I have a ride So soft and warmcalled A Miami. It goes high Blue is the bellsin the sky round in circles. My On the blossoming flowersdaddy watches the ride and I Blue is the berriessometimes help and talk on So juicy and sweetthe mike. My mammy has aGhost Train. I love travelling BLUEand I live in a big wagon. By Nina Slater, age 10. Fairground Traveller Dior Slater 17
  18. 18. My Favourite Walkby Lauren Scott I was walking through the air. Tara gave me a curious forest to the sounds of nature look and strolled off into the and I was no longer a threat to mist. Her black figure slowly the forest but a friend. became more and more visible on the mossy hillside. A small burn trickled past me It was only then that I realised containing many small shoals the sun was battling through of fish and brightly coloured the groggy clouds warmingIt was still early morning stones within the water. Then the atmosphere and gentlyand the sun had hidden its Tara raised her curious head lifting the mist.face behind a light blanket and picked up her ears with excitement, her tail beatingof clouds. Nature was silent. frantically. I raised my head looking up at theThe tall beech trees gave asmall groan as a gentle breeze to see the exit to the forest sun pushing the was ahead of us and then Iwhistled through their bright knew we would be close to my grey clouds andgreen leaves causing the treesto give a loud echoing creak all favourite hill in the whole of mist out of the way,through the forest. I stepped Earlston.down the last step and placed And then just ahead of mea foot into the earthy soil at I gave Tara a race but I knew I awaiting me the summit ofthe entrance of the forest. was no match for her. She was the hill! My heart skipped into faster than me within seconds. my throat and excitementI was cautious; the early I had no chance of catching bubbled into my chest as Imorning mist lurked around up with her until she finally ran passing Tara as she trottedthe floor of the woods. It came to a halt at the forest upwards after me. I suddenlyseemed to go on for miles exit panting and tail wagging left the exhaustion I had feltahead. madly. I stopped by her side and before I knew it I was breathing hard but excited. there, standing on the face ofI reached down and let my the earth, looking up at thedog Tara slowly off the lead I gazed upwards. Ahead of me sun pushing the grey cloudsand at that moment she was a wonderfully shaped path and mist out of the way,didn’t hesitate for a second- winding up a silent still hill. I revealing a great warming rayshe bounded ahead of me knew the hill at once I had been of beauty onto the world.galloping over leaves and there before but still it seemedsnapping fallen branches. And unfamiliar, a large thick blanket And then suddenly the cloudsat that very second the forest of mist covered the summit. and mist were gone, dissolvedsuddenly awoke and came into the air leaving no trace ofinto life. Birds whistled and I stepped forwards crunching their presence. I knew I wassung, flowers came into bloom a twig. Moving upwards I here. The place I had beenrabbits and squirrels came could feel the chill of the mist looking for. I was standing onout of hiding and scampered upon my skin as the morning my favourite hill in the wholealong the forest floor. mist lingered lazily in the of Earlston.18
  19. 19. Dunnocks on Arthur’s SeatThe wind whistled when I flew over yellow gorse,Collecting twigs, toMake a home.The hail hammered while I gave birth to my,Not yet born family, trappedInside fragile blue cells.The sun blazed down while I sat on my eggs,Watching two legged monsters,Laughing, chatting and climbing around the mountain.The sun smiled when my chicks broke through their shells,Playing their flutes,For the first time.The rain meant that worms slithered across thick black mud,And I could return to the castle ruins,With my beak full.The night had fallen when I scolded my chicks into silence,Because a fox was,Sniffing around.The storm was howling when I found the runt,With no breath left,In his silent corpse.The late snow drifted down while I taught my chicks to fly,Bobbing up and down clumsily,Little brown specks over the great city……then they flew away.Selina Sode-Woodhead 19
  20. 20. Dream or no dreamby Bradley KinnellI could hear my heart thumping against my chest. My body froze like a statue. Outside the street lamps were off – itwas pitch black.The time was quickly going past and I needed to be ready for my friend’s party. He had begged me for weeks tocome and eventually I agreed as it sounded like a good idea.I met up with a few people including my best friend who was smelling of his new aftershave. He had his hair dyedblue for the party but it had gone wrong and he looked like smurf.The taxi had just appeared and we were soon on our way to the party. We arrived on time and were greeted at thefront door by my friends. The party had been going for two hours straight.When the party was over we realised that we had no money to get home so we had no option but to walk the fourmiles. Off we went on our journey home feeling disappointed that we had forgotten our money for the return taxi.“Come here!” was shouted by a boy in a crowd of about twenty people chasing after a man who was running as fastas he could down the street to escape the crowd.We found ourselves surrounded by the boys who were chanting and yelling. The bomb had dropped – I wasterrified. I woke up the next morning with a black eye and three of my front teeth missing. To this day I still don’tknow what happened......20
  21. 21. Amy’s Story children running down a big hill in the distance. They were waving and shouting “Hello!” Half an hour later the four ofby Joy Kennedy us arrived at a super cottage. It had brightened up. The sun was peeking out from the clouds and the wind had stopped blowing. There were daisies, buttercups and roses in the front garden. We walked to a door at the side of the cottage past some red poppies. The scent of lavender was so strong I sneezed. “Bless you,” said Lily. “Bless you,” said Joe. Barney barked at a bird in the air and jumped to try and get it.(Joy wrote this story about down my face. I started to Everyone started laughing.a wee girl called Amy being walk towards a field with aevacuated during the Second deer in it. She was all alone Just then a man came out ofWorld War. Joy tries to show and soaking wet. Nobody was the door. He was wearing athe reader how Amy feels by looking after her. Her black black top and he was frowningdescribing the village she is eyes were staring at me. at me. I shivered. Then hesent to and the family she is to started smiling and laughing.stay with.) Suddenly I heard a lady’s voice He had just been teasing me. behind me. I turned around.I arrived at Longniddrie train She had nice black hair, nice “You must be Amy,” he said.station yesterday. It was grey, makeup and a smiley face. “Let me show you where yourrainy and cold. The wind was room is”.so strong that it bent the trees “Hi Amy,” she said.sideways. There was only one He took my big, old, tattyshop and the big window Just then a wee cocker spaniel suitcase from me. I was goingwas cracked. The tears ran pup ran up to me, jumped up, to like it here… and licked me in the face. “Aaaawwwww!” I said, “What is its name?” “Barney.” Barney was running round in circles chasing his tail. I started to giggle. Then I saw two 21
  22. 22. The SecretsHiddenWithinBy Lorna Ross young girl sitting in the back unusually big hands and thereIt was a cold dark night and of the car, as she desperately was something about her thatthe air was thick and a damp wanted to know where she was gave Sarah a great sense ofmist gathered around the old going. As Sarah gazed out of the unease - and it wasn’t just hergrey stone building which sun lit window she couldn’t help unfortunate look.stood proud in front of the but panic about the uncertaintyyoung woman. She was looking of the days to come as she Standing in the main entrancearound for the spot where knew from experience that care Sarah was surprised when sheshe had buried her mother’s homes were not nice places. looked around to see that theprecious silver locket which inside of the building was notmeant ever so much to her. Sarah had been travelling what she had imagined fromThe young woman who was for three long hours now the exquisite exterior. The floornow freezing and soaked and had passed many busy was covered in a carpet whichthrough to the skin shuddered crowded cities and many small had obviously been there aas she thought back to how picturesque villages which long time as Sarah could nothe building used to look. It all had their own story to tell. longer tell what colour it waswas once a very grand and But now there was no sign meant to be; the walls were abeautiful building which any of human society, only great grotty grey colour and thereperson would be overjoyed to big trees and fields filled with were only a few lumpy lookingown. Every year in early spring golden flowers which danced in chairs lined up against the barethe brightly coloured flowers the gentle breeze. Only minutes walls. Sarah’s thoughts were elsewould bloom and the garden later Sarah found herself being where as she was trying to listenwould come alive. So why you jerked to one side as the car in to the two women havingask did the young woman took a sharp left and continued a conversation in front of her.shudder when she thought back up a very long uneven gravel Lisa, Sarah’s social worker whoon the house and the beauty road which led up to a breath had driven her out to Mullberrythat surrounded it? The fact taking old fashioned building. House, was a very pretty youngwas she was not shuddering lady with a petite frame and fairat the house’s appearance she The car came to a halt and a hair, but right at that momentwas simply thinking about how woman appeared standing Lisa looked more beautiful thanthe exterior of the house had outside the impressive double ever as she was standing nexthidden all the terrible secrets door entrance. Sarah got out of to Miss Rankin the woman whowithin. the car and was gently ushered had met them at the door. Sarah towards the main door. She was asked to sit on one of theIt was the late summer of 1979 noticed that the woman, who few chairs against the wall whileand the sun was lying low and from a distance had looked Lisa and Miss Rankin went tohitting off the glass of the car very average was a lot stranger her office and sorted out thewindow making it incredibly in appearance close up. The last of the paperwork. It washard to see out of which was woman had a long misshapen about ten minutes later whenvery frustrating for Sarah, the face with a large nose and the office door finally reopened22
  23. 23. John Barrowmanand Lisa stepped out and triedto give Sarah a reassuring smile,but it was easy to see that thesmile had not been real and Lisawas unsure about leaving thevulnerable little girl here. Concert ReviewAfter Lisa had left Miss Rankin by Lily Hambeltonled Sarah through manycorridors until they came to astop outside a door with the John Barrowman was a great In the middle of the song thenumber 20 on it. Miss Rankin success last night – very boys changed into smart suitsopened the door and to Sarah’s entertaining lots of very good and ties and the girls woresurprise there were four beds. songs and jokes and brilliant dresses. John BarrowmanShe was taken over to the bed dancers. Loved the concert. changed his outfits 5 timesin the far left corner where Got to sing along to some of during the production.Miss Rankin picked up Sarah’s the songs. Overall it was an amazingtattered old bag and handed night.over a uniform which she was First he sang Celebration Timethen told to put on and to find Come On, then he sang Listenher way down to the dining to the Music and Firework byroom on time for dinner or Katy Perry. As the night wentshe would simply have to go on he told us all about hiswithout. family life and his parents and about the new albums he hadSarah sank onto her bed out and his books.clutching the locket around herneck. She sighed as she looked He sang the famous song thearound the gloomy room and YMCA and we all joined inlike the rest of the building it singing and dancing on ourwas very bland, there were four feet. He made us feel proudmetal beds with very thin limp to be Scottish so he sangmattresses and a old worn out Auld Lang Syne and Lochblanket on each and by the Lomond. Also he sang a veryside of the each bed there was moving edition of You Raisea small set of wooden drawers. Me Up from the popular bandThe only clue that anyone Westlife. actually stayed in the roomwere the teddies and dolls that The stage was amazing andsingularly lay against each very colourful. There werepillow. Sarah got changed into flashing lights and thereher uniform which was not were 4 dancers 2 boys andthe least bit flattering: it was 2 girls. They wore loads ofill fitting and miscoloured and different costumes like inswamped Sarah’s slender frame the Hollywood song whereand drained the colour from her the boy dancers wore justrose tinted cheeks. swimming trunks and goggles and snorkels. The girl dancersEND OF PART ONE wore swimming costumes. 23
  24. 24. The Wonders ofthe Worldby Remedios Ayton Lisa Silver was not only their boss, she had also founded the company in the 80s, built it up from nothing. In her early fifties now she was avoided by most of her employees as she had a temper to be feared. Her relationship with Arthur was known as ‘stormy’ to say the least, they constantly had shouting matches across the office and Lisa was known to throw things across the room. After his death everythingOnce the plane took off I felt probably the most interesting changed. Lisa Silver closedcalmer. I had got away with thing he ever did. down the agency. She was amurder, double murder I should disappointment. How anyonesay. I felt no guilt, no regret, only It really was an obvious could be scared of her I’lla smug satisfaction. They did murder. The police didn’t think never know. They said shedeserve it after all. so but how many people fall was a broken woman, guilt accidentally out of top storey and regret do that. She shouldArthur always thought that windows at work? If they had have told him earlier. She hadhe was so special, he was the looked into it they would have told me, blurted it out in abest of the best. His life was found suspects as well. tearful confession. She wascomplete: happily married, young and poor, trying to seta highflier at an advertising Arthur had a co-worker, up a company. She couldn’tagency and still in his twenties. Richard Watt, who hated him. look after a child, so she putIt didn’t even cross his mind that They had the same job title him up for adoption. Shehe was just like thousands of but it was clear that Arthur stayed in contact with theother young men who all think was heading for the top, adoptive parents and whenexactly the same thing, only to while Richard was headed for Arthur was introduced to herlook back in twenty years and a dingy back office. He was as a new employee she knew.realise that they had wasted always in Arthur’s shadow. It turned out that she hadtheir lives in offices while the According to Richard their wanted him to inherit thewonders of the world passed boss favoured Arthur: that agency, well that’s what sonsthem by. Being murdered was made everyone laugh. are for after all.24
  25. 25. unhappiness, my longing for something different. It was a nice day, bright, sunny and clear, but with a certain crispness in the air. Autumn was coming. When Arthur opened one of the windows the wind was strong. He told me it was because we were so high up. As if I didn’t know that already, I’m not stupid and I told him so. He laughed, told me that of course I wasn’t and leaned out of the window. I was suddenly extremely angry. Angry atRichard moved on to another I think after I married Arthur his condescension. Angryfaceless company, to find I realised what I wanted. I that he was so arrogant thatanother co-worker to envy wanted to fly around the he didn’t even think aboutand another boss to blame world. I wanted to see the the possibility of falling. Sofor his own lack of talent. He wonders of the world. I I walked up behind him andwas nothing but petty and wanted to do what I wanted gave him a push. I couldincompetent, completely to do, and I wanted to do it have turned away and leftharmless. alone. I definitely did not want rather than watching, but to be Crystal, Arthur’s loving I was curious, it was as if INow I should get on to the wife, any more. I needed to get was hypnotised. At first itsecond murder, it happened a a new identity, a new life. So I seemed that the wind wouldlittle earlier, but no one even did. The one good thing about catch him, but he just fellnoticed. Crystal, Arthur’s wife, Arthur? His insurance. I could forward as if this world had nowas seen as young, kind but have just left him, but after all power over him. It looked sonot too bright. She had been those years of listening to his beautiful that I thought aboutArthur’s assistant but had left self assured speeches I just letting myself fall. Then he hitwork after they got married, that couldn’t stand it anymore, so I the concrete. So I didn’t.was what Arthur wanted. When killed him. It was easier than ICrystal suddenly disappeared thought it would be. “Here is your champagne, Msno one realised anything was Sine. Celebrating are you?”wrong. I’m glad I killed her, I He had just been given a newhated her more than I hated office, courtesy of Lisa Silver “Thank you. And yes, I amArthur. He was arrogant and of course, so he invited me in celebrating.”dismissive, but she let him be. to see it. He was supposed to be working so he sneaked me God, I love first class.“Excuse me but is there in. It was on one of the topanything I can get you Ms…?” floors and two of the sides, from floor to ceiling, were“Sine, Grace Sine. And yes glass windows overlooking thethere is, I would like some city, the view was amazing.champagne.” Even I had to admit that. I had begun to change by“Certainly.” then, began to recognise my 25
  26. 26. Happy Birthday Mum Happy Birthday Mum Hoping you have fun Drinking coke and a cup of tea, You’ll be as happy as can be. Happy Birthday Mum by Dylan Sinclair26
  27. 27. The End she answers the buzzer and their foreign accent anyway. reassures me that she is fine Eventually, they leave. Jess so I can get out of this place. looks more relaxed and carries But of course, hooligans have on sleeping in her own little broken the lock and made world. My memory crawlsBy Amber Kelly the flats accessible. Typical. back to when I found her. The God, it stinks in this place; banging of her vandalisedBlackness engulfs me. The the stench of urine and sweat door, the kicking down ofpain is quickly being erased envelops my nostrils. I nearly her door, the discovery offrom my body. No more hurt, gag. Ninth floor and yet I still her lifeless body, surroundedno more nothing. The dullness take the stairs. I can hear by needles and tablets. Theis reassuring; is death really grunts from the lift. I wouldn’t phone she had used to callthis easy? No one can harm want to disturb. The stairs me was lying there too, as ifme, or stop me. It’s peaceful are also littered in adverts she had dropped it next to herhere. Serene. and pee. It is like animals live after ending the call to me. I here though I’m under the remember shaking her, tryingI pull up next to the impression that even rats have to shake the unconsciousnesslittered kerb, covered in better conditions than these. I out of her, the drugs outadvertisements for take-aways hear someone descending the of her. Anger was the mostand cash loans, as if this scum stairs as I climb them. Better recognisable emotion I recallcould afford luxuries. How can make sure my car keys and feeling. Grief was another. Sopeople live here? Especially wallet are tucked out of sight. was determination. Grief forsomeone as intelligent as Jess. It is just a kid, with a dog and the sister I had lost; the pretty,I constantly wonder how she a cigarette hanging from his smart young girl and griefever began this life; we had dirty mouth. People like this for the woman she was nowthe same upbringing yet I shouldn’t have kids, why fuse with life edging its way outdon’t live in a filthy scheme. I together DNA from scum to of her clammy body. I vowedlive a respectful life. I suppose re-enact themselves as young to make her survive and be athere is always a weird one in people. He may be only about healthy woman. She neededevery family; I don’t know why fourteen but he still manages care, love and attention. NotI even bother sometimes. Is to barge past me rather easily heroin, alcohol and cigarettes.there any point in my being even though there is plenty I sit and tell her my planshere? She doesn’t talk to me of room on the stairs. Eighth for the future; she just lieswhen I visit, simply sits and floor, almost there. there. Is she listening? I’mstares into the distance with not sure. She might be. I feelher sunken, dark eyes and a Who dares to interrupt my better for telling her anyway.bemused expression on her heaven? I enjoy it here, yet I watch the heart monitorsallow skinned face. But the someone insists on disturbing beeping steadily on, reassuredphone call… it was too weird. my serenity. I wish they would by it. They weren’t sure sheHer laughing. It is extremely go… What is that noise? Beep, would survive. Her body wasunusual to even see her smile. beep, beep. Just go, leave me overloaded. I desperatelyI seem to think her face would alone. I was happy there. Now hope she pulls through. I wishcrack with an attempt. No, she voices too? Can this get much I had done more.isn’t that bad. Yet. But she is worse?getting worse. The world invites me to Groggily, her eyes flickered. rejoin it. My body invites meI eventually find her block of She looks annoyed. The nurses to occupy it once again. Butflats, menacingly towering are babbling to me but I don’t I refuse. I’m happy here; it’sover me, inwardly hoping that take it in. I can’t understand peaceful. Serene. 27
  28. 28. How We Made Our Dress-Up DollsBy FR and DCWe made our dolls out of pink card. Then we made clothes for them and coloured their clothes. Wefixed the clothes on with blutac. We enjoyed making the dolls.28
  29. 29. Going back to I played Maths Bingo, wrote stories on the Book Creator and drew pictures on Doodle Buddy. My favourite thingSchool though was going to the play room. It had lots of toys and I made some friends. One boy was called Callum and he was really funny. He liked Horridby Ethan Allan, Age 7 Henry. I also had some visitors coming to see me. My uncles, aunties and granny and granddads came too. It made me really happy. They bought presents for me. Horrid Henry in the Hospital by Callum Murray, Age 7 Horrid Henry came for a sleep over with me and I was in Ward 2. It was the 8 September. We stayed up to the crack of dawn. We got up to mischief. We ran about, kicked footballs,On Friday I went back to station in Edinburgh and the played golf and bouncedschool to see my friends museum. The museum was on beds. AAAAH! Suddenlyfor the first time in ages. really cool. When I have been we broke the bed. KerryWe played with bricks and in hospital I had a teacher the nurse was cross! Shewe made a shed. We had a every day. At first I didn’t like gave Horrid Henry a row.story then mum came to it because I didn’t know my First wepick me up. On Monday I am teacher and I was scared. I had fudgesgoing back to school for the felt better quickly because and thenmorning again and if I feel she had an ipad. I did lots of caramelswell enough I will be able to things on the ipad I played and thengo back more regularly. For cut the rope, angry birds we went tothe last few months I have and a motorbike game as a sleep.stayed in the hospital most of reward for working hard butthe time. I got to visit the fire I also used it for doing work. 29
  30. 30. Is Christmas All It of decoration and something to do while the family wait on this glorious feast, whichIs Made Out To Be ? usually leaves one spending the next year on the treadmill. Dinner is followed by board games, or in these days, Wii games with the children andTiffany Hutchinson adults having a laugh. Photos are taken a lot on Christmas day of families playingNobody can deny that not the most valuable thing games, opening presents toChristmas is a magical time in life, it is love and humanity. leave a lovely memory. Theof year from the lights on the There are many nativity plays traditional way is, arguably,Christmas tree to the snow educating us about what the loveliest way to spendon the rooftops. The town is happened at this special Christmas.covered in wonderful sights event whilst churches acrossand smells; the musky mulled the world hold candlelit But, with the state thewine; the sweet smell of services to mark the birth of economy is in at this momentdoughnuts; cinnamon dust Jesus and Christians often in time, financial difficultiesfloating in the air, greeting the go out carol singing to the are becoming more and moresmiling faces aboard the big public. Even though it is a day apparent and Christmas canwheel. Christmas has been a of Christianity, atheists and be quite overwhelming withtradition, in many countries, some other people around presents being the expectedfor years to celebrate the the world celebrate Christmas thing. For the vulnerablebirth of Jesus. Yet, there are with all the traditional parts people finding themselvesproblems beginning to show to go with it bringing joy to stressed there are serviceswith this special event. many people around the that claim to save people world. from becoming in debt.An amazing thing about These services are calledChristmas is how important Another lovely thing about “Pay Day Lenders” and areit is to many religious people. Christmas is that it is the really not what they claimChristmas originates from one time of the year where to be. For a simple loan of aChristianity’s belief that Jesus people almost definitely get hundred pounds you couldwas born on this day, the 25th to see family members they be expected to pay up to 25of December. This is such a have probably not seen since pounds for just thirty dayssignificant celebration for the the Christmas before. Many which all adds up to anChristian society and for them families join together for annual percentage rate ofChristmas is not about large Christmas dinner including 1730 percent. These “legalgifts, it is about God’s son elderly family members loan sharks” could actuallybeing born into the world and who may not see a lot of be charging more than thethis makes it really emotional family. The Christmas dinner illegal street lenders andfor them. The Bible says how usually consists of turkey the online pay day lenderan ordinary couple walked with stuffing served with Wonga is the one that reallymiles, with the woman in the traditional Christmas does charge the most. So forlabour, managed to find a run trimmings, cranberry sauce Christmas shoppers seeing alldown stable and this is where and a mountain of roast of these adverts as a way out itthe birth of Jesus happened. potatoes. Crackers are placed really is not and they can getThis suggests that money is all around the table for a bit sucked into a spiral of debt.30
  31. 31. The pressure to get these these times and when done winter nights. They will goexpensive presents for family properly, Christmas will be around the elderly people’sand friends can make people an amazing time of year for homes and spend time withreally quite depressed. everyone. them when they are lonely, and most elderly people areThis needn’t be the case as However, some people provided with a Christmaspeople could alternatively do not find it so amazing. dinner in the centres that arego to a Credit Union which There are many homeless open for Christmas whichis much cheaper and and elderly people who gives them a chance to makemore trustworthy. These can find themselves alone new friends and enjoy thepredicaments can be avoided at Christmas without food, happy atmosphere. Theif you think carefully before warmth and company. Salvation Army will go aroundChristmas though. Christmas This can lead to a very looking for homeless peopledinners can be a lot cheaper if depressing Christmas where on the streets to give hot foodpeople would go to alternative the homeless may be on the to and invite them to spendshops such as Aldi or Lidl and streets without a bed in the the day in the centres and, ifthe quality is really just the bitter winter weather. The people have donated enough,same. Websites online hold elderly may have nowhere there may even be a bedreviews for different brands’ to go and unable to even for the week. Poor familiesfood and it turns out that make themselves a Christmas are visited and given someAldi and Lidl have, arguably, dinner. Some families end festive food and small giftsthe best quality for price so up having no Christmas at all for the children. People oftenChristmas dinner should not since money is so tight they say that there is an amazingbe anything to worry about are unable to buy the children atmosphere and a great sensewhen one sits down with presents like any other family. of community and most of allcheap wine having everyone it is a chance for the homelesscompliment the expensive people to get their life back ontaste! Children’s toys can be They will go track. It sure is a happy timereally quite cheap such as around the elderly for everyone.board games which can onlycost ten pounds and with people’s homes and So, a lot of teenagers out therethese types of toys the parents spend time with may just be excited aboutcan spend quality time with getting their new Blackberry them when theytheir children. Barbie dolls model phone, their upgradedare another one that surely are lonely GHD hair straightenersall girls remember getting and “the awesome newinto a state of excitement But, there are certain Playstation” but nothingwhen they see the beautifully organisations that can help compares to the wonderfuldressed doll appearing under with these things, such as the sense of communitythe wrapping paper as if it Salvation Army. The Salvation at Christmas time. Thecost a lot more than £15 out Army consists of wonderful Christmas feeling is magical,of Toys R Us. Teenagers can people of all backgrounds all it takes is a walk outsidebe trickier but if parents sit willing to give up Christmas to show how wonderful thiswith them and discuss what time for others in desperate time of year is. With all thethe options are before they go need. Everyone helping is amazing things that happenahead and set their mind on Christian but more than that, at Christmas, material objectswhat they want, things can be they have the wonderful are not important; it is thea whole lot calmer. Planning caring personalities that spirit of the people that is theahead is the best option at shine light into the dark greatest gift of all. 31
  32. 32. 32