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  1. 1. 2/20/12 Fry (Futurama) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia1/ J. FryFuturama characterFirstappearance"Space Pilot 3000"Voiced by Billy WestInformationSpecies HumanGender MaleOccupation Delivery Boy 1st ClassRelatives Brother: Yancy Fry, Jr.Distant nephew: ProfessorFarnsworthOrigin New York City, New York, U.S.Fry (Futurama)From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia(Redirected from Philip J. Fry)Philip J. Fry, known simply as Fry, is a fictionalcharacter, the main protagonist of the animated sciencefiction sitcom Futurama. He is voiced by Billy Westusing a version of his own voice as he sounded when hewas 25.[1][2]Contents1 Character overview1.1 Personality and abilities1.2 Love life1.2.1 Leela1.2.2 Michelle1.2.3 Amy Wong2 Production3 References4 External linksCharacter overviewBorn in the twentieth century in New York City Fry is anaverage, thoroughly unremarkable loser in his 20s[3],though the episode "The Luck of the Fryrish" seems toimply he was 30 at the time of his freezing.[4] He is apizza delivery boy who, during the first few seconds ofthe year 2000, fell into a cryonic tank while delivering apizza to Applied Cryogenics. He remains frozen until thelast day of the year 2999. He then meets the one-eyedcareer officer Leela, and a cigar-smoking, booze-fueled,kleptomaniac robot Bender. Together, they are employedby Frys distant nephew, the senile and demented oldscientist Prof. Hubert J. Farnsworth, as the crew of hisdelivery company Planet Express.In the past Fry had an older brother, Yancy; a dog, Seymour; and a girlfriend, Michelle, who dumped him inthe first episode "Space Pilot 3000", just before he was frozen. Fry had a lifelong sibling rivalry with hisolder brother Yancy, due to Frys perception that Yancy steals everything from him and vice versa. Afterdropping out of Coney Island Community College, he then got a job as a delivery boy at Panuccis Pizza.
  2. 2. 2/20/12 Fry (Futurama) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia2/ is his own grandfather through a series of events involving time travel and accidentally causing the deathof his own grandfather.[5] Depending on the theory of time travel accepted, this has either always been howhistory unfolded, or the laws of the universe have allowed Fry to be his own grandfather.Personality and abilitiesCharacterized as simple, sweet, naïve and immature, Fry regards Bender as his closest friend. He also hasstrong feelings for Leela, although he lacks the intelligence required for articulating his emotions; thus, hislove remains (sometimes coldly) unrequited, though not entirely without hope. She does occasionally returnhis interest throughout the series, and in the movie Into the Wild Green Yonder she admits to loving him back.At the end of that film, they are seen sharing a kiss as they enter a wormhole, and subsequently begin dating.Despite his low intelligence, Fry is a very caring and kind-hearted person who often goes out of his way tohelp his friends, even if he is sometimes oblivious to their problems. He tolerates all of his friends quirks andis notable as the only staff member to treat Doctor Zoidberg decently. Although at times lacking in self-awareness, Fry always tries to do the right thing and fix his mistakes. Fry has shown remarkable skill playingvideo games, (even mastering the 31st-centurys version on the Internet), and in Bender Should Not BeAllowed on TV is seen successfully playing a game despite not looking at the screen. This skill carries overto using Planet Express Ships laser gun. Despite his laziness,Fry has also exhibited remarkable bravery andself-sacrifice on occasion and has even displayed flashes of stagnant intelligence.In the episode "The Why of Fry", Leelas seemingly oblivious pet Nibbler reveals himself as the reason forFrys freezing; because Fry lacks the Delta brainwave, he can withstand the intellect-draining onslaught of theevil Brainspawn, is immune to the Dark Ones mind reading in Into The Wild Green Yonder, and brainslugsstarve to death when attached to him. Nibblers race, the Nibblonians, dub him "The Mighty One". Throughprediction (on the eve of 1999, as the Nibblonians lack the ability to travel through time), they guessed thatFry would be the one to save the world from the evil Brainspawn; since his natural lifespan would not extendto the right millennium, however, Nibbler is sent to make the aforementioned delivery call to push anunsuspecting Fry into the cryogenic tube, to re-emerge December 31, 2999.Love lifeLeelaLeela is Frys main love interest, and his love for her provides a major plot line throughout the series. Fry firstbegins to show a serious interest in her from the second season onwards, although she constantly turns himdown for other dates due to his immaturity, despite being quoted as saying that she loves his boyish charm.Leela initially sees Fry as a true friend and nothing more, but it appears as if she is hiding (and denyingherself) deeper feelings for him, which are revealed, albeit temporarily, on the numerous occasions when herisks his life for hers ("The Sting"; "Love and Rocket"). They are even married in an alternate universe ("TheFarnsworth Parabox").Frys feelings for Leela are openly displayed throughout the series. In "The Sting", Fry throws himself infront of a baby Queen Bee to protect Leela, resulting in the bees stinger completely penetrating his torso. In"Love and Rocket", upon noticing that Leelas oxygen tank was running on critical, he attaches her oxygentube to his tank, giving her his oxygen and almost asphyxiating himself. In "Parasites Lost", Fry becomesinfected with "helpful" parasites which enhance his muscles and intelligence, thus attracting Leelas romantic
  3. 3. 2/20/12 Fry (Futurama) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia3/; however, fearing that Leela was attracted to him only for his "worms", he rids himself of thoseworms in a failed bid to begin a genuine relationship. In "Time Keeps On Slippin", Fry moved the stars towrite a love note to Leela, but the message was removed by a quasar before she read it. In the final episode ofthe initial run, "The Devils Hands are Idle Playthings", Fry trades hands with the Robot Devil in order tocompose an opera about Leela in which they fall in love; however, when Fry returned the Robot Devilshands to prevent him from forcing Leela to marry him, thus resulting in a degradation of the quality of theopera and causing the audience to leave, Leela remains behind and asks Fry to complete the opera.At the end of the film Futurama: Into the Wild Green Yonder, Leela openly admits to loving Fry, and theycommence an openly romantic relationship from the episode "Rebirth" onwards. In "The Prisoner of Benda"they have "sex", albeit in differing bodies. The on-again, off again nature of their relationship causes Leela toleave Planet Express and Fry in "Overclockwise", however by the end of the episode, Leela returns to PlanetExpress and seemingly reunites with Fry. Bender reveals to both Fry and Leela their "ultimate fate" that helearned while he was overclocked. The audience is never shown the contents, but it is clear that while thejourney for them may be bumpy, Fry and Leela will ultimately end up happy someday.MichelleMichelle (voiced by Kath Soucie in the first appearance, Sarah Silverman in the second appearance) is Fryson-and-off girlfriend from the 20th century. Shortly before Fry is frozen, she dumps him for a man namedConstantine (called Charles in "The Cryonic Woman"), whom she later marries. They eventually split up,and she decides to freeze herself to try again in the distant future. She wakes up in 3002, meets Fry again, andrestarts her relationship with him. However, she fails to fit into the 31st century life to which Fry has becomeso accustomed, and so asks him to freeze himself with her for another thousand years. This plan fails, as doesthe rekindled relationship, so Fry leaves her. She later is shown in a limousine with the recently unfrozenPauly Shore. In the episode "Proposition Infinity," she is again shown with Pauly Shore, and the implicationis that they are now married.Amy WongDuring a trip on the luxury starliner Titanic, Amy used Fry as her fake boyfriend to avoid being set up by herparents with an unattractive potential husband. Unfortunately, Leela was also using Fry as her fake fiancé toward off the attentions of Zapp Brannigan. Potential embarrassment was averted by catastrophic damage tothe ship, and Amy won the battle of the bogus boyfriends.In "Put Your Head on My Shoulder", Fry and Amy are trapped together in a desert on Mercury and realizethey have a lot in common. While being towed to the nearest gas station to refuel, they have sex in the car.They continue the relationship back home (with sexual relations implied), but Fry intends to end it the daybefore Valentines Day because he felt that they were spending too much time together. An accident endswith Frys head being temporarily attached to Amys body, causing much tension due to Frys decision tobreak up and Amys subsequent date, forcing Leela to step in and distract Amys date to save Fry from anawkward situation. Despite their break-up, they remain good friends.Production
  4. 4. 2/20/12 Fry (Futurama) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia4/ West provides the voice ofFry.The name "Philip" was given to Fry by Matt Groening as a homage to the then-recently deceased PhilHartman, for whom the role of Zapp Brannigan was created.[6]According to Groening, Frys character developed over time while stillkeeping his qualities as a loser and the characteristics which writershoped would make him appeal to the target young male audience.[7]Frys character is essentially a bungling, stubborn slob with a heart ofgold that cannot get ahead in the world, yet he does have a slightglimmer of hope.[7] Frys clothing of a red windbreaker jacket, white t-shirt and blue jeans is based on James Deans outfit from Rebel without aCause.[8]Fry is voiced by Billy West, who also voices Doctor Zoidberg, Hubert J.Farnsworth and various other characters in the show. Although Westauditioned for the part it was originally given to Charlie Schlatter;[9]however, after a casting change he was offered the job.[6] The voiceWest uses for Fry has been described as that of a "generic Saturday-morning good guy".[2] West admits thathe intentionally made Fry sound similar to his own real voice claiming that keeping the "cartoony" aspectsout of it would make it harder for someone else to imitate the same voice.[6] He notes that the voice is higherthan his own and that he tried to duplicate the voice he had at age 25 which he describes as "this whiny,complaining voice — this plain vanilla voice".[9] West also voices Lars Fillmore in Futurama: Benders BigScore, who is a time travel duplicate of Fry with an injured larynx, and therefore, a slightly altered voice. Theproducers initially considered having a different voice actor do Lars voice in order to keep viewers fromguessing his true identity, but ultimately decided it would not make sense if anyone besides West did thevoice.[10]References1. ^ "Billy West: The Many (Cartoon) Voices In His Head" ( . Fresh Air (National Public Radio). July 15, 2010. Retrieved 2010-09-05. "His voice is basically what I sounded like when I was 25. Kinda plain vanilla. I had nothing special about myvoice, really. And I just thought, Well, I know that character so well. ... [T]o try to do someone elses real voiceis kind of tough."2. ^ a b Wertheimer, Ron (1999-03-26). "A Feeling Were Not in Springfield . . ."( . New YorkTimes. Retrieved2008-06-19. "Originally I had auditioned for Dr. Zoidberg, Bender, the Professor and Fry. But I didn’t get Fry —it went to Charlie Schlatter, who’s a heck of an actor and a great voice guy, but they just changed plans. They saidto me, Fry’s 25, so bear that in mind. It became a high-pitched version of me, trying to remember the dumbinnocence of being 25. At that age I had no idea where I was going, I was working for U-Haul shoveling dirt outof trucks, I was washing dishes at nursing homes. I always thought I had this whiny, complaining voice — thisplain vanilla voice, but I guess if you’re in neutral, you can go anywhere"3. ^ Leela gives Frys age in the first season episode "My Three Suns".4. ^ At the beginning of the episode, a flashback goes back to his birth; the year is implied to be 1969 as a radiobroadcast is heard with the New York Mets winning the World Series.
  5. 5. 2/20/12 Fry (Futurama) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia5/ ^ Roswell that Ends Well6. ^ a b c Joel Keller (2006-06-15). "Billy West: The TV Squad Interview"( . TV Retrieved 2007-06-09.7. ^ a b Sterngold, James (1999-07-22). "Bringing an Alien And a Robot to Life; The Gestation of the SimpsonsHeirs" ( . New York Times. Retrieved 2008-06-20.8. ^ Cohen, David X.; Groening, Matt; Moore, Rich; Vanzo, Gregg; DiMaggio, John (2002). Futurama: VolumeOne DVD commentary for the episode "Space Pilot 3000" (DVD). 20th Century Fox. "Matt Groening: Oh and,Frys wearing James Deans outfit in Rebel Without a Cause."9. ^ a b Itzkoff, Dave (2010-06-24). "‘Futurama’-Rama: Welcome Back to the World of Tomorrow"( . NewYork Times. Retrieved 2010-07-08.10. ^ This is mentioned on the DVD commentary of Benders Big Score.External linksPhilip J. Fry ( at Futurama WikiRetrieved from ""Categories: Futurama characters Fictional characters from New York CityFictional cryonically preserved characters Fictional characters who have made pacts with devilsFictional war veterans Fictional characters introduced in 1999This page was last modified on 18 February 2012 at 22:41.Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License; additional terms mayapply. See Terms of use for details.Wikipedia® is a registered trademark of the Wikimedia Foundation, Inc., a non-profit organization.