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Christ's Team: Creating a Better World

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  2. A Continually Improving Civilization  The history of civilization on earth shows it constantly improving, very slowly at first but always at an increasing rate. That suggests that it is being created by an evolutionary process. If God is our creator, then it appers as if God is still creating civilization. 2
  3. God’s Continuing Creation  The quality of human life is always improving.  People are living healthier, happier, and longer.  Transportation, communication, and medical science are far superior to what they were in the past. 33
  4. Our Current Rapidly Changing World  With the aid of science, the kingdom of God is growing to be very large as Jesus predicted in his comparison to the mustard tree. Mt 13: 31- 32, Mk 4: 30-32, Lk 13: 18-19.  Christianity has spread over the entire earth. 4
  5. Christians Participating in Creation  The followers of Jesus are seen to be both observers and participants in God’s awesome continuing creation.  As their servant leader, Jesus taught his followers to love each other, work together, and help everyone lead better lives. 5 5
  6. The Increasing Rate of Creation  The rate of creation depends on past accomplishments and the number of people involved.  As a result, in each generation, with more people and greater teamwork, the quality of life improves more rapidly. 6 6
  7. The Bible and Teamwork  The Apostle Paul’s description of the Body of Christ is similar to descriptions of modern teams. (I Co 12)  There are also many other passages in the Bible that support the concept of teamwork. See for example Ro 15:5-6, 1 Pe 4:8-10, Pr 27: 17, Ep 4:16, 1 Co 1:10, Ec 4: 9-10 . 77
  8. The Definition of a Team  Just as the parts of the human body are all different but work together in a coordinated manner, each member of a team has different abilities and responsibilities, but their activities are coordinated so they support and don’t interfere with each other. Everyone is working toward the same goal. 8
  9. Teamwork in Science  Large scale teamwork in science began during World War II. A large team of scientists and engineers developed the atomic bombs that ended the war in Japan.  The development of the transistor in the late 1940’s may be considered the most important invention of the 20th century because it led to the development of the microchip. 99
  10. The Microchip  Large teams of scientists and engineers began creating tiny electrical circuits embedded in solid materials. They are called microchips.  Microchips are now used in radios, TV, computers, cell phones, tablets and control devices. Very complicated electrical circuits are being made smaller and smaller. 10
  11. Science Made the Bible Available  For the first 15 centuries of Christianity there were no Bibles, only manuscripts.  In 1440 C.E., the printing press was created with the aid of science and shortly after that Gutenberg produced the first printed Bible.  Today, with the aid of science, nearly everyone can read and have their own copy of the Bible. 11
  12. Science as God’s Gift  I believe God gave humans analytic ability and the scientific method to make it possible for them to help relieve suffering, have their own copy of the Bible, and participate in creation. 1212
  13. The Rules of Life  The Ten Commandments and the two emphasized by Jesus form the rules of life that optimize teamwork. 13
  14. Living in God’s Grace  No one can ever get it all right. Christ’s death and resurrection brought the assurance of God’s forgiveness and successful teamwork cannot occur without forgiveness. 14
  15. Communication with God  To be successful team members, we need the wisdom, courage, forgiveness, and peace that can only come through prayer.  Wisdom also comes by reading the Bible which is now available in many languages and versions. 15
  16. Our Triune Creator  God is understood to be the source of all creation.  Jesus Christ is redeemer, spiritual leader, and teacher of God’s assistants as they participate in creation.  The Holy Spirit is the unifier, forming and guiding Christ’s Team with the help of the Bible and weekly church services. 16
  17. The Sunday Morning Gathering  Weekly worship services not only provide wisdom and inspiration, but also opportunities for the team to practice and coordinate efforts.  Sunday School is comparable to a learning lab where children and adults study and practice living the Christian life. 17
  18. The Validity of Christianity  The proof is the more than two billion Christians, a third of the population of the world, who have become Christ’s Team. They are God’s miracle.  The fact that they have experienced love and continue to teach others to love and care for each other is a demonstration of the validity of Christianity. 18
  19. Christ’s Team Around the World The Distribution of Christians Throughout the World Pew Research Center’s Forum on Religion & Public Life/ Global Christianity, December 2011 19
  20. God’s Assistants with Creation  Construction workers  Teachers  Artists  Homemakers  Scientists  Social Workers  Parents  Custodians  Cooks  Medical Workers  Clergy  Accountants  Lawyers  Sales Clerks 20
  21. Strengthening the Team  Christians need a goal that is clearly understood by everyone and is inclusive rather than divisive. Creating a better world for everyone is a worthy Christian goal.  Congregations must also deliberately set up programs to train leaders in team-based ministry in order to coordinate their efforts. 21
  22. You Are Needed on Christ’s Team  Aided by science, Christ’s Team is creating a wonderful new world. Become an active member of a Christian Church in your area today and help improve the quality of life for everyone. 22
  23. For Further Study This book is designed to help readers learn to think like members of Christ’s Team. The cover depicts Christians around the world acknowledging their team effort. 23

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