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Background information on the Irish playwright John Millington Synge.

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  • Prior to enrolling at Trinity (1885-1888) discovered Darwin and renounced Christianity. Also studied violin.Member of student orchestra at the Academy; originally planned to be a professional musician.
  • Second Class Honours – lowest degree student can receive and still go on to postgraduate studyWon college prizes for Hebrew and Irish.1893, travels to Germany to study music, but gives up idea of a career in 1894Studies foreign languages in France, as well as modern French literature, medieval literature, and comparative phonetics.1897, also becomes interested in Brittany and Breton folklore and has 1st operation for Hodgkin’s disease.
  • 1905, becomes member of Abbey Theatre Board of Directors.Riders to the Sea and The Well of the Saints first published.Playboy caused riots in Dublin because of its “indecent” language and its honest portrayal of country people. Published later that year, along with The Aran Islands (can be found on Project Gutenberg).Mother dies in 19081909, Poems and Translations published.1st edition of collected works printed in 1910
  • “In 1934 Robert Flaherty launched the ‘ Man of Aran’ film. Filmed on location in Inis Mór it describes the life of the islands and in particular shows the struggle inherent in earning a living from the Atlantic Ocean. When the film was released it was hailed as one of the greatest films ever made and triggered a new wave of interest in the islands among the Irish, European and American public. Islanders generally hold that it marked the start of the modern tourism era.”
  • J. M. Synge

    1. 1. J. M. Synge & the IrishTheatreEmily RobertsHistory of Theatre IIFebruary 21, 2012
    2. 2. J. M. Synge Born Edmund John Millington Synge on April 16, 1871 in Rathfarnham, Ireland Father died of smallpox in 1872 First four years of education at a classical and English school; remainder at home with private tutors 1888, begins studying at Trinity College in Dublin 1889, begins studying at the Royal Irish Academy of Music
    3. 3. 1892, graduatesfrom Trinity withSecond ClassHonours1895, travels toFrance to study atthe Sorbonne1897, brieflymember ofL’AssociationIrlandaise (Irish League)in Paris1898, first of 5 tripsto Aran Islands
    4. 4. 1902, returns to Dublin 1907, first productionand joins Irish National of Playboy of theTheatre Society Western World1903, The Shadow of Synge dies on Marchthe Glen performed in 24, 1909 in DublinDublin The Tinker’s Wedding1904 first produced at His First performance of Majesty’s Theatre in Riders to the Sea London in 1909 The Shadow of the Glen published 1910, Deirdre of the Sorrows first produced Abbey Theatre founded at Abbey Theatre
    5. 5. The AranIslands--- Set of three remote islandsin the Atlantic Ocean off thewest coast of Ireland--- Harsh lifestyle based oncreating a living from theOcean
    6. 6. Images of AranL: Dun Aonghasa fort on Inis MórR: Cliffs of Inis Mór
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